The M.O. Youth screws the youth عيب عليكم يا وزارة الشباب

 Fikra M.O. Youth Kuwait Japanese pop culture festival problem 2  Fikra M.O. Youth Kuwait Japanese pop culture festival problem

Kuwait had a Japanese Pop culture festival 10 days ago. It was held at Kuwait’s National Library, and was a smash hit.

The festival was organized by Fikra, a local company, with the help of other Kuwaiti youth. The Ambassador of Japan came to the event because of his prior relations to Fikra, and he was the one who supplied the venue through the Cultural council. While the M.O.Youth just sent an undersecretary, and that was the extent of the ministry’s involvement in thr festival.

Anyways, the M.O.Youth took credit of this hugely successful event, and claimed it organized the whole festival. Reducing the efforts of Fikra and friends to that of associates or volunteers. The ministry later half tried to correct this, slightly amending their claim to a more honest one.

The festival took months of hard work and expenses to get it organized successfully. Contacting people and businesses, getting the cubicles and booths setup, organizing the costume and anime contests and prizes, and getting the display objects. All that took a great deal of effort and money.

If this festival was in Dubai, it wold be the kind that gets the personal appearance of Sh. Mohammad Bin Rashid. But here in Kuwait, the Ministry shamelessly robs the efforts of the young youth instead of supporting them. Shame on you.

NBK’s 3rd Ramadan commercial إعلان الوطني الرمضاني الثالث

NBK Ramadan commercial

NBK Ramadan commercial 2



This is NBK’s 3rd commercial this Ramadan, here are the [first] and [second] ones.

Here are some of the other Ramadan commercials: Gulf Bank, Rauch, Viva’s [Ramadan] & [Gergai3an], Ahli Bank, and Tijari.

Video: Why are you in Kuwait? By an American lady



Here’s a video shot by an American lady working in Kuwait. She’s not a military worker, so she lives off base and be out and about in Kuwait like a normal foreigner. She works for a company that does business with the American Military  in Kuwait and not married to a Kuwaiti, so her point of view is the closest to an average American as you can get.

The video here offers a nice glimpse into how an American would live in Kuwait. Just like a typical Kuwaiti, she goes to The Avenues mall on weekends. She speaks very positively about local women’s sense of makeup and fashion, how shopping here is excellent, and what she would normally wear when going out in Kuwait.

I liked the video, it showed how Kuwait is really like. Lots of international shops, very normal dress attire (minus the hot shorts and tube tanks), and the abundance of American and international restaurants.

Here are some of her words about Kuwait (I just pasted a few short paragraphs, you can check the whole thing [here]):

 First of all they are VERY accepting of American culture and lifestyle, for the most part. NO as a woman I don’t have to be fully covered. We just have to be mindful and respectful. So sure I can wear a skirt or a short dress and they really cannot do much to punish you, but you just have to be willing to deal with the awkward stares lol but it’s really not as strict here as you may think it is.

The cost of living here is quite expensive, the Kuwaiti dinar is almost 3 and a half times more than 1 US Dollar. The Kuwaiti Dinair also beats the Euro, so Kuwait is FAR from third world living, contrary to what most might believe.

As for the demographics here, Kuwaiti’s are surprisingly more like the minority here. There are tons of Filipinos, Ethiopians, Somali’s, Egyptians, Nigerians, Brits, Americans, Indians, Pakistani, and other races here as well. It really is quite a nice mixture of people

Did I tell you how much American culture is accepted here?! They have everything we have and much more: Krispy Kreme, Chili’s, PF Changs, Applebee’s, Buffalo’s, McDonald’s (of course) and ALL of them deliver.

I also love how the culture here is so beauty obsessed. Makeup artistry, plastic surgery and all things beauty are all the rave here. People are always looking for the next best thing, we have everything state of the art with beauty and cosmetics. Which makes the makeup artist like me fit right in :)

The life of 90’s kids



This is a cute Microsoft Explorer commercial, very spot on. They captured the lives of the 90’s kids perfectly. I’m getting so nostalgic about the 90’s, even though I wasn’t a kid then anymore.

Happy 3eed عيدكم مبارك



أتركم مع رائعة محمود الكويتي، ماهو عيد بدونها

Gergai3an Soug Sharq قرقعوا مع سوق شرق


Wataniya Telecom Gergai3an commercial فيديو قرقيعان الوطنية



الدعاية حدها كيوت و دمها خفيف

Bahrain are the best dressed at the London Olympics عاشت البحرين

  • Beautiful: A Bahraini woman carried the Bahraini flag.
  • More beautiful: Bahrain was the best dressed inLondon, and presented the best of their traditional fashion and culture.

Way to Bahrain. You looked awesome!!

مباخر موديلات جديدة و حلوة من عطورات العبدالمحسن

Mother’s Day Cakes from Opera



The Chocolate colored cake is a Chocolate Caramelized Pecan with Crunchy
The Green colored cake is a Caramelized Almond, Mousse Macaroon with Vanilla Sponge
The Pink colored cake is a Pistachio with Vanilla and Caramelized Pistachio

“Haven’t decided yet on what to give your mother on Mother’s Day? Opera has the answer for you with a variety of elegant cakes to choose from. Call 25337703/ 22407700/ Hot line 1820101 to reserve one of these cakes for your special mother or for any further questions”