Prince William of Britain flies economy siya7iya

Prince William flies coach Eli Ross

The future king of England, Britain, and the United Kingdom flew economy on one of his trips in the US. I don’t have to wonder if this will ever happen in our region, because it’ll never happen at all.


Another vid of Yahya the Egyptian

Yahya American Hustle movie Jimmy Kimmel



I just love this guy. No wonder Jimmy Kimmel hired him for his show.

Angelina Jolie in Hijab آنجلينا جولي بالحجاب

Angelina Jolie in hijab head cover

Angelina Jolie is a UN special envoy for refugees and a previous ambassador of UNHCR. This is a picture of her visiting one of the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Vid of Kanye West proposal to Kim Kardashian

He finally made her an honest woman. Kidding aside, I think they’ll be very happy together.

Rihanna was kicked out of Sh. Zayed Mosque

Rihanna Sh. Zayed MOsque Abu Dhabi 3  Rihanna Sh. Zayed MOsque Abu Dhabi 2  Rihanna Sh. Zayed MOsque Abu Dhabi

Lots of people were upset with Rihanna’s pictures and poses at Sh. Zayed’s Mosque in Abu Dhabi, and thought they were disrespectful and provocative. Mosque officials thought so too, and asked Rihanna to leave their premises. They also confirm that she never went inside the mosque.

You got to love the UAE for their no nonsense policy. And the fact that they weren’t intimidated by an international super star like Rihanna. Major respect.

“The Centre would like to point to a personal visit incident that was carried out by ‘a prominent singer’ to the mosque. The singer did not make arrangements with the mosque’s management prior to her visit and had used an entrance that is not intended for visitors.

Despite being directed to enter through the visitors’ entrance to take a standard tour of the mosque, the singer stayed outside to take some photos. She was asked to leave once it became apparent that some of the photographs she took were not in compliance with the terms of the mosque.”-via LA Times.

Pix credit: Rihanna’s instagram.

How Ellen decided to host the Oscars

Ellen hosts Oscars



She decided just like anyone decides anything: make a pros con list.

Her list is obviously funnier than any we come up with.

Snoop Dogg interviews Larry King

Snoop Dogg Larry KIng rap song



Snoop Dogg has his own talk show, on the Double GG Network (GGN). I think he only hosts it on Youtube (not sure). And I think it’s a once a week show. He always looks stoned and completely chillaxed. In this episode, he’s interviewing the legendary Larry King. He’s teaching him how to rap. Together they wrote a quick rap song, right on the spot. Amazing talent.

This is part one of the interview, and you can watch the rest [here]. If you want to see other videos, then just head over to his youtube channel [here] for an electrifying mix of guests. His most recent guest is Arsenio Hall. That guy alone is quite the character. Him and Snoop together is very amusing to watch. Don’t expect to learn much from the interviews, or understand much, but they’re a good waste of free time.

Note: Video for grownups only, there’s a segment in the middle not suitable for youngsters. Just watch the first 6 minutes (that’s where the song is) if you want to skip the nasty parts.

North West

North Kanye West Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new baby girl is named North West. No K in the name, though they could’ve gone with Knorth with a silent k.

[Pic source].

Roberto Cavalli dresses Beyonce for her Mrs. Carter world tour

Roberto Cavalli Beyonce customs world tour mrs carter  Roberto Cavalli Beyonce customs world tour mrs carter 2

Roberto Cavalli is the designer for Beyonce’s customs on her Mrs. Carter world tour. We all know dress sketches always show women and models with long thin arms and pencil thin legs, to better show the design. But what Cavalli did here is even more unnaturally astonishing.

Here are two pics of one of his dresses, one with Beyonce looking like a tall thin clothes hanger, and the other is her wearing the dress in real.


Meeting Ryan Gosling on the street

Lyin not Ryan Gosling prank movie



What would you do if you met Ryan Gosling in person? Most probably pose for a few pics with the sexiest man alive, and maybe push your luck a bit and chat him up.

Ryan Gosling fans in Detroit did just that. Only it wasn’t Ryan, it was a lookalike. Still, most fans were very excited to see him. It was a very funny and hilarious prank movie.