Moroccan tableware & furniture exhibition at Bait Sidra

مباخر موديلات جديدة و حلوة من عطورات العبدالمحسن

Jessica Simpsons Maternity Suite

Jessica Simpsons gave birth to a baby girl a couple of days ago. These are pictures of her $4,000 a night maternity suite at Cedars Sinai in LA. Apart from the suite being on the small side, it is at least lovelier looking than Beyonce’s bland maternity suite.

I still say, they both look so very normal compared to maternity suites in our Kuwaiti private hospitals. Our suites rock big time. Of course, our private hospitals (along with pretty much every business owner in Kuwait) suck us dry. We pay way too much, for a service and good that is way too inferior for the price. But enough about that.

But before I go, I’ll leave you with price and size of Jessica’s maternity suite, so you know I’m somewhat right about complaining. Nothing is as expensive as Kuwait:

[TMZ] We’re told Cedars-Sinai offers several VIP suites for pocket heavy new moms, but it’s NOT the $500k mentioned in some reports.

The BEST suite you can snag — a 3-bdrm, 2-bath private pad within the hospital — will run $3,784 a day … more than what Beyonce spent– $3,200 a night —  on her luxury, 4 bedroom birthing suite.

Luxurious Apartment Building From Missoni

Luxury brand Missoni are designing a very elegant apartment building in the Philippines. It will be the brand’s first residentaila project ever. The complete interior design of the building’s public and social areas (sans the apartments) will be fully designed by Missoni, everything will feature the style of the luxury brand.

The luxury building will cost $315 million and is expected to be done by 2015. Prices start at $85,000 for a one-bedroom apartment, which is damn cheap (though you’ll still have to furnish it yourself).

The public areas look amazing in these pictures, especially the “Canapé” socializing area, the pool, and the outdoor lobby.

The developers want to mimic the real and  natural feel of a tropical paradise, and will have streaming\falling waterways from the top of the buildings all the way down to three giant waterfalls. Plus, every building will have huge sky gardens that will add to that magical Garden of Eden feel.



You can now download IKEA’s catalogue online

Click here to download IKEA’s 2011 catelgoue, you also get to pick between the Arabic or English versions.

مجمع ٣٦٠ يتنازل عن المراهق اللي كسر الثريا الغالية

قبل يوم أو يومين، قام أحد المراهقين بكسر الثريا الفخمة الكبيرة و الخاصة بمجمع ٣٦٠ مول، و ذلك بحذف حذائه الكروكس عليها. أمن المجمع قام بالقاء القبض على المراهق و تم اتهامه  رسميا من قبل السلطات بتهمة الاتلاف. و لكن ادارة المجمع تفكر بسحب التهمة و اسقاطها. شنو رايكم انتوا؟ هل انتم مع ادارة المجمع بالتنازل و مسامحة المراهق؟ و الا تبون تشوفونه يتعاقب على هذا العمل الشنيع؟

الحدث اللي صار وايد كبير و يدل دلالة كبيرة على مستوى التربية الشبه منعدم بأطفال و مراهقي الجيل الحالي. حدث بهذه الضخامة يحتاج عقوبة موازية، و مو شرط حكم سجن، و لكن هذا المراهق يحتاج عقاب شديد على هذه الفعلة. و للعلم، اللي سمعته من اشاعات تقول انه المراهق ماكان قصده كسر الثريا، و لكن كان يتهاوش ويا صاحبه و كان يبي يحذفه بالجوتي و طار بالغلط على الثريا. عذره أقبح من ذنبه للأسف، و الا في واحد يتهاوش برمضان، مع صاحبه، في مجمع عائلي، و يضطر للجوء للعنف جدام العوايل و اليهال؟ هالمرة كان جوتي و الضحية هي الثريا، المرات الياية بتكون سكاكين و عصي و الضحايا احنا و عيالنا

Spanish Smurfs Town مدينة السنافر الأسبانية

قررت القرية الأسبانية جزغار اللي يم ملقا  انها تلون مبانيها بلون السنافر الأزرق، و تحط تماثيل و ألعاب السنافر بالقرية كلها، عشان تحتضن الافتتاح الرسمي لفيلم السنافر الجديد

المصدر… تقدرون تشوفون دعاية الفيلم هني

This small Spanish Village, Juzgar, near Malaga, decided to paint the town baby blue, scatter small smurfy statues and dolls all around town; in order to host the world premier of the new Sumrfs movie. You cam watch the Smurfs trailer here.

New Online Modern Furniture Store

Boxed is a new online furniture store. Their story is:

Boxed is an online store showcasing a great collection of modern furniture and accessories created by independent designers. We connect you with the designers and offer you the chance to customise all your orders and receive them in 3-weeks!

We are not fond of mass productions; instead carry a one of a kind modern collection that no other store has. Every item is selected carefully and quality factors come at our top priorities.

Not only that, but we also love to give back; we promote emerging designers and artisans in developing countries and offer them a free retail space to sell their merchandise. Please continue to support our talents and help spread the word!

The Idea:

Back in 2008, while I was working as a Wedding Planner at a renowned Events Company in Dubai, UAE, I was always on the hunt to find a one stop shop for modern and custom-made products. Unfortunately that wish never came true even in the glamorous city of Dubai.

When I moved to live in Bahrain, and being away from the ever busy city of Dubai, I had the time to come up with this exciting store concept and help join many designers under one roof. And as I kept going I sensed the enthusiasm of the designers and the need for such a platform.

‘Boxed’ now is on a mission to support independent designers from around the globe, and offer a hand to all artisans working in developing countries to help sustain their livelihoods and increase their earnings!

We love what we started and hope to grow gradually in this field.

Boxed is located in Bahrain and do deliver to Kuwait and other countries, check out their site here.

Ed Hardy’s House Pics

What comes to mind when you think of Ed Hardy? Tattoos? Tigers? Tacky?

The man behind the brand, french designer Christian Audigier, has listed his Los Angeles mansion for sale. The asking price? A cool $8.625 million (the home was bought for $4.78 million in January 2007). The seven bedroom, seven bath home is 8,276 square feet, so it’s going about $1,000 per square foot. There’s even a buyer’s incentive—Audigier is throwing in a Rolls Royce Phantom 5 along with the sale of the home. The car alone is worth more than a hundred grand—enough to buy a house in many other cities.


Cute Baby Posters, Kuwaiti Style

Oleana Boutique are selling these cute baby Kuwaiti posters for your kids’ rooms. Check what’s written on them, how adorbs is that?

The posters come in different styles and colors; like 5aroof emsalsal, 6eg ya mo6ar 6eg, and yam a7mad. The posters are A2 in size.