Have you lost a cat with a black collar?


My friend found this sweet lost cat. She’s got a black collar on her, but no other information. If u know who she belongs to, please leave a comment or tweet me.

Dog rescued after being spotted on Google Maps Street View

Dog rescued off street in Google street view 2

Dog rescued off street in Google street view



This is such a beautiful story. A street dog was rescued after being spotted on Google Maps’ street view.

Super duper cute camel حتى بعارين الأجانب غير


This camel is too cute for words. I wonder where I can find one like it. The ones we have in our region are either slaughtered for food, or are hard core murderers of people (through vehicular accidents).

A camel this cute is unheard of. Maybe NBK should commission it as it’s official mascot.

Update on the cat killer

Kuwait cat killer 2

Kuwait cat killer

This is an update to yesterday’s post. The youtube channel of the sick guy who posted videos of shooting and killing street cats has been removed. Youtube deleted his channel and videos less than a day after Mark from 248am posted about this disgusting channel. It shows you that youtube takes violations like this very seriously. Thanks to everyone who flagged the videos and reported the channel.

Serves you right you sick weirdo. I just wish we had real animal cruelty laws in Kuwaiti so you be punished properly for your horrifying murders.

Disgusting cat killer

Cat killer Kuwait

Mark from 248am posted about a cat killer, who has a youtube channel with a lot of videos of him shooting cats for dead with a BB gun.

This is sick and disgusting on so many levels, it’s the definition of animal cruelty. The guy is even smug about it, actually daring people to report him to youtube.

Here’s the link to a couple of his disgusting videos [vid1 and vid2]. They show him aim, shoot, and kill innocent and unsuspecting street cats. If you feel these videos are sickening and show animal cruelty, then please flag the videos for “violence and cruelty against animals”. You can also report the channel itself too.

I personally have a street cat at home who we rescued off the streets last year. We take great care of her, she entertains us, we love her, and we all were sad to tears last year when she got really sick and almost died. Her medical bills, operation, and hospital stay cost close to KD1,000. We stayed with her and visited her every day till we got her back home. Money and time meant nothing, if it got her the treatment and surgery she needed to save her life. Therefore, I personally don’t understand or accept when an idiot murders innocent animals, enjoying shooting them like he was playing a game or something.

street rescued kitte cat Kuwait 2  street rescued kitte cat Kuwait

Animals are great creatures. One is lucky if they got to have a pet at home, to shower them with love and loyalty. To see a sick person recreationally shooting and killing cats, just to pleasure his sick soul is beyond infuriating. This is the kind of alarming warning you get of someone who would end up a criminal and a a menace to society. Disgusting.

If you too feel disgusted, then please flag his videos. Let’s shut down his channel.

Click [here] to read Mark’s post, top pic credit goes to him too. 

Cats & Dogs



I guess team dog won this round, that was one hell of a subtle and sneaky push.

King of Sheep الصافي ولد البوابة

A sheep was sold for SR 400,000 (more than $100,000). The buyer gave it (sheep’s name is el-Safi weld el-Bawaba, whatever that means) to his son as a present. I just hope the son doesn’t turn it to machboos la7am.


Sponsoring opportunities at K-Cats

K-Cats is Kuwait’s first official cat club, and it’s registered with both the CFA & WCF. They’re planning on hosting Kuwait’s (and the region’s) second formal cat show, on the 1st and 2nd of Feb 2013.

They held Kuwait’s first official cat show last January, and that event was a huge success. They brought in judges from the USA and the Nederlands (which they will do again this year), to judge according to official CFA rules. Here’s a little bit about K-Cats:

K-cats is the first and only CFA registered cat club in the Middle east. The CFA (Cat Fanciers Association Inc) is the largest feline registry in the world.

We are planning to host our 2nd officially recognized CFA cat show in Kuwait on February 1st and 2nd 2013.  This show, like the previous one, will be presided over by qualified CFA judges who will be flown to Kuwait from USA & Europe, and it will be conducted according to CFA rules and specifications.

Our aim is to promote animal awareness and provide an entertaining day for cat lovers. This show attracts exhibitors and the large community of cat owners and lovers, not only from Kuwait but from  neighboring countries too.

They need help in finding sponsors. They’re looking for both local and regional corporate and individual sponsors. There are six sponsorship categories, to suit everyone. The first three sponsors will get a special offer to be on both days for the price of one. Checkout their website for more details about sponsorship opportunities [link].

The monkey from The Hangover is in a new sitcom



The famous monkey from The Hangover movie is in a new TV sitcom. I saw the 1st episode of Animal Practice last week, and that monkey was hilarious. She’s so intelligent. They say she gets like $14,000 an episode, and she’s worth every cent!

You might want to tune in to that show. It’s fresh and funny, and all the supporting characters are outstanding and comedic.

ReptilesQ8’s 2nd issue

ReptilesQ8, the new online reptile magazine, just issued their 2nd issue, the Sept.\Oct. one. The magazine is interesting, and not too disgusting or gory, and is filled with lots of cool reptile pictures.

Here’s the [link] to their 2nd issue. And you can also click [here] for the 1st one.