Beautiful gesture by Dubai Airport مطار دبي يستقبل الكويتيين بالككاو

Dubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolateDubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolate 2

How to make a Facebook Look Back video



I know Facebook is so outdated right now, but they have introduced a cool new thing called Look Back video. It’s a short one minute video of your life time on Facebook. It’s pretty nice to watch, very nostalgic. And it’s super easy to make, it’s actually already made for you. Just go to this [link] to watch your video.

Note: The videos are only available for one month, so save or record yours before the time is up. 


iDraw-on-cats instagram

iDraw_on_cats in one of those fascinating instagram accounts, it has lots of cute cat drawing pics [link].

Special Android KitKat bars

Android KitKat 2Android KitKat 1

Android KitKat 3

This is a collector’s item, if it doesn’t spoil or melt on you.

The new version of Android’s OS is called KitKat. Nestle will sell 50 million KitKat Android-special bars to celebrate the deal. Prizes will include Android phones like the Nexus 7, Android shaped KitKat bars, and Google Play credit.

I don’t know if the cars will be sold in Kuwait; but they will be available in Dubai, the UK, and the US among  20 countries.

All pics are taken from Nestle’s Android KitKat Flicker.

The Royal Photobomb

Queen Elizabeth photobombs BBC

Queen Elizabeth toured the BBC the other day, and walked into the middle of the news segment. This is the best pic I could find of her royal photobomb [link]. Gotta love QEII, she’s so funny.

Super duper cute camel حتى بعارين الأجانب غير


This camel is too cute for words. I wonder where I can find one like it. The ones we have in our region are either slaughtered for food, or are hard core murderers of people (through vehicular accidents).

A camel this cute is unheard of. Maybe NBK should commission it as it’s official mascot.

Oh no he didn’t



I can’t believe he did this. What a jackass. Reese Withrespoon’s husband shamelessly told the cops that “He had nothing to do with that”, just right after his wife got arrested to trying to defend him. He meant his wife’s attempts to help him, the little coward.

He was drunk, so he probably had meant it too, which is even more pathetic. Poor Reese. She tried everything to help him, even screaming that she “was pregnant”; which is funny and original. A drunken pregnant lady. No wonder they didn’t believe her.

I still think Reese is cute, and she’s an even cuter mess of a drunk.


And here’s the cop “blow blow blow blow blow blow”ing.


Cats & Dogs



I guess team dog won this round, that was one hell of a subtle and sneaky push.

The life of 90’s kids



This is a cute Microsoft Explorer commercial, very spot on. They captured the lives of the 90’s kids perfectly. I’m getting so nostalgic about the 90’s, even though I wasn’t a kid then anymore.

Monopoly changes the iron token to a cat

Monopoly's new cat token

Monopoly changed its steel iron token with new cat one. The iron was introduced back in the day when women mainly did the housework, so it’s not so applicable in our modern day. The cat is cute, but I still prefer the car and hat.

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