Remembering our Martyrs لن ننسى شهداءنا

Kuwait Martyrs from Iraqi Invasion MosaicOn this day as we celebrate our National & Liberation days, we must remember our martyrs. They gave their lives defending our country, fighting the invasion, and liberating Kuwait.

Click the pic for a larger view. Pic credit: Dirar Al-Fedala.


On January 14, 1991, Asrar Al-Qabandi was murdered. She was shot five times — four bullets to her chest and the fifth bullet between her eyes, and her head sliced in two by an axe as her body dumped in front of her family’s home by the Iraqi’s. This was the fate of one of the braveset women of Kuwait… of the world. She saved hundreds of Kuwaiti’s during the Gulf War, and came back to Kuwait to save more lives even though she knew the Iraqi’s had found out what she had done. This woman has been dead exactly 19 years. And this is the least we can do in saluting the woman who had died saving lives.

Some of her other victories include smuggling weapons from Basra to Kuwait, money and more weapons from Saudi Arabia, single-handedly destroying the monitored telephones and communications set up by the Iraqis, providing targeted Kuwaitis with new ID’s to protect them from harm, providing foreign families with food and money, and taking care of 65 foreign hostages, risking a guaranteed execution.


Short film about the martyrs of Kuwait and significant moments in our country’s history. Aired on Al Watan TV, Al Rai TV and in all Cinescape movie theaters for the August 2nd memorial day.

Reaction to the Marina Mall killing

marina crescent killing Kuwait


مسكوا عيالكم و خلوهم يمكم بالإجازات. طلعوا ويا عيالكم، مو تفصلون الشباب المراهق و الشاب عن العايلة على بو عيب و تخافون على بناتكم. حاسبوا الوزراء و بطلوا سالفة الله لا يغير علينا. قوموا حاسبوهم عالتقصير. أدبوا عيالكم و علموهم السنع و الأخلاق، مو تخلون الشارع و الخدم يربونهم. و كل ما شفتوا شي غلط، تحلطموا و طالبوا المجمعات و الشرطة انها تقوم بواجبها بحماية الزوار. تكلموا. ما قلنا حلوا الأمور بإيدكم، بس خل يصير عندكم ردة فعل شوي و طالبوا  الإدارة بعمل. مو تشوفون شي غلط و بس توخرون. لا، تكلموا و استنكروا و قولوا…. بس الأهم من هذا كله، قضبوا عيالكم و ربوهم. لاتخلونهم يسهرون بالدواوين للصبح ويا ربعهم على بو كبروا و صارو رياييل. حاسبوهم و سئلوا عنهم و شقاعدين يسوون. شنو تتوقعون قايدين يسوون و اهم سهرانين؟ يقرون قرآن و الا يجيمون الصلاة؟أكيد لأ. كلش ماله داعي تجمع شباب عالفاضي بدون لا هدف و لا شغل.  ان تجمعوا الصبيان على فضاوة، عرفوا انهم بيسوون شي غلط… و لا تخلونهم يشترون ألعاب العنف اللي أكبر من عمرهم. لا تصدون لما يبتدون يدخنون و اهم صغار و تسون روحكم ما شفتوا شي، ترى هذا بداية لأشياء أكبر. عاقبوهم. حرموهم من الطلعة. خلهم ينثبرون عندكم و في بيتكم و تحت عيونكم. هذول عيالكم و مسؤوليتكم. و خافوا الله على عيال غيركم، تكفون ربوا عيالكم و قضبوهم.


Marina Crescent killers captured إلقاء القبض على قتلة المارينا مول

Marina Crescent killers captured

2 bedouns and one Kuwaiti. Security at majors malls, especially on weekends and holidays, is incredibly unsafe. Shopping and dining is risky and dangerous. Young men are rude and aggressive. They walk around flirting with non-interesting girls. They walk with their hands down their pants, doing all sorts of indecent stuff in public. We’ve already had a few murders in the past couple of years, next crime will be public rape. And I shudder to think of the consequences of that.

The Police must start patrolling the malls from the inside, have their officers leave chales and private stakeouts of weekend partyers and go work where they really are needed. Around and in malls.

أعرب معالي رئيس مجلس الوزراء بالإنابة وزير الداخلية الشيخ محمد الخالد الصباح عن بالغ تقديره لرجال إدارة مباحث حولي والإدارة العامة للمباحث الجنائية لجهودهم وتفانيهم في أداء مهامهم الأمنية وتمكنهم من سرعة ملاحقة وضبط المتهمين في واقعة قتل احد المواطنين في مجمع المارينا كرسنت مساء أمس الخميس مؤكدا ان رجال الامن هم العيون الساهرة على امن وامان المواطنين

وكانت إدارة الإعلام الأمني بوزارة الداخلية قد أعلنت عن تمكن رجال امن إدارة مباحث حولي بالإدارة العامة للمباحث الجنائية عن ضبط الجناه في قضية قتل المواطن اثر المشاجرة التي وقعت – بينهم مساء أمس الخميس بمجمع المارينا كرسنت كما جرى احراز السكين المستخدمة في قتل المجني عليه

وذكرت إن المتهم الرئيسي يدعى سعد ثويني كاظم من غير محددي الجنسيــة قد اعترف بارتكابه الواقعـــة بمشــاركة كل من المتهم الثــــاني ويدعى عبدالله مبارك محسن من غير محددي الجنسية والمتهم الثالث ويدعى سعد علي فرج كويتي الجنسية حيث أدلوا جميعا باعترافاتهم كاملة في كيفية ارتكابهم هذه الجريمة البشعة وارشدوا عن مكان السكين المستخدمة في ارتكــاب الجريمـــة والتي تم التحفظ عليهــا وضمهــــا إلى ملف القضية رقم 398 / 2013 جنايات السالمية هذا فيما لا تزال التحقيقات جارية مع المتهمين لمعرفة المزيد عن وقائع الجريمة ومسبباتها – المصدر

Kuwait Oil Fires by National Geographic

National Geographic Kuwait Oil firesDamn Iraq.

This picture will be part of the Oct. special edition of National Geographic magazine, celebrating its 125th anniversary. Off topic, the inventor of phones Alexander Graham Bill was one of the iconic magazine’s founders.

Kenya shopping mall shooting video

Westgate shopping  mall Kenya 2


This is beyond scary. 68 people died so far while shopping at the upscale mall in Kenya.

عبدالرحمن السميط في ذمة الله

Abdulrahman Alsumait Kuwait

الدفان غداً الساعة ٨،٣٠ صباحاً في مقبرة الصليبيخات

فقدت الكويت أحد أعلام العمل الخيري وابنها البار الدكتور عبدالرحمن حمود السميط الذي وافاه الاجل اليوم بعد مسيرة عطاء طويلة تخطت حدود البلاد لتصل الى آفاق افريقيا حيث زرع بصمة طيبة تحكي قصة كفاح هذا الرجل في زرع البسمة على وجوه الملايين من المحتاجين والفقراء هناك.


ويعتبر الفقيد السميط شخصية كويتية رائدة في مجال العمل الخيري والاغاثي حيث أفنى عمره بهذا المجال في مختلف أنحاء العالم ولاسيما في القارة الافريقية وأصبح أحد أعلامه البارزين على مستوى العالمين العربي والاسلامي [الجريدة].

Official call for Jihad in Syria تجهيز غزاة للكفاح في سوريا

Kuwaiti Islamists call for fighters to Syria

This is beyond outrageous. Since when do we approve and seek the arming of citizens of other countries. Who’s to say your point of view is the best for theو? Who’s to say that the money sent will really be used to fight oppression and injustice and for defending the innocent? Don’t you think there are official, local and international, organizations more equipped to handle a dangerous assignment like this?

What worries me most is the possibility of innocent and naive Kuwaitis foolishly volunteering their own lives for a “Holy” campaign like this. Many immature Islamist extremist will let their emotions role high with such a holy call. How can they resist it, when they see a lot of the most popular Islamic leaders and politicians approve such a crazy campaign?

I’m not sure how this call for arms is not illegal in Kuwait. In fact I’m pretty sure it is illegal. I will leave you with a quote from my cousin, she summarized it in the most amazing way:

يبون يقصون على الشباب يودونهم يموتون هناك و هم الشيوخ دق عيوش بالكويت

Scariest safety video ever شي عبدالفتاح العلي ممكن يفكر فيه


A don’t drink and drive scary video. I imagine this could be something our new traffic director would like to do. Instill fear in people. Or scare them dead. Either way works fine.

Angelina Jolie on the cover of Time magazine

Angelina Jolie on cover of Tima Magazine

Time magazine chose Angelina Jolie to cover their latest issue. The actress shocked the world this week by announcing that she had a double mastectomy, to prevent any chance of her getting Breast Cancer in the future.

Angelina Jolie on cover of Alqabas Kuwait

Al-Qabas posted the same news on its first page yesterday. They were ridiculously chastised by some ignorant and dense people, who apparently were titillated by Angelina having her breasts cut out. This is a scary fatal medical procedure, and not some sensual sexual movie scene you sick fools.

It took tremendous courage from her to go with this completely preventative procedure. Her courage might encourage other women to do the same too.

One of the sexiest women on earth chose to remove her breasts, which present a big part of her sex appeal, just so she may prevent the threat of cancer in the future. That sure will encourage a lot more ordinary normal women to do the same. To lose some of their vanity, and do something to prevent fatal cancer.

And if Brad Pitt, whom is also one of the sexiest men alive, supported and encouraged his girlfriend to have it; then it might also encourage ordinary and regular men to support their spouses in this.

Time magazine called it the Angelina Effect, because the news was huge and it will have a tremendous effect on the way people view genetic testing in death prevention from now on.

Disgusting cat killer

Cat killer Kuwait

Mark from 248am posted about a cat killer, who has a youtube channel with a lot of videos of him shooting cats for dead with a BB gun.

This is sick and disgusting on so many levels, it’s the definition of animal cruelty. The guy is even smug about it, actually daring people to report him to youtube.

Here’s the link to a couple of his disgusting videos [vid1 and vid2]. They show him aim, shoot, and kill innocent and unsuspecting street cats. If you feel these videos are sickening and show animal cruelty, then please flag the videos for “violence and cruelty against animals”. You can also report the channel itself too.

I personally have a street cat at home who we rescued off the streets last year. We take great care of her, she entertains us, we love her, and we all were sad to tears last year when she got really sick and almost died. Her medical bills, operation, and hospital stay cost close to KD1,000. We stayed with her and visited her every day till we got her back home. Money and time meant nothing, if it got her the treatment and surgery she needed to save her life. Therefore, I personally don’t understand or accept when an idiot murders innocent animals, enjoying shooting them like he was playing a game or something.

street rescued kitte cat Kuwait 2  street rescued kitte cat Kuwait

Animals are great creatures. One is lucky if they got to have a pet at home, to shower them with love and loyalty. To see a sick person recreationally shooting and killing cats, just to pleasure his sick soul is beyond infuriating. This is the kind of alarming warning you get of someone who would end up a criminal and a a menace to society. Disgusting.

If you too feel disgusted, then please flag his videos. Let’s shut down his channel.

Click [here] to read Mark’s post, top pic credit goes to him too.