The beautiful Muslims of Britain



Everyone and their neighbor made a video of Pharrell’s Happy song. And some of them were really good, like our local Kuwaiti version [here].

But this one, done by the Muslims of Britain, is the best one ever. It’s so positive and uplifting, it’s like the best commercial for the peace and beauty of Islam.

And when the video hit a million views, they used the proceeds (I don’t know from where they got the money), but they used the money they collected to help someone anonymously. And that video is so positive and beautiful, again perfectly showing off Islam’s gracious and peaceful principles.



Emirates and Kuwait الإمارات تحتفل مع الكويت بأغاني و ككاو و إعلانات



إغنية وطنية جديدة إهداء من شعب الإمارات الى شعب الكويت


Emirates celebrates Kuwait national day

إعلانات صفحة أخيرة كاملة في جرايدنا اليومية


Dubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolate Dubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolate 2

إستقبال المسافرين الكويتيين بعلب ككاو على علم الكويت لدى وصولهم لمطار دبي


Beautiful gesture by Dubai Airport مطار دبي يستقبل الكويتيين بالككاو

Dubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolateDubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolate 2

Angelina Jolie in Hijab آنجلينا جولي بالحجاب

Angelina Jolie in hijab head cover

Angelina Jolie is a UN special envoy for refugees and a previous ambassador of UNHCR. This is a picture of her visiting one of the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Winter in Alaska

These are a few of the things you can do in Alaska in winter:

  • See the spectacular Northern Lights.
  • Go snowmobiling and skiing.
  • Go on a sledge dog ride.
  • See amazing ice sculptures.
  • Go to the North Pole and the Arctic Circle.
  • Go to Santa’s village in the North Pole.

Click on the pics to make them bigger and view them as a slideshow.

Pic credit [Ronn Murray] and [Fairbanks winter guide].

A new kind of Pope

Pope Francis tolerant

Pope Francis thinks the Catholic Church is too hung up on birth control, gay marriages, and abortion. He wants the church to be more of a “House for All”, rather than a smaller purer church like his predecessor. He’s advocating love and serving the poor.

What a lovely lovely plan. You think we can expect something similar from our own religious leaders? I don’t think so. Not when neighbouring Saudi is still debating whether to allow women to drive or not. Not when Syria’s Free Army beheads Assad’s soldiers in the name of Islam. And definitely not when a Sudanese woman gets whipped and lashed for wearing trousers or not wearing a head cover. Not lovely at all.

His surprising comments came in a lengthy interview in which he criticized the church for putting dogma before love, and for prioritizing moral doctrines over serving the poor and marginalized. He articulated his vision of an inclusive church, a “home for all” [link].

Dog rescued after being spotted on Google Maps Street View

Dog rescued off street in Google street view 2

Dog rescued off street in Google street view



This is such a beautiful story. A street dog was rescued after being spotted on Google Maps’ street view.

Viva’s 2nd golden team commercial الجزء الثاني من إعلان فيفا و منتخبنا الذهبي

Viva Kuwait football golden team commercial Manchester Uinted 2

Viva Kuwait football golden team commercial Manchester Uinted 3



Here is the sequel to Viva’s first commercial featuring Kuwait’s golden football team. Here we seem them in top shape, ready to beat Man United. Again, this is another good commercial from Viva. Makes you feel so proud of Kuwait and that golden team.

Kuwait’s golden team Viva commercial إعلان جميل لفيفا مع منتخبنا الذهبي

Viva Kuwait football golden team Ramdan commercial

Viva Kuwait football golden team Ramdan commercial 2



We’re on a roll today, with a string of amazing commercials. In addition to NBK’s newest one, we now have another great one from Viva. It features Kuwait’s golden football team, that made it to the World Cup in 1982.

The commercial is funny, lighthearted, cute, and adorable all in one. All the old players were legendary, their acting performance surpassing their football one. I strongly suggest you watch it, it is so so funny.

My all time favorite football player from childhood is Jassim Yaqoub, and I was lucky to meet him a few years back . He was charming in person as he was in this commerical. Again, I so urge you to watch it, it’ll remind you of Kuwait’s great days.

The story doesn’t end here, I got the feeling there’s more to come. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Kuwait Fund at Heathrow Airport


I found this advertising poster of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development at Heathrow Airport. It definitely is an institution we should be proud of.