Snapchat users, be afraid

Snapchat social media video by CASEY NEISTAT

Some 200,000 embarrassing (and mostly nude) pictures hacked from Snapchat users will surface online tomorrow [via The DailyMail]. And they will most probably be tagged with the app’s usernames. So if any of you was using Snapchat to post pics of their privates, then you reputation is ruined.

But don’t worry to much about this. Snapchat confirms that the leak came from a 3rd party app (most probably and not from Snapchat servers. So if you haven’t used this 3rd party app, then you can at least rest assured a little. Either way, you shouldn’t be posting naked pics of you anywhere.

Pic credit [screenshot from Snapchat kills Facebook video]

Take pics with your voice on the iPhone

Voice Command Camera app iPhone  Voice Command Camera app iPhone 2  Voice Command Camera app iPhone 3

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note2. It’s my to go phone for taking pictures. You use commands like “smile” or “cheese” to snap pics without having to press the shutter button (great for rear camera selfies). Sadly, the iPhone doesn’t have this feature.

I tried googeling for an answer, but Apple doesn’t have this feature on the iPhone. So I tried googeling for an app, and I found a couple. The one that worked for me is Voice Command Camera. It’s free (if you don’t mind ads on the bottom), or $.99 to go add-free.

It’s a basic app with just three commands: “rear view” and “front view” to switch between the cameras; and “take photo” to snap one. The voice commands worked well with me, but you have to manually go to the gallery to view the pics you took. You can’t check them right there in the app. And this isn’t something that’ll get covered with an app update, because the app hasn’t been updated since 2012. But if you’re looking for something that’ll let you take a pic with your voice on the iPhone, then this app does that perfectly.

Here’s the link to Voice Command Camera app [iTunes].

New from Apple: iPad Air جديد آبل: آيباد آير

iPad Air



Apple announced today its newest ipad: the iPad Air. It weighs just one pound. Prices for the wifi only version start at $500, while the 4G ones start at $630. Add a $100 for every extra upgrade in memory size. No info. yet on non-contract ones. The new iPad Air start selling on Nov. 1st.

iPad Air prices

Cheapest iPhone 5s in Kuwait أرخص آيفون ٥ اس بالكويت

Cheapest iPhone 5s in Kuwait

KD 233.

I think this is the cheapest price in Kuwait for an iPhone 5s. Available for today only from

Heads Up! charade app by Ellen

Heads Up! app by Ellen



Ellen turned the guessing charade game she plays with her guests into an app. Heads Up! is available on iTunes [link] and the PlayStore [link] for $.99.

Why wait in line for the new iPhone?

Why wait inl ine for the new iPhone



None of these good people had a good answer. Some didn’t even get to buy an iPhone, even though some of them waited 2 weeks!

Kilshay Kuwaiti app برنامج كل شي للعروض اليومية و الخصومات

Kilshay app  Kilshay app 3  Kilshay app 2

Kilshay is a local app that groups daily flyers and shopping promotions in a single place. You can organize the info., picking only those that interest you.

This app is great for sorting through the tons of flyers, making sure you don’t miss a deal on something you want. It’s available on iTunes for free [link].

Record sales for the new iPhone 5s and 5c

1st customer to buy the nw iPhone 5s

9 million new iPhone 5s an 5c were sold in just 3 days, making a new record.

And 200 millions phones are running iOS 7, another record for the fastest software upgrade ever.

How much is the iPhone 5s in Kuwait?

iPhone 5s Kuwait

You can pre-order the new iPhone 5s from xcite with a KD100 deposit [link]. I tried looking for the price, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Anyone knows how much it costs in Kuwait?

Update: Q8path says the 16 GB white or black is selling for KD 300 at Eureka [link].

Update 2: Mark says the shops in Sharq are selling the 16 GB between KD 320-360, while Eureka is selling the iPhone 5c for KD220 [248am].

Update 3: Sara mentioned Yabila!’s prices: KD 320 for the 16 GB and KD 375 for the 32 GB [Yabila!].

iPhone 5s and 5c official videos الفيديو الرسمي للآيفون ٥ اس و ٥ سي





Click [here] for iPhone 5s and 5c colors and prices.