Kuwait Comic Con starts tomorrow

Q8Con Kuwait ComicCon 2014

Q8Con, our local version of Comic Con, is taking place tomorrow and friday (Feb. 6-7) at the AbdulAziz Hussain Center in Mishref. Map [link].

Check their twitter and instagram for more info.

The new Arab Idol محمد عساف آيدول العرب

Mohammad Asaf Arab Idol 2013



محمد عساف يفوز بلقب آراب آيدول للسنة هذي

مبروك لمحمد، صوته و أداءه قوي و يستاهل الفوز

Kuwait faces Emirates in Gulf Cup الكويت ضد الإمارات اليوم بكأس الخليج

Kuwait vs Emirates in Gulf Cup 2013

We wish our national football team the best of luck in their game against the Emirates today in the Gulf Cup games held in Bahrain.

موفق يا أزرقنا و الله وياك يا بطل

Kuwait faces Saudi today in Gulf Cup الكويت ضد السعودية في كأس الخليج

Kuwait vs Saudi in Gulf Cup 2013We wish our national football team the best of luck in their game against the mighty Saudi today in the Gulf Cup games held in Bahrain.

موفق يا أزرقنا و الله وياك يا بطل

Guess the popcorn flavor

I saw this competition on bokhaloodie’s blog, and I thought it was cute and funny.

  • Let’s Popcorn are having a Ramadan competition, to guess the popcorn’s flavor.
  • There will be a new flavor every two days.
  • All you need to do is guess what the flavor is out of the given three choices.

This is their first flavor guess pic:

Here’s the [link] to the competition. And remember, they’ll be posting a new flavor to guess every two days. 

Big thumbs up: Al-Rawdhan Ramadan Football Tournament commercial



Watch two huge and cute football legends compete. Bravo Jassim Yacoub & Luis Figo. You two were great!

Win a chance to meet Kim Kardashian in LA إربح فرصة لقاء كيم كارداشيان في لوس أنجلوس

  •  10 chances to win.
  • One week trip to LA.
  • Special dinner with Kim Kardashian.

Click [here] for the details.

Zain’s Instagram Competition مسابقة إحنا عشقناها للتصوير

Zain is having a photography competition, in celebration of our national holidays. The prizes are very cool, winners will get a MacBook Air 11″ and DSLR cameras!

I’ve been eyeing the 11″ MacAir for quite sometime now. Unfortunately for me, I’m not that good in photography, so I probably won’t be winning this competition. That means you chance in winning just got a little better. Make sure to check out Zain’s Facebook page for all the rules and regulations.

The competition is about showing our love to our beloved country Kuwait. To participate, take a picture that have a heart shape and the use of the four colors of the Kuwaiti flag. Use your imagination and show your love through creativity.

• Participants should have an Instagram Account and follow @ZainKuwait in order to participate.

• Originality of the picture is a must, Picture taken from a website or stolen will be disqualified.

• Pictures must not contain any text, signature, name or watermark.

• All pictures should be sent to the following email : Instagram.kw@kw.zain.com

• Every participant got the right to participate with one picture only.

• Zain have the right to disqualify any inappropriate or stolen image. Without any prior notice.

• All pictures will be uploaded on the 21st of Febreuary 2012.

• @ZainKuwait Account will be shifted from (Public) to (Private) During the 5 days of the voting phase.

• Submissions will start today, and last day for receiving pictures is the 20th of February 2012, Any picture after that will be void.

• Voting will start on the 21st and will end on the 26th by midnight.

• Highest three winners in likes will win valuable prizes.

• The email must provide Name, Mobile number and your instagram account.

• The first winner will get Apple MacBook Air 11”

• Second and third winners will get Canon EOS 550D Camera

Things to do in Kuwait: Photo Me with TopShop this Weekend

Topshop is excited to invite you to join us this weekend to style your own look in Topshop’s finest then strike a pose in our Photo Me photo booth! Topshop’s Photo Me photo booth will be located at Avenues Mall on the 1st floor in front of BHS this weekend on Thursday the 2nd, Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th! We are inviting you to come out and show Topshop your love in our fun Photo Me photo booth.