The cutest local Halloween decorations ever

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This little shop in Discovery mall has the cutest Halooweeen decoartions I’ve ever seen in Kuwait. The interior is so cute, with spiderwebs, spiders, skeletons, scary pumpkins, and bones.

The shop is called “Little Sparkle”. They do all sorts of creative handicrafts with different materials like stone, sunglasses, foam, and carton. They have a large creativity room, with several big tables for kids or adults to do their work. And they have several special packages for home event, like birthday parties.

Their prices are very reasonable from KD 3.250 and KD 4.250 to a max of KD 5, each price gives you 3 pieces to work with.

The shop is a nice change from other Creat-Your-Own-Thing stores like Color Me Mine, and we don’t have many stores like them in Kuwait. The shop is located on the 1st floor of discovery mall, just to your right when you get off the escalator.

Lowering a BMW car on top of a high mountain



It’s not an easy task lowering a real car on top of a 600-meter high mountain. This vid shows how difficult and dangerous that really is. Artist Jeff Koons created this beautiful BMW art car, which is a real BMW car that’s going to race in the Le Mans next year.

He wanted his car to get the most exposure, so he chose the Pulpit Rock mountain in Norway, the home country of the famous Scream painting. By putting his car on a 2,000-feet high mountain, he made sure the car earned great publicity and exposure, basically guaranteeing him huge fan foot traffic and news.

I Love This Art Piece from Shurooq Amin

This painting is called “My Harem in Heaven” by local Artist Dr. Shurooq Amin.

Yesterday was the opening of her new art show “It’s a Man’s World” in Salhiya Complex. But sadly, that show was suddenly shut down by authorities.

Someone complained that Shurooq’s art show was pornographic and insulting to the general taste and decorum. The fact that Dr. Shurooq is a respected professor at prestigious Kuwait University made no difference whatsoever against the complaint.

Surooq’s view of art was beyond what authorities view as acceptable. They even threatened to fine her and the gallery  owner for showing ‘Mu5ela’ pieces.

The shutdown of Shurooq’s show last night together with today’s proposed 7eshma law is just disgusting.

I’m tired, as a lot of people are, of others dictating what’s socially acceptable. They are not better than us. They are not smarter than us. They are not more Kuwaiti than us. They are not even more respectable people than us.

Kuwait is for all of us. As much as we tolerate their so-called-religious-moralistic beliefs, they’ve got to respect our more tempered and civilized views of what these are.

I’m a Kuwaiti, I’m a Muslim; but I still enjoy beautiful art like Shurooq’s, and beautiful sites like people wearing bathing suits and having fun on the beach. These people look so happy, comfortable, and relaxed; that they inspire tranquility, peace, and tolerance to us all.

I Am A Kuwaiti.

This Is My Country.

I Love Shrooq’s Art.

I Love People Wearing Bathing Suits On The Beach.

I Love People Hanging Out and Having Fun.

I Have The Right To Live In A Tolerant Society.


Like seriously, do you compreender what I’m saying?

This Is My Country!

Not Yours Alone.

If you don’t, then feel free to join all the other hypocrite dimwits we got in parliament and ministries council.

I have said this before.

It’s the fact that we have money is what’s making us act so carelessly about our country. We can afford to be hypocritical. We all fly out every chance we get. And for what: To do and enjoy the exact sort of thing we preach against here in our own country.

That’s why Kuwait was a lot more tolerant throughout old history. I hope we continue to be a rich country, but I also hope we can be tolerant again. A country who’s every segment feels free and comfortable in. We are tired from what a few force us to accept. We are a “Many”. We can win this.

This isn’t the time to be hypocritical at all. It’s the time of standing up for what we believe, of stating the obvious: Kuwait has lapsed decades into the past, just because of a few ugly loud voiced extremists.

So stop listening to them. It’s time to take action and stand for progress and development, stand for our historical traditions:

For What You Want Kuwait To Be!

Read what Al-Qabas had to say about the shutdown of Shurooq’s exhibition.

Shurooq Amin’s “It’s A Man’s World” Art Exhibition


The brilliant and hugely talented Shurooq Amin has an upcoming Art Exhibition called “It’s a Man’s World”.

I’m a huge fan of Shurooq. I see her as our greatest modern Kuwaiti artist, who produces the most amazing art, and who is probably the most open artistic talent in the country.

She’s a pure genius, and I’m very proud she’s a fellow Kuwaiti. Her art has really took off in the fast few years, with international exhibitions in many of the trendiest cities in the world. Her pieces are now sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

Shurooq Amin is the artist who doesn’t need any introduction as in the past few years she became the absolute leader of Kuwaiti art vanguard . In her previous show “Society Girls” she unveiled explorative scenes from one half of a hidden society’s world and it was an unexpected revelation that had a strong resonance on the public. In her exhibition “It’s a Man’s World” she interrogates many issues and explores the part of society that had been previously untouchable and non-debatable for its moral and social integrity, focusing on the Man, his habits, his lifestyle and his dreams. It is concurrently an unveiling of man’s hypocrisy as well as a celebration of man and life.

The exhibition will be shown in Salhiya Complex, in AL M. Gallery, from March 5th till April 1st. Click [here] for more details.

Update: An art show of Shurooq got shutdown in March 2012, you can read all about it [here].

This Beautiful Thing Made my Heart Very Happy

How beautiful is this? This art piece looks super cute, colorful, and oozes with friendliness. It has been a while since I saw something this positive about Kuwaiti blogs.

Thank you Qiyadownunder. This really is very heart touching and amazing.

This is a short video of how she made this art piece:


Is he for real?



This guy looks like he’s painting a brand new Mona Lisa with his nail gun. I don’t know how real his work is, but it still looks wickedly awesome.

Marilyn Monroe’s Giant Statue


Marilyn Monroe Giant Statue in Chicago 6

Check out this giant sculpture of Marilyn Monroe, that’s been built in Chicago. It mirrors her famous dress in a fan picture. The statue looks huge, just look at those gigantic manicured toes.

Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya’s April Event Schedule

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