The demolition of Kuwait Airways Headquarters

Kuwait Airways building demolition

The old (and semi-historic, because it was built on 9/7/1974) Kuwait Airways building on the corner of Fahad Al-Salem St. has begun its demolition phase.

This pic [link] is of the 1st demolition phase, and it was taken by Mr. AbdulMajeed Al-Shatti. He’s an avid amateur and enthusiastic local photographer. I got it off his FB page (he’s a friend, so I think it’ll be cool with him).

Since this is Kuwaiti related and poses some historic significance, I emailed Mark about it (I thought it would interest him). I also added that I didn’t know what the future designs look like. Turns out that he has posted about the new (ugly) designs already [link].

We both (I think) agreed that the new designs are NOT an improvement. What a shocker. How was this monstrosity ever allowed in Kuwait?! But wait. Hold on. Yep. that sounds about right. You can bet your very last dollar, that (almost) everything redesigned in Kuwait nowadays will get worse and uglier.

I personally know this building very well, it holds tremendous sentimental value for me. It was where I tried booking a plane out of Kuwait (and back to my studies in London), after our liberation from the Iraqi invasion in ’91… But I think I ended up leaving on BA and not KA, on the first commercial flight out of Kuwait (something like May 2nd 1991).

Anyways, this is how the Kuwait Airways H.Q. building looked like after the Iraqi invasion; alongside a rendition of its new design (supplied by Mark).

Kuwait Airways Burned damned Iraqi invasion  Kuwait Airways new H.Q.

Registration for NBK’s Walkathon now open

NBK Walkathon 2014

Registration for NBK’s annual is now open, until 1 p.m. March 13th. The tent is set up just before The Scientific Center on Gulf Rd., and you can also register online [here]. The race is on March 15, which should still be a cool enough day for the walk. The race is fun for the whole family. It’s one of those fun exciting and different days, plus you might win exciting gifts. So go register now and participate.


So I went to the Walkathon, here’s what I thought of this year’s event [link]:

Buzfairy commeny on NBK Walkathon 2014

And here’s what Mr. Harold Walker thought of it:

To Whom It May Concern,I have participated in the annual NBK Walkathon for over 6 years; yet, this is the first year there were no buses available to take the walkers back to the starting point of the event – and that after many were still cold and wet from the rain. I think this was very unfortunate and shines a negative light on the whole event. I certainly hope in the future organizers will do a much better job in this regard.

H. Walker


Wa6ani ElKwait from NBK إغنية وطني الكويت من البنك الوطني



This is NBK’s song for this year’s national celebrations of our independence and liberation days.

Kuwait Airways fleet update possible delay

Kuwait Airways fleet update delay

Parliament appointed a special committee to investigate the much awaited and anticipated update of Kuwait Airways’ fleet. This comes after more than two months of signing the agreement with airplane manufacturers. The timing of the committee worries KA officials, since the final contract signing is expected within the next few days. The special committee’s investigation can takes months, if not longer. This might impact the fleet update decision. KA officials fear having to cancel the deals and going back to square one. Click [here] to read more.

انتفض مسؤولو الخطوط الجوية الكويتية استغراباً وذعراً، أمس، من خبر تشكيل لجنة تقصي حقائق برلمانية بشأن صفقات تحديث الأسطول. وقال مسؤول كبير: «تحول حلم التحديث إلى كابوس».
وأضاف: تأتي اللجنة بعد أكثر من شهرين على توقيع مذكرة التفاهم بشأن الصفقة. والأسئلة المتواترة بلا أجوبة هي:
- لماذا انتظر مجلس الأمة حتى قبيل توقيع الصفقة بأيام ليشكل لجنة تحقيق؟! وماذا عن موعد إنجاز اللجنة مهمتها؟!
- من البديهي تأجيل توقيع صفقة «أيرباص».. إذ كيف ستقدم إدارة «الكويتية» على توقيع عقد محل تحقيق في «بيت الشعب»؟!
 وأضاف المصدر المسؤول: الأمر قد يتطور إلى الإلغاء في حال اكتشفت اللجنة أي ملاحظة من أي نوع.. أو انسحبت «أيرباص» لكثرة التعطيل والتأجيل. وعدم حسم تحديث الأسطول قبل نهاية مارس يعيق تجديد تأمين طائرات الأسطول الحالي المتهالكة! لذا، فإن الالغاء يعني أحد أمرين: العودة إلى المربع الأول باستقطاب عروض جديدة أو العدول عن فكرة تحديث الأسطول من أساسها!

Can’t beat this: Zain’s National Holiday song يا زين الكويت

Zain Kuwait national liberation celebrations



Whatsapp has been buzzing all day about Zain’s 3eed wa6ani video. And with very good reason.

It’s beautiful. Just perfect. And I loved how they let girls dance this time, not make it an all men vid.

I vote to have Zain and NBK handle our national celebration operettas from now on. Who can forget NBK’s 7abeebti ya Kuwait? [link]. And I bet the two of them will do a phenomenal job, and be under budget too. Something like what we used to watch in the 80’s.

Wow. What an amazing video. Wish Kuwait was more like that in real.

Car leasing offers from Al-Mulla عروض تأجير سيارات من الملا

It’s good to see other companies get into this business. More competition is always goof for the customer, though I see that prices are still expensive.

Job opportunities for new graduates at KPC وظائف لحديثي التخرج بالنفط

Jobs at KPC oil sector KuwaitApplications open till Oct. 20th. You can apply at

The M.O. Youth screws the youth عيب عليكم يا وزارة الشباب

 Fikra M.O. Youth Kuwait Japanese pop culture festival problem 2  Fikra M.O. Youth Kuwait Japanese pop culture festival problem

Kuwait had a Japanese Pop culture festival 10 days ago. It was held at Kuwait’s National Library, and was a smash hit.

The festival was organized by Fikra, a local company, with the help of other Kuwaiti youth. The Ambassador of Japan came to the event because of his prior relations to Fikra, and he was the one who supplied the venue through the Cultural council. While the M.O.Youth just sent an undersecretary, and that was the extent of the ministry’s involvement in thr festival.

Anyways, the M.O.Youth took credit of this hugely successful event, and claimed it organized the whole festival. Reducing the efforts of Fikra and friends to that of associates or volunteers. The ministry later half tried to correct this, slightly amending their claim to a more honest one.

The festival took months of hard work and expenses to get it organized successfully. Contacting people and businesses, getting the cubicles and booths setup, organizing the costume and anime contests and prizes, and getting the display objects. All that took a great deal of effort and money.

If this festival was in Dubai, it wold be the kind that gets the personal appearance of Sh. Mohammad Bin Rashid. But here in Kuwait, the Ministry shamelessly robs the efforts of the young youth instead of supporting them. Shame on you.

Twitter goes public إدراج تويتر في البورصة

Twitter IPO Huff post

  • Twitter’s IPO procedures and documents will be confidential, until 21 days before marketing it.
  • Expected market capitalization is between $10-15 billion, probably more considering Twitter’s reliable reputation and growing revenues.

Pic credit [Huff Post]

Special Android KitKat bars

Android KitKat 2Android KitKat 1

Android KitKat 3

This is a collector’s item, if it doesn’t spoil or melt on you.

The new version of Android’s OS is called KitKat. Nestle will sell 50 million KitKat Android-special bars to celebrate the deal. Prizes will include Android phones like the Nexus 7, Android shaped KitKat bars, and Google Play credit.

I don’t know if the cars will be sold in Kuwait; but they will be available in Dubai, the UK, and the US among  20 countries.

All pics are taken from Nestle’s Android KitKat Flicker.