The demolition of Kuwait Airways Headquarters

Kuwait Airways building demolition

The old (and semi-historic, because it was built on 9/7/1974) Kuwait Airways building on the corner of Fahad Al-Salem St. has begun its demolition phase.

This pic [link] is of the 1st demolition phase, and it was taken by Mr. AbdulMajeed Al-Shatti. He’s an avid amateur and enthusiastic local photographer. I got it off his FB page (he’s a friend, so I think it’ll be cool with him).

Since this is Kuwaiti related and poses some historic significance, I emailed Mark about it (I thought it would interest him). I also added that I didn’t know what the future designs look like. Turns out that he has posted about the new (ugly) designs already [link].

We both (I think) agreed that the new designs are NOT an improvement. What a shocker. How was this monstrosity ever allowed in Kuwait?! But wait. Hold on. Yep. that sounds about right. You can bet your very last dollar, that (almost) everything redesigned in Kuwait nowadays will get worse and uglier.

I personally know this building very well, it holds tremendous sentimental value for me. It was where I tried booking a plane out of Kuwait (and back to my studies in London), after our liberation from the Iraqi invasion in ’91… But I think I ended up leaving on BA and not KA, on the first commercial flight out of Kuwait (something like May 2nd 1991).

Anyways, this is how the Kuwait Airways H.Q. building looked like after the Iraqi invasion; alongside a rendition of its new design (supplied by Mark).

Kuwait Airways Burned damned Iraqi invasion  Kuwait Airways new H.Q.

Kuwait Airways fleet update possible delay

Kuwait Airways fleet update delay

Parliament appointed a special committee to investigate the much awaited and anticipated update of Kuwait Airways’ fleet. This comes after more than two months of signing the agreement with airplane manufacturers. The timing of the committee worries KA officials, since the final contract signing is expected within the next few days. The special committee’s investigation can takes months, if not longer. This might impact the fleet update decision. KA officials fear having to cancel the deals and going back to square one. Click [here] to read more.

انتفض مسؤولو الخطوط الجوية الكويتية استغراباً وذعراً، أمس، من خبر تشكيل لجنة تقصي حقائق برلمانية بشأن صفقات تحديث الأسطول. وقال مسؤول كبير: «تحول حلم التحديث إلى كابوس».
وأضاف: تأتي اللجنة بعد أكثر من شهرين على توقيع مذكرة التفاهم بشأن الصفقة. والأسئلة المتواترة بلا أجوبة هي:
- لماذا انتظر مجلس الأمة حتى قبيل توقيع الصفقة بأيام ليشكل لجنة تحقيق؟! وماذا عن موعد إنجاز اللجنة مهمتها؟!
- من البديهي تأجيل توقيع صفقة «أيرباص».. إذ كيف ستقدم إدارة «الكويتية» على توقيع عقد محل تحقيق في «بيت الشعب»؟!
 وأضاف المصدر المسؤول: الأمر قد يتطور إلى الإلغاء في حال اكتشفت اللجنة أي ملاحظة من أي نوع.. أو انسحبت «أيرباص» لكثرة التعطيل والتأجيل. وعدم حسم تحديث الأسطول قبل نهاية مارس يعيق تجديد تأمين طائرات الأسطول الحالي المتهالكة! لذا، فإن الالغاء يعني أحد أمرين: العودة إلى المربع الأول باستقطاب عروض جديدة أو العدول عن فكرة تحديث الأسطول من أساسها!

Fly Dubai moves to Sh. Sa’ad Terminal فلاي دبي تطير من مطار الشيخ سعد

Fly Dubai flies from Sh. Sa'ad Terminal

Sh. Sa’ad private terminal used to be Wataniya Airway’s hub. It’s been out of use for the past couple of years, ever since the airline declared bankruptcy. Now starting from Sep. 15, Fly Dubai will use it for her flights to\from Dubai.

Kuwait Airways lost one of its planes ضياع طيارة من الخطوط الجوية الكويتية



Kuwait Airways lost one of its 17 planes, for a period of a few years. KAC didn’t even know the plane was lost until a Kuwaiti tourist saw it lying around in Thailand.

The story behind this wacky news is:

  • Kuwait Airways leased the plane to a company (Co. #1) that went bankrupt.
  • That company leased to another company (Co. 2), which also went belly up.
  • This company then leased the plane to one more airline (Co. #3), which also went bust.
  • This last company was too broke to even try to lease out the plane before it too went bankrupt.

Ok, since you read this far, you might as well learn the real truth behind losing the plane. Here’s an excerpt from Kuwait Audit Bureau’s report on KAC [source]:

Hurricane Isaac causes a terrifying Air France landing





This happened at Saint Martin’s island in the Carbibbean. It took this Air France flight two times to finally land, just a few minutes before Isaac hurricane was supposed to hit.

This is what I would call a very horrifying flying experience, I can’t even imagine what the passengers were thinking or feeling during all this.

Kuwait Airport gets four more gates

Great news to Kuwait’s two airline companies. Four new gates have opened at Kuwait Airport, and they will push up passenger capacity by a whopping 40%. Let’s hope the majority of them use our national carriers, in support of all our local businesses.

News via [aljareeda], pic via [965malls].

Jazeera Airways 3eed offers عروض الجزيرة لعيد الفطر

Kuwait Airways Grounds 3 Planes إيقاف ٣ طائرات آيرباص للخطوط الكويتية

Al-Qabas reported that the minister of transport asked Kuwait Airways to ground three of its ailing Airbus planes, due to multiple and repeat maintenance and operational issues.

Kuwait Airways only has 17 planes. You ground 3 of them, you might as well cancel half of its travel routes.

We’re all for airplane safety and hard maintenance, but I can’t help think that this new order is not without ulterior motives. We know that KA’s fleet is old and ancient, and in dire need of immediate upgrade. But that doesn’t mean that the planes suffer from dangerous maintenance or safety issues. And it sure as hell doesn’t mean that you get to ground a fifth of its fleet for no real reason.

Yes the fleet is old, but the planes are maintained extremely well. KA’s safety standards are amongst the top in the world. We may lack flat beds, touch screens, inflight internet, walk-in showers, and massage lounges. But all that is cosmetic. It doesn’t meant KA is endangering the lives of its passengers, or that the grounding of one of its planes is justified or right.

Jazeera Airways’ Online Check-In


Mark had posted about Jazeera Airways’ new online check-in last month.

Today was our first time getting to try it out. Here are my thoughts about this useful service:

  • Our online check-in was very easy, and you can even designate a new email address to get your boarding passes. You only need your last name and the confirmation number. This would come in very handy if your original reservation was done by someone else, and you don’t have access to their email.
  • Once you get the email, just print two copies of the attached file. The need to print feature isn’t handy, unless you’re beside a printer and computer.
  • Once you get to the airport, you would still need to get the boarding passes stamped by Jazeera Airways. This wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the online check-in page or email, so for us, we had walked directly to passport security before being told to get the passes stamped.
  • When we got to the Jazeera desk, we noticed that they did have a sign that informed online check-in passengers to get the boarding passes stamped there first. However, the sign is located beside the Jazzera weight counters’ entrance, so only passengers with lugguage would see it. Others would totally miss it, just like we did. I think the stamping notice should be included in the email, just so people are clear.
  • Passport control are still not familiar with the printed out A4 paper boarding passes, so you might have to spend an extra couple of minutes there.

All in all, online check-in was extremely easy and is definitely an added plus to Jazeera passengers, especially to those who tend to fly without checked luggage or are on their way to short meetings in the GCC.

Many thanks to Jazeera Airways for adding this useful service.

Jazeera Airways’ Special Occasion Gift Cards

Looking for the perfect gift for very a special occasion? Surprise your loved ones with relaxing weekend getaway or on a much-needed vacation in one of the Middle East’s most popular cities of their choice!
You can now choose from 13 different themed gift vouchers from Jazeera Airways, in the language and occasion of your choice.

Themes include: