Disgusting cat killer

Cat killer Kuwait

Mark from 248am posted about a cat killer, who has a youtube channel with a lot of videos of him shooting cats for dead with a BB gun.

This is sick and disgusting on so many levels, it’s the definition of animal cruelty. The guy is even smug about it, actually daring people to report him to youtube.

Here’s the link to a couple of his disgusting videos [vid1 and vid2]. They show him aim, shoot, and kill innocent and unsuspecting street cats. If you feel these videos are sickening and show animal cruelty, then please flag the videos for “violence and cruelty against animals”. You can also report the channel itself too.

I personally have a street cat at home who we rescued off the streets last year. We take great care of her, she entertains us, we love her, and we all were sad to tears last year when she got really sick and almost died. Her medical bills, operation, and hospital stay cost close to KD1,000. We stayed with her and visited her every day till we got her back home. Money and time meant nothing, if it got her the treatment and surgery she needed to save her life. Therefore, I personally don’t understand or accept when an idiot murders innocent animals, enjoying shooting them like he was playing a game or something.

street rescued kitte cat Kuwait 2  street rescued kitte cat Kuwait

Animals are great creatures. One is lucky if they got to have a pet at home, to shower them with love and loyalty. To see a sick person recreationally shooting and killing cats, just to pleasure his sick soul is beyond infuriating. This is the kind of alarming warning you get of someone who would end up a criminal and a a menace to society. Disgusting.

If you too feel disgusted, then please flag his videos. Let’s shut down his channel.

Click [here] to read Mark’s post, top pic credit goes to him too. 

One of my videos will be shown on UK’s Channel 4!!



A UK company doing a movie for England’s Channel 4 wants to use this video of mine in their movie. That’s like insanely awesome!! Wickedly awesome!!

The movie’s about the UK if a power outage ever occurs on a grand scale there. Kinda like the tv show “Revolution” I guess. Whatever the story is, I am super duper giddy about it. I haven’t been excited about my blog in so long, so this truly is like the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

Mozart Bonbon Balls 7  Mozart Bonbon Balls 6

This isn’t the first time one of my stuff is shown internationally. These two pics grace the cd album art of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, for one of their Mozart performances.

I’m just lovin’ this!

Kuwaiti ministers meeting with Bloggers

الوضع في هذا البلد…

النواب يجتمعون في الجاخور!

النواب والوزراء يجتمعون في مزرعة!

والوزراء والشباب يجتمعون في مقهى!

الحكومة تركت أعمالها لتجلس مع الشباب في المقاهي، و«تسولف» معهم، وتقدم لهم رؤية الحكومة المستقبلية، كون الحكومة الرشيدة، العتيدة،الرقيقة، الجميلة… من المهتمين بجيل الشباب!

لا اعرف من اهداهم فكرة الاجتماع الطريف مع مجموعة من الشباب في «الكوفي شوب»، ولكن ما اعرفه ان الحكومة ليس المفروض منها ان تجلس مع مجموعة منتقاة بعناية من الشباب – الذين يرشحهم المستشار العبقري – وتحل مشاكلهم، وتربت على ظهورهم، فهي سلطة تنفيذية كما اعرف وليسو «ابلات» في حضانة للاطفال، او اخصائيين نفسيين واجتماعيين، يحلون مشكلات الشباب! على الوزراء ان يجلسوا مع اصحاب الاختصاص، ليقرأوا الدراسات ويطلعوا على الاحصائيات، وعلى ضوئها يقررون ويعملون… وفي وقت الفراغ بامكانهم الذهاب الى اي «كوفي شوب»، ويحكون قصص ليلى والذيب، والاميرة والاقزام السبعة لمن يحبون!

اما اذا الحكومة مصرّة على الجلسات الشبابية، فاعتقد يفترض بها ان تذهب الى مقاهي ودواوين الجهراء وتنزل الى الصليبخات وصباح الناصر والرميثية وسلوى والاحمدي لتعرف بالضبط اهتمامات الشباب وتطلعاتهم بدل من الجلوس مع عينة مختارة وفقا للمزاج!

استعذت بالله مما كتبت، وقلت لعلهم قالوا شيئا مفيدا، وكنت قاسيا، وراجعت تصريحات الوزراء في اجتماعهم:

العبد الله وزير البلدية، قال بان الحكومة تدرس اسقاط فوائد القروض، في الوقت نفسه وزير المالية المختص يقول، لا رؤية ولا تصور للحكومة لاسقاط القروض!

الصالح قال انه «يتوقع» ان تشهد التجارة نقلة نوعية… والوزير هنا يتوقع ويتنبأ وكأنه عرّاف، أو قارئ فنجان، لا وزير يملك المعلومة، ولديه خطط واضحة! 

والحجرف أعطانا معلومة وقال، ان البلد مر بظروف استثنائية… الله اكبر ظهر الحق، وزهق الباطل، وعرفنا ان البلاد كانت تمر بظرف استثنائي، وعلى الظرف طابع حكومي!

لا اطيل عليكم، ولا اريد ان «اضيق» خلقكم في العطلة، ولكن بما ان الحكومة الرشيدة والوزراء مهتمون جدا بالشباب، فاني اقترح عليهم مقابلة شاب «لطيف» اشتهر أخيرا بمقولته الشهيرة «وناسة وناسة… خلصنا الدراسة» ويسمعون وجهة نظره، فرأيه مفيد، وحكيم… أكثر من رأي الكثير من الوزراء!

جعفر رجب


The only good thing I can say about this meeting is this: despite my political opinions, I too was invited. Sadly, I seriously doubt those who invited me knew of my said (and strong) opinions of the present political situation.

I have zero interest in meeting anyone in this present Ministers’ Council of ours. Secondly, if I do happen to see one of them ministers, I surely and undoubtedly will project my opinions onto them and give them a good piece of my mind. I do not see anyone of them worthy of praise or respect. A council that approves and encourages the beating of Kuwaiti citizens bears zero respect with me.

To cement my opinion in concrete, let the bloggers know that the ministers considered this meeting as “A meeting with some of the youth of the present uprise”. How would said (and more precisely, politically passive) bloggers react to the fact that they were played this way? Knowing for a fact that they never were part “of the uprising youth” and that almost all of the attending bloggers are 100% pro-government and have nothing to do (more importantly, unanimously disapprove of) the present political uprise.

Now if the organising committee would just do a little bit of homework, then they would spare themselves an embarrassing post like this by not inviting me to such very silly and so blatantly propagandic meetings from the start!

Great deal on Samsung Galaxy camera from Sheeel.com

Samsung Galaxy Camera sheeel deal

Update: Frankom just informed me that the camera has already sold out at sheeel.com. On a more positive note, he also thinks the price might go down to KD 125-130 in regular shops in the near future.

I had just commented on this very camera the other day, and here we are with a great offer on it from Sheeel.com. This magnificent Android Jelly Bean camera is being sold for just KD 129, a one day offer from Sheeel.com.

You should take advantage of this amazing offer, you can check my previous post to get to know the camera a bit better. And to watch Frankom’s video review of it.

P.S.: The same camera is being sold on amazon for $588, the equivalent of KD 167. That’s almost a 25% cheaper, and without having to pay shipping or custom charges either.

The Samsung Galaxy camera



Our friend Frankom, a presenter with BilMo5ba youtube channel, made a short video review of the new Samsung Galaxy camera. This new gadget is a camera, with the features of a phone. So it basically is a high spec camera, runs on Android, and can make calls and messages too. Instead of trying to buy a phone with an amazing camera (which we all do, wink INstagram and Twitter), you can now get a really great camera with the option of using it as a phone too.

I personally stopped carrying my Canon with me on daily trips, and basically rely on my Samsung NoteII for pics and video. It really is more than plenty for daily stuff. I’ve even used it to shoot the huge record breaking fireworks show a couple of months back [link 1 and link 2], and had great and amazing results.

So in the end, I do see a huge benefit from this new gadget, especially when it runs on the most advanced Jellybean Android software. Why do you need a sophisticated phone, when all we do is just make basic calls. What we really need is a sophisticated mobile camera, and that’s where the new Samsung Galaxy Camera comes in.

New Mommy\Daughter blog

There’s a new mother\daughter blog in Kuwait, posting about different and interesting things. It’s more mature than your regular youtube\newspaper clippings blogs, i.e. in that you’ll enjoy reading something different and enlightening.

The blog is called TheZACorner, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

New Eat Healthy Q8 blog by The Diet Center

We want to welcome a new blog, Eat Healthy Q8, a professional healthy eating blog brought to us by the lovely people of “The Diet Center”.

Eat Healthy Q8 is a new health oriented blog that will be focusing on calorie consumption, portioning, nutrition, healthy and unhealthy foods, and interesting posts about what people in Kuwait consume on a daily basis. Our main goal is to help educate people on healthy eating habits and healthy living lifestyles.
We want to give advice on how to live a happy healthy life through correct dieting and we want to hear from you about it too! This is an interactive blog and we encourage posting comments and giving us your perspective on dieting. Maybe you could even teach us a thing or two!

This is the start of something fun, fit, and social, and we want you to be a part of it. Join in on the Eat Healthy Q8 blog and make your day a healthier one.

Idea owners 3rd seminar ملتقى أصحاب الأفكار



You can register online or via phone, check the contact details in the picture.

People’s silly sense of humor يا بايخ انتَ

I get a lot of obnoxious and rude comments. Sometimes they’re post related, sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they’re from people i know, most times they’re not. I can’t figure out if these people are genuinely enquiring, or just trying to be silly.

Take this guy. He went through the trouble of locating my “Contact Us” section, then took the effort to fill out the tedious form; just so I could laugh at his immaturity.

Guess the popcorn flavor

I saw this competition on bokhaloodie’s blog, and I thought it was cute and funny.

  • Let’s Popcorn are having a Ramadan competition, to guess the popcorn’s flavor.
  • There will be a new flavor every two days.
  • All you need to do is guess what the flavor is out of the given three choices.

This is their first flavor guess pic:

Here’s the [link] to the competition. And remember, they’ll be posting a new flavor to guess every two days.