Paralyzed cat rescued by high school science club


This is one of the sweetest videos I’ve seer seen. You really got to love the US. A group of high school students invented and built a device that allows a paralyzed kitten to walk and run. Can you imagine our kids doing something similar? All they know to do is taunt and bully, and be lazy.

Anyways, seeing this little kitten run and skid is super adorable, it’s downright wonderful.

Was Prince Harry chasing an Ice-Cream truck?


What do you think? Was Prince Harry chasing an ice-cream truck (as insinuated by the vid title), or was his British\Afghan base under attack?

Either way, he sure runs fast and limber.

The speed race car from Louis Vuitton



I saw this cute little speed race car at the LV store in the US today. And believe you me, the car looks even greater in real. I didn’t see a price tag, but I highly doubt it’s for sale.

World’s shortest man goes to Hajj

اقصر رجل بالعالم يروح الحج
يتقبل الله طاعته انشاءالله

Gangnam Style Halloween house lights


The whole house is rocking Gangam Style. Super duper cute.

Google Doodle Star Trek


We either are Star Trek fans or Star Wars fans. I, myself, am a Trekkie, and always have been. Maybe it’s because we saw Star Trek more because it was a weekly tv show, rather than Star Wars’ once every 3-4 years movie.

Google celebrates the 46th anniversary of Star Trek with a cute interactive doodle.

Cute flashmob-ish marriage proposal


Here’s a [link] to another amazing marriage proposal.

NBK’s Hala Zaina 3eed commercial دعاية الوطني للعيد: هلا هلا زينة

Wataniya Telecom Gergai3an commercial فيديو قرقيعان الوطنية


الدعاية حدها كيوت و دمها خفيف

Big thumbs up: Al-Rawdhan Ramadan Football Tournament commercial


Watch two huge and cute football legends compete. Bravo Jassim Yacoub & Luis Figo. You two were great!