How Ellen decided to host the Oscars

Ellen hosts Oscars



She decided just like anyone decides anything: make a pros con list.

Her list is obviously funnier than any we come up with.

Priceless: Jack Nicholson flirts with Jennifer Lawrence



He’s still got it. He’s still shamelessly got it. Half a century older than her meant nothing to Jack. And J-Law had her own priceless zingy and witty replies too, she held her ground real strong. Their exchange was unparalleled.

[Here’s] a link to a better and longer video.

Click [here] if you want to see Jennifer Lawrence’s graceful fall at The Oscars, when she was getting her Leading Lady award.

Jennifer Lawrence’s fall at The Oscars



I missed the moment Jennifer Lawrence fell at the Oscars last night. I was busy tweeting about her win, that I just completely missed it. I heard her speech about the standing ovation, and thought it was cute and humble of her to acknowledge them standing up. Little did I know they did that because she embarrassingly fell down.

Her fall was graceful and her acceptance was humble. That’s one great actress right there. So glad she won.

Another great video is of Jack Nicholson flirting with her after the Oscars. That was priceless, check it out [here].

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler’s Golden Globe opening monologue



Tina Fey and Amy Poehler both presented this year’s Golden Globe awards ceremony. They were funny and witty, and totally entertained the crowd. Ricky Gervaise’s usual offensive comedic GG presentation was not missed at all, he had hosted it the past two years [here and here].

Click [here] for the list of this year’s GG award winners.

J-Lo Dressed by Zuhair Murad for the Oscars

Way to go to Lebanese fashion designers.

This year it was Zuhair Murad who dressed Jennifer Lopez for both her Oscars presentation and the Vanity Fair Oscars after party. Last year, it was Eli Saab at the Oscars, with Milla Kunis.

Oscars Fashion: What The Ladies Wore This Year


Chopard Designs a Dog Collar for the Oscars


Fresh from accepting a Golden Collar Award for best dog in a theatrical film, Uggie arrived at The Weinstein Company’s pre-Oscars soirée in style, wearing his first of two one-of-a-kind collars worth a whopping £120,000. He then wore his Academy Award bow tie (hand-crafted with 18kt yellow gold and satin, and bearing his name) to the main event [source].

Sacha Baron’s Oscars Prank on Ryan Seacrest



Sacha Baron went to the Oscars dressed as The Dictator, then played a very silly prank on unsuspecting Ryan Seacrest.

General Aladeen AKA The Dictator on The Today Show Pleading His Oscars Ban



Sacha Baron AKA The Dictator AKA General Aladeen threatened the Oscars committee for banning him from the Oscars.

Watch this hilarious video to see how he’s convincing them to allow him to attend (which they eventually did).

New Pizza Box-Paper Plates Invention


This new pizza box won the Red Dot invention award. The design and idea are  so simple and helpful, it’s really astonishing how no one thought of it before.

Paper Dish makes eating a take-away pizza a cleaner experience.

Eating a pizza usually results in getting sauce and oil all over one’s hands.Paper Dish reinvents the typical sheet of greaseproof paper that rests between a take-away pizza and the pizza box. The typical square sheet cannot be used to keep the hands clean and is thrown away after the pizza is eaten. Paper Dish is a perforated sheet that can be torn apart and used as a mini plate. Furthermore, a secondary perforation allows it to be split into two pieces for double usage [link].