Timelapse video of World Trade Center building

One world trade center



Hillary Clinton finally joins Twitter

Hillary Clinton joins twitter first tweet

Check out her first tweet. So badass. “I’ll take it from here”. It’s right up there with the Terminator’s “I’ll be back”. And will you check out President Clinton’s shout out to her?! That’s pretty awesome too!

The guy and gal she’s thanking were the ones who created the hilarious Texts From Hillary on tumblr. Former US First Lady\Former Secretary of State\Former Senator got a healthy sense of humor.

Video: Why are you in Kuwait? By an American lady



Here’s a video shot by an American lady working in Kuwait. She’s not a military worker, so she lives off base and be out and about in Kuwait like a normal foreigner. She works for a company that does business with the American Military  in Kuwait and not married to a Kuwaiti, so her point of view is the closest to an average American as you can get.

The video here offers a nice glimpse into how an American would live in Kuwait. Just like a typical Kuwaiti, she goes to The Avenues mall on weekends. She speaks very positively about local women’s sense of makeup and fashion, how shopping here is excellent, and what she would normally wear when going out in Kuwait.

I liked the video, it showed how Kuwait is really like. Lots of international shops, very normal dress attire (minus the hot shorts and tube tanks), and the abundance of American and international restaurants.

Here are some of her words about Kuwait (I just pasted a few short paragraphs, you can check the whole thing [here]):

 First of all they are VERY accepting of American culture and lifestyle, for the most part. NO as a woman I don’t have to be fully covered. We just have to be mindful and respectful. So sure I can wear a skirt or a short dress and they really cannot do much to punish you, but you just have to be willing to deal with the awkward stares lol but it’s really not as strict here as you may think it is.

The cost of living here is quite expensive, the Kuwaiti dinar is almost 3 and a half times more than 1 US Dollar. The Kuwaiti Dinair also beats the Euro, so Kuwait is FAR from third world living, contrary to what most might believe.

As for the demographics here, Kuwaiti’s are surprisingly more like the minority here. There are tons of Filipinos, Ethiopians, Somali’s, Egyptians, Nigerians, Brits, Americans, Indians, Pakistani, and other races here as well. It really is quite a nice mixture of people

Did I tell you how much American culture is accepted here?! They have everything we have and much more: Krispy Kreme, Chili’s, PF Changs, Applebee’s, Buffalo’s, McDonald’s (of course) and ALL of them deliver.

I also love how the culture here is so beauty obsessed. Makeup artistry, plastic surgery and all things beauty are all the rave here. People are always looking for the next best thing, we have everything state of the art with beauty and cosmetics. Which makes the makeup artist like me fit right in :)

The Great Gatsby trailer



The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of America’s top 20th century novels, described as the epitome of American Literature. The character of Mr. Gatsby is the perfection of the cool, always poised, never phased rich men of leisure.

The novel is a great short read, and is set in the roaring 20′s when extravagant parties and spending was at its widest. The trailer makes the novel look more dramatic and fast-paced than it really is, but it also makes the novel look even more fantastic. If you haven’t read the novel yet, then try to read it before the movie comes out next month.

Iran sues over the movie Argo

Iran suing hollywood over the movie Argo

The Iranian government is planning to sue Hollywood over Oscar-winning Argo, because they say the film is an “unrealistic portrayal” of their country, state media reported Tuesday.

According to an Associated Press report, several Iranian news outlets, including the more liberal leaning Shargh Daily, said on Tuesday that French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre is in the country discussing with officials how they might go about filing the lawsuit. Whether Warner Bros., Ben Affleck or other parties associated with the film would be the target of such a suit has not yet been made clear.

The AP says the government’s decision to explore litigation comes after a group of Iranian cultural officials and movie critics screened the film for a closed audience at a Tehran theater late Monday.

After Argo won best picture at the 2013 Oscars in February, hard-line Iranian state media was awash with criticism – taking particular umbrage at the fact that first lady Michelle Obama presented the award.

“In a rare occasion in Oscar history, the first lady announced the winner for Best Picture for the anti-Iran film Argo, which is produced by the Zionist company Warner Bros,” Fars News said at the time. [source]

Argo is this year’s Oscar winner for best picture. Its story is about the rescue of American diplomatic hostages during the 1979 hostage crises.

Let’s hope the Iranians don’t win this ridiculous case. 50 diplomatic hostages were captured from the American Embassy in Iran and held captive for a year and a half between ’79-’81. Argo tells the story of how some of them were rescued (with the help of the Canadian and British embassies in Iran), by pretending to make an American movie in Iran as a decoy plot to rescue the hostages.



Official: Janet Jackson married Qatari Wissam Al-Mana

Janet Jackson Qatari Wissam Al-Mana got married

Janet Jackson married her Qatari boyfriend Wissam Al-Mana in a secret ceremony last year. ET reports this short statement from the secretly married couple:

“The rumours regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony. Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favourite children’s charities. We would appreciate that our privacy is respected and that we are allowed this time for celebration and joy. With love, Wissam and Janet”.

Janet has a fancy for secret weddings. The last time she did that, no one knew of it till she got divorced 9 years later.

The couple have been dating for a while now, you can check their pics [here], [here], and [here]. There was some talk last month of Janet perhaps getting a half billion pre-nup if they ever divorced.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and kudus to Mrs. jackson for getting Wissam to marry her. Let that power and respect spread to other couples in our region, may they too make honest men and women out of their dating partners. Let them put a stop to the love them and leave them scenarios.

Seriously, congrats to the new couple.

Btw, this pic is their official wedding photo.

One silly Super Bowl commerical



Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the time of year when all those cool and entertaining commercials air. Companies compete for the best commercial, and Milk Mustache is no exception. The “Got Milk” campaign is airing its first ever SB commercial this year, and we got an early glimpse of it right here.

There’s also an extended version of the ad that runs at about a minute. The commercial stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I think he’s lost all his cool when he started to unnaturally and so disgustingly beef himself up. That’s what I think of the commercial too, especially the extended one. Hence the title: “Silliest SB commercial”.


Kuwait Gets Mentioned Favorably in an American Blog

Kuwait participated in the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC yesterday, the parade is held annually in remembrance of US veterans. I found a mention of this on an American Blog , and they were nicely surprised to see the Kuwaiti flag and how we still remember what Americans did for our country and our freedom:

There was also a Kuwait float, thanking Gulf War veterans. You know, the ones that don’t get a lot of credit because of the shortness of their war. Well, here’s some folks who were kind of glad that the US military stomped through the way they did.


Actually, I was quite impressed by the amount of foreign military showing up to thank the American military that died in their countries fighting for them. It’s especially surprising given the amount of people who say that no one ever wanted us there. Somebody’s got to be wrong, and I only have photographic evidence for one position. Just saying.

Demi Moore’s New Heavily Airbrushed Face

Demi Moore poses for her new ad campaign with Helena Rubenstein, and she is unrecognizable. If you want to know how Demi usually looks like, then here’s a picture of her from just a few months ago.

The Story Behind Kim Kardashian’s Rumored Saudi Boyfriend

  • The guy is not Saudi, he’s Emirati.
  • His name is Saeed Al-Hamiry.
  • This is his Twitter account: @Dubailicious
  • And finally, this is his blog: The Holy Sin.


Thanks Haifa for all this new information.