The beautiful Muslims of Britain



Everyone and their neighbor made a video of Pharrell’s Happy song. And some of them were really good, like our local Kuwaiti version [here].

But this one, done by the Muslims of Britain, is the best one ever. It’s so positive and uplifting, it’s like the best commercial for the peace and beauty of Islam.

And when the video hit a million views, they used the proceeds (I don’t know from where they got the money), but they used the money they collected to help someone anonymously. And that video is so positive and beautiful, again perfectly showing off Islam’s gracious and peaceful principles.



مقابلة د. عبدالرحمن السميط مع قناة الجزيرة

Abdulrahman Alsumait Kuwait Aljazeera channel



مقابلة أجرتها قناة الجزيرة قبل سنتان مع الشيخ عبدالرحمن السميط

عبدالرحمن السميط في ذمة الله

Abdulrahman Alsumait Kuwait

الدفان غداً الساعة ٨،٣٠ صباحاً في مقبرة الصليبيخات

فقدت الكويت أحد أعلام العمل الخيري وابنها البار الدكتور عبدالرحمن حمود السميط الذي وافاه الاجل اليوم بعد مسيرة عطاء طويلة تخطت حدود البلاد لتصل الى آفاق افريقيا حيث زرع بصمة طيبة تحكي قصة كفاح هذا الرجل في زرع البسمة على وجوه الملايين من المحتاجين والفقراء هناك.


ويعتبر الفقيد السميط شخصية كويتية رائدة في مجال العمل الخيري والاغاثي حيث أفنى عمره بهذا المجال في مختلف أنحاء العالم ولاسيما في القارة الافريقية وأصبح أحد أعلامه البارزين على مستوى العالمين العربي والاسلامي [الجريدة].

Official call for Jihad in Syria تجهيز غزاة للكفاح في سوريا

Kuwaiti Islamists call for fighters to Syria

This is beyond outrageous. Since when do we approve and seek the arming of citizens of other countries. Who’s to say your point of view is the best for theو? Who’s to say that the money sent will really be used to fight oppression and injustice and for defending the innocent? Don’t you think there are official, local and international, organizations more equipped to handle a dangerous assignment like this?

What worries me most is the possibility of innocent and naive Kuwaitis foolishly volunteering their own lives for a “Holy” campaign like this. Many immature Islamist extremist will let their emotions role high with such a holy call. How can they resist it, when they see a lot of the most popular Islamic leaders and politicians approve such a crazy campaign?

I’m not sure how this call for arms is not illegal in Kuwait. In fact I’m pretty sure it is illegal. I will leave you with a quote from my cousin, she summarized it in the most amazing way:

يبون يقصون على الشباب يودونهم يموتون هناك و هم الشيوخ دق عيوش بالكويت

Shakira & Pique’s world baby shower at the UNICEF

Shakira and gerard Pique world baby shower

What a wonderful way to celebrate your baby shower. Shakira and Gerard Pique had a baby boy last week (or few days), and they’ve asked everyone to donate to the UNICEF (children’s fund) instead of sending them gifts and stuff [link].

Shakira and Pique baby shower at the UNICEF

Donations start from $5 for a mosquito net, go up to $50 for oral rehydration salts, and end up at $110 for a complete ready-to-eat medical food.

LIke I said this is a great idea, and yj3al hal 3amal fee mizan 7asanat.hum.

Shakira and Pique baby shower UNICEF 2

Charity Bazaar this Thursday for the education of special needs kids

The charity bazaar is this Thursday Dec. 13th, from 5.30-8 pm, in Nuzha Park, Nuzha block 1 Quraish\Al-Humaizi St.

Kuwait Charity Run

I went to Marina Crescent his morning to have breakfast outside and enjoy the great cool weather. We were there early, around 7.30, but the place was already packed. It turned out there was a charity run there this morning: The Kuwait Charity Run Half Marathon.

The race is for men, women, and older children. It consists of two distances, a 10 K (from Marina to the Green Island and back) and a 21 K (from Marina to Kuwait Towers and back). There were a lot of people, I think around a 1,000 registered for the race. All charity proceeds goes to Pumps4Kids diabetes charity.

I know I should’ve known about this race, but honestly, I’ve been sick for a week now, so wasn’t that up to date with local events.

They started the pre-race with an open group warmup that looked like loads of fun. The whole event looked awesome, and I’m sure everyone had a great time, wether they won or not.

These are some pics that I took with my Galaxy Note II.

Support Hayat Cancer Foundation


Send “B” to 1977 on your wataniya line to donate 1 kd to the Hayat Cancer Foundation.

Crime never pays إلقاء القبض على حرامي صندوق إعانة المرضى

 Qatar just arrested the Egyptian accountant who embezzled and stole close to KD 4 million from PHFS (Patients Helping Funds Society) in 2006. The criminal is being extradited to Kuwait, and will start his 7-year jail sentence.

PHFS is one of the biggest health charities in Kuwait, and is responsible for the management of huge amount of charity money. This theft casted a very dark shadow over the legitimacy of its operations and over their work procedures. A lot of people stopped handing out money to them, for fear of the money will lose its way and get in the hands of thieves and criminals.

I’m glad we finally caught this guy, but still wish that his sentence included he pay back what he stole, or for him to rote in jail till he does. Plus, it is kinda of sad (and embarrassing) to know that he wasnfreely living his life, was out and about going here and travelling there.

How in the hell was he not afraid of us, of the sentence hanging over him by a country like Kuwait. If they had cough him somewhere far, like in the jungles of South America or the slumps of Asia, then it might be a little easier to absorb. But to catch in in neighbouring Qatar is, frankly, very shameful to our police system.

[Pic credit Al-Qabas]

Kuwait’s new food charities by small businesses



Plus One. Draw a Smile. And Meals on Wheels.

These are all beautiful small businesses and volunteers who worked hard to feed the hungry in Kuwait this Ramadan.