Military dance party فيديو رقص الضباط الخريجين



محد يقدر يلوم الشباب على تعبيرهم عن فرحتهم بالتخرج عن طريق الرقص. اهم شباب صغير و في سن الوناسة، و التخرج مناسَبة مناسِبة جداً للإحتفال و الرقص

ملخص العقاب هو: الوزير عاقبهم بالحبس. و بعدين ولي العهد عفى عنهم. و آخر شي ياهم أمر من الوزير بدخول دورة مغاوير ل٣ أشهر

عالعموم، أكبرها و أسمنها في قواتنا الأمنية لكم عليهم من ناحية السهالة و السماحة [تذكرون العقيد شكري النجار]، ما وقف الموضوع على هالشباب اليهال

مع إنني شخصياً كان ودي أشوفهم محترمين البدلة العسكرية و لو شوي

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Cool 20th anniversary party at McDonald’s Gulf Rd.

McDonald's 20th anniversary carnival Kuwait

McDonald’s Kuwait Holds

“20 Years of Smiles Carnival”

in celebration of its 20th Anniversary

McDonald’s Kuwait will host a two day carnival at the Corniche branch on the Arabian Gulf street to celebrate its 20th anniversary and commemorate 2 decades of service in Kuwait. The carnival will take place on the 7th and 8th of March, with festivities beginning every day at 10:00a.m and continuing until 11:00p.m.

The two-day event will include a number of acts and attractions, such as helium balloon aerialists, rhythm of fire drummers, LED robots, butterfly dancers, stilt walkers, monocycles, jugglers and ice sculptors. The celebrations will also include balloon sculptors and face painting for children, as well as other fun filled activities for the whole family.

The performances will take place throughout the day with consecutive acts along the McDonald’s store walkway and all around the premises.

McDonald's 20th anniversary carnival Kuwait 2

Emirates and Kuwait الإمارات تحتفل مع الكويت بأغاني و ككاو و إعلانات



إغنية وطنية جديدة إهداء من شعب الإمارات الى شعب الكويت


Emirates celebrates Kuwait national day

إعلانات صفحة أخيرة كاملة في جرايدنا اليومية


Dubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolate Dubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolate 2

إستقبال المسافرين الكويتيين بعلب ككاو على علم الكويت لدى وصولهم لمطار دبي


Kuwaiti songs playlist for our National Day



Here’s a youtube playlist of great patriotic Kuwaiti songs. I know it’s a lazy solution, but you’ll be amazed at how many people don’t have a playlist like this for today and tomorrow. So just open the video and hit “Play All”, and connect your phone or laptop to speakers. Just like that, you’ll have 30 great sings back to back nonstop.

Beautiful gesture by Dubai Airport مطار دبي يستقبل الكويتيين بالككاو

Dubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolateDubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolate 2

Military Air Show today at 3 pm عرض جوي اليوم العصر

minilatry air show kuwait 2

According to the festival calendar posted by the government, there’s going to be a military air show today from 3-5 pm over Gulf road near the Marina Mall area.

  • Military Air Show
  • From 3-5 p.m.
  • Marina Mall part of Gulf Road.

Pic credit [Nawaf Al-Rudaini]

Remembering our Martyrs لن ننسى شهداءنا

Kuwait Martyrs from Iraqi Invasion MosaicOn this day as we celebrate our National & Liberation days, we must remember our martyrs. They gave their lives defending our country, fighting the invasion, and liberating Kuwait.

Click the pic for a larger view. Pic credit: Dirar Al-Fedala.



On January 14, 1991, Asrar Al-Qabandi was murdered. She was shot five times — four bullets to her chest and the fifth bullet between her eyes, and her head sliced in two by an axe as her body dumped in front of her family’s home by the Iraqi’s. This was the fate of one of the braveset women of Kuwait… of the world. She saved hundreds of Kuwaiti’s during the Gulf War, and came back to Kuwait to save more lives even though she knew the Iraqi’s had found out what she had done. This woman has been dead exactly 19 years. And this is the least we can do in saluting the woman who had died saving lives.

Some of her other victories include smuggling weapons from Basra to Kuwait, money and more weapons from Saudi Arabia, single-handedly destroying the monitored telephones and communications set up by the Iraqis, providing targeted Kuwaitis with new ID’s to protect them from harm, providing foreign families with food and money, and taking care of 65 foreign hostages, risking a guaranteed execution.



Short film about the martyrs of Kuwait and significant moments in our country’s history. Aired on Al Watan TV, Al Rai TV and in all Cinescape movie theaters for the August 2nd memorial day.

Google doodles Kuwait’s National Day

Google doodle Kuwait National Day 2014

This Year’s doodle

Google doodle Kuwait national day

Last year’s doodle.

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Happy National & Liberations days

Kuwait old red flag

Wa6ani ElKwait from NBK إغنية وطني الكويت من البنك الوطني



This is NBK’s song for this year’s national celebrations of our independence and liberation days.