New stores opening at The Sultan Center Hawalli

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While passing by TSC Hawalli this evening, I noticed that they’ll be opening a few new stores. There’s a whole new first floor, complete with escalators and an elevator. The new shops I saw so far were:

  • Costa Coffee.
  • Mothercare.
  • Claire’s.
  • Payless.
  • Sultan Sports.

Some shops will open sooner than others, but I forgot to ask about opening dates. I’m glad to see more shops at TSC Hawalli; it’s big and airy, has loads of parking, got easy entrance\exit, and enjoys a great location at the outskirts of Hawalli.

Ellen makes fun of Sofia Vergara



Sofia Vergara had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at the last Emmy’s Awards. Her dressed busted from the back and had to be sown again, on the spot and with Vergara still wearing it.

Ellen decided to use that as her Halloween costume this year. In exchange, Vergara decided to teach Ellen some Spanish.

Nottingham Forest’s New Jersey\Kit بلوزة نوتنغهام فورست الجديدة

Al-Hassawi unveiled Nottingham Forest’s new 2012/2013 kit, during their press conference at the club today.

The NEW Nottingham Forest 2012/13 home kit is now available to pre-order.

Be the first to pre-order the new home shirt online at or at The City Ground Megastore and you will get an exclusive free 2012/13 home scarf*.

The 2012/13 home kit was revealed by the Al Hasawi family, who were officially unveiled to the press today as the new owners of Forest [link].

Al-Hassawi buying this English club is mighty amazing news for all football fans in Kuwait, regardless of NF’s actual ranking in football leagues. And I bet that this jersey will be a hot commodity here in Kuwait for everyone playing amateur and street football.

Ha2 Designs Ramadan 2012 Exhibition معرض حاء لرمضان ٢٠١٢

تصاميم حاء لرمضان ٢٠١٢ في جاليري تو توينتي (Gallery IIXX) مقابل مجمع الصالحية (خلف Fauchon)، يومي الثلاثاء و الاربعاء الموافق ١٧ و ١٨ يوليو من الساعة ١٠ صباحا الى ١ مساء، و من الساعة ٥ مساء حتى ٩ مساء. 

نتشرف بحضوركم

Ha2 Designs (حاء) are having their Ramadhan 2012 Exhibition this Tuesday and Wednesday, July 17th & 18th. It will be held at Gallery IIXX, opposite Salhiya complex and behind Fauchon.

I’ve written about Ha2 Designs many times before, when they had one of their Ramadan collections. They are absolutely one of my most favorite stylish local designers in Kuwait. Go over one of my previous posts [here] if you want to know how much I like them.

The exhibition will be on this Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 1pm and from 5pm to 9pm, in Gallery IIXX opposite Salhiya Complex.

Meet The Cardassians


Rejoice you nerds who love reality TV. Behold your Kardashian nerdy-T, something you can (finally) proudly wear at the geeky funky Comic-Con. These Ts are sold for $15, and you can get them via this [link], for both men and women.

Fursa’s Cute Fashion & Sundry Store جديد و ونيس: محل “فرصة” بالسالمية





Fursa is a multi brand store located in Salmiya next to Marina Mall, (The One Parking) in front of 7bars and in the same building as Breakfast and Brunch.
At Fursa you would find everything for men, women and kids, from vintage clothes, modern day outfits, funky accessories, art and gadgets. We try to help local, regional and international designers and creative persons to display their work at our store rent free and we only take a small percentage of the sales. So far we’ve got participants from Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and France.

Fursa is a new local (and small-business) shop in Salmiya, that opened just a few weeks ago. It’s adjacent to Breakfast & Brunch near Marina Mall’s The One.

It’s a local store run by two young Kuwaiti girls, selling different and sometimes vintage items. Their products range from clothes, bags and accessories; to cool art, gadgets, and funky sundry stuff. The things they sell cater to men, women, and children .

Duaa Designs Exhibition

Jennifer Lopez in Lanvin’s Snake Dress


Duaa Designs معرض دعاء ديزاين لفساتين الإستقبالات و رمضان

لفساتين الاستقبالات وتشكيله رمضانيه مميزه
وذلك يوم الاحد 15/4 حتي يوم الثلاثاء 17/4
من الساعه 9 صباحا حتي1 مساء ومن 5-10 مساء
بيت لوذان –بجانب المارينا مول 
للاستفسار 99272262

Avenues’ Blue Dishdasha