Wonderful Desserts opens a new branch in Dasma

Wonderful desert Dasma Kuwait 2  Wondersful Desserts Dasma Kuwait 3

Wonderful desserts opened a new branch in Dasma co-op. They now have 5 branches total: Yarmouk, jabriya, Hitteen, and Abu Hulaifa.

Wonderful has the best chocolate pudding-cake in Kuwait, you can read my old post [here]. They also have some 8 other flavors, including: pink cheesecake, pistachio, red velvet, tiramisu, mango trifle, marshmellow, and basboosa.

The small order costs kd 6 (half dozen cups or 12 minis), while the large order costs kd12 (dozen cups or 24 minis). You can reach them on tel # 1808084 for home delivery or on instagram.

Wonderful desert Dasma Kuwait

Beautiful gesture by Dubai Airport مطار دبي يستقبل الكويتيين بالككاو

Dubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolateDubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolate 2

Kinder Egg Surprise back in Kuwait

Kinder surprise egg Kuwait

You can buy the original Kinder Egg Surprise in Kuwait, for just 300 fils an egg from blink [link].

Special Android KitKat bars

Android KitKat 2Android KitKat 1

Android KitKat 3

This is a collector’s item, if it doesn’t spoil or melt on you.

The new version of Android’s OS is called KitKat. Nestle will sell 50 million KitKat Android-special bars to celebrate the deal. Prizes will include Android phones like the Nexus 7, Android shaped KitKat bars, and Google Play credit.

I don’t know if the cars will be sold in Kuwait; but they will be available in Dubai, the UK, and the US among  20 countries.

All pics are taken from Nestle’s Android KitKat Flicker.

21 Carrots Ramadan collection

21 Carrots Ramadan collection KuwaitTasting session of the new Ramadan collection is next Monday at 6 p.m. in Al-Hamra Mall.

Sprinkles cupcakes Kuwait opens next week

Sprinkles Kuwait

Sprinkles cupcakes will officially open in Grand Avenue next Tuesday Feb. 12th. It’s one of the best dessert bakeries in the world, and this would be their 1st ever branch outside of the USA. Their Beverly Hills shop is so popular in LA, the line goes round the block.

From Al-Shaya’s website:

Sprinkles Cupcakes opened “the world’s first cupcake bakery” in Beverly Hills, as reported by the Food Network, and is credited by the Los Angeles Times as “the progenitor of the haute cupcake craze.”  Founded by Candace Nelson, judge on Food Network’s hit show “Cupcake Wars,” and husband Charles, Sprinkles has inspired long lines of devoted Hollywood stars and serious epicureans alike.

From Tom Cruise to Oprah Winfrey, Blake Lively to Ryan Seacrest, celebrities are abuzz about Sprinkles!  Baked fresh in small batches throughout the day, Sprinkles Cupcakes are handcrafted from the finest ingredients and contain no preservatives, trans fats or artificial flavors.

Sprinkles has 10 locations in the USA, a traveling Sprinklesmobile – the world’s first cupcake truck, and sells its cupcake mixes at over 250 Williams-Sonoma stores throughout the US and Canada.  In 2012, Sprinkles debuted the world’s first Cupcake ATM and continued its foray into classic American desserts with the launch of Sprinkles Ice Cream.

Pic credit: Sprinkles FB page.

Twinkies is dead, Hostess goes belly up


Hostess, the maker of Twinkies and CupCakes, announced its bankruptcy. The Co. is shutting down operations after more than 80 years in the baking business.

Their chocolate cupcakes are my most favorite dessert. It hasn’t sold in Kuwait since pre-invasion, but I still get them from my friends in Saudi Arabia and from American camps in Kuwait.

I’m bummed by the news, and I’m sure Twinkie lovers are even more depressed than I am. Hostess is a stable of american foods, just like Kraft and Nabisco. It’s a sad day to see it go.

Guess the flavor with Kakao

#GuessThatFlavor and win Half a kilo of chocolates for the 1st 3 correct answers #NewEidCollection

خمن نكهة العيد الجديدة وأول ٣ إجابات صحيحة تربح معنا نصف كيلو من الكاكاو

Click [here] to guess.

Kakao is also introducing a new “Strawberry Bar” chocolate to be offered soon (maybe by 3eed?), in two choices: cheese cake and hazelnut.

Kakao is by far my favorite chocolate in Kuwait. Their chocolates are delicious and tasty, and they always come up with new amazing flavors all the time. Plus, they’re a pure local Kuwaiti business, so it also feels good to buy from them.

Gergai3an Soug Sharq قرقعوا مع سوق شرق


Ramadan gift from VIVA

I received  a beautiful box of chocolates from VIVA today, filled with different shapes of golden chocolates. The chocolates were in a huge Arabic Coffee cup (فنجان قهوة عربي), adorned with ancient Arabic calligraphy.

The chocolates are from my favorite chocolate place in Kuwait, Kakao. That made VIVA’s gift even more great.

As you can see, the box is still closed shut, on account of us still fasting. But believe you me, Kakao’s chocolate is the best. Can’t wait for fe6oor time to start digging in.

Thanks VIVA for the nice gift.