David Letterman retiring



David Letterman, the host of “The Late Show”, announced that he’s retiring from the show next year. And The Simpsons decided to honor him with a special intro. He deserves it. He come up with the idea for “The Late Show”, produced it, and made it a late-night talk show hit for CBS. He’s my favorite of all the late night hosts.

Star filled movie you’ve never heard of

The Grand Hotel Budapest movie



This movie starts at least a dozen of the world’s most well known and very respected actors and actresses. It’s a mystery that we haven’t heard about it before. The Grand Hotel Budapest just came out last month. I myself hadn’t heard of it, and if I did, I probably just dismissed it as a Nazi era political and boring movie. I was blown away with its trailer, how funny and hilarious the story is.

The movie stars Ralph Fiennes, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Jude Law, Harvey Keitel, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, and a many many more.

Another vid of Yahya the Egyptian

Yahya American Hustle movie Jimmy Kimmel



I just love this guy. No wonder Jimmy Kimmel hired him for his show.

Snoop Dogg interviews Larry King

Snoop Dogg Larry KIng rap song



Snoop Dogg has his own talk show, on the Double GG Network (GGN). I think he only hosts it on Youtube (not sure). And I think it’s a once a week show. He always looks stoned and completely chillaxed. In this episode, he’s interviewing the legendary Larry King. He’s teaching him how to rap. Together they wrote a quick rap song, right on the spot. Amazing talent.

This is part one of the interview, and you can watch the rest [here]. If you want to see other videos, then just head over to his youtube channel [here] for an electrifying mix of guests. His most recent guest is Arsenio Hall. That guy alone is quite the character. Him and Snoop together is very amusing to watch. Don’t expect to learn much from the interviews, or understand much, but they’re a good waste of free time.

Note: Video for grownups only, there’s a segment in the middle not suitable for youngsters. Just watch the first 6 minutes (that’s where the song is) if you want to skip the nasty parts.

Arrested Development premiers today on NetFlix



So today is the day. Arrested Development’s season 4 premiers to day in the USA on NetFlix. 7 years after the show was officially cancelled.

I don’t have a VPN, but for this, I so wish I did. Forecasts estimates that close to 10% of NetFlix’s server power will be used for AR’s premier today. I hope the new episodes find their way to torrent links.

Click [here] to watch season 4’s trailer. 

Comedy Night in Kuwait


Click here for tickets.

Tickets range from KD25-65, which I think is expensive for an event like this, even if it includes a dinner (I don’t know if they do).

Finally the end of PSY



We finally get the the end of PSY, the one hit annoying musical wonder. Life if Pi turns into Life of PSy, then thank God to the end of PSY.

Warm Bodies: One of the nicest movies this year

Warm Bodies movie poster



Warm Bodies tops the box-office after a week of release in the US. It’s one of the nicest and funniest movies, despite its Zombie backstory. Such a lovely and lighthearted movie, really pleasant to watch.

The movies is based on bestselling novel. The novel, just like the movie, is lighthearted and funny. This is the link to the [book] on amazon.

One of the best Eish Elli shows من أحلى حلقات إيش اللي



Either this is the best Eish Elli show to date, or I’m terribly missing the hilarious Saudi humor. Take a look for yourself and be prepared for a whole 10 minutes of non-stop laughter.

The Iraqi Spartan 300


You’ve got to watch this, plain hilarious. Thanks RS for sending me the link, best laugh I’ve had this week!