Luxurious Apartment Building From Missoni

Luxury brand Missoni are designing a very elegant apartment building in the Philippines. It will be the brand’s first residentaila project ever. The complete interior design of the building’s public and social areas (sans the apartments) will be fully designed by Missoni, everything will feature the style of the luxury brand.

The luxury building will cost $315 million and is expected to be done by 2015. Prices start at $85,000 for a one-bedroom apartment, which is damn cheap (though you’ll still have to furnish it yourself).

The public areas look amazing in these pictures, especially the “Canapé” socializing area, the pool, and the outdoor lobby.

The developers want to mimic the real and  natural feel of a tropical paradise, and will have streaming\falling waterways from the top of the buildings all the way down to three giant waterfalls. Plus, every building will have huge sky gardens that will add to that magical Garden of Eden feel.



A7lam’s $1.3 Million Dollar Dress in Arab Idol Finale فستان المليون دولار لأحلام في نهائي آراب ايدول


غطت الضجة الاعلامية التي سبّبها فستان الفنانة احلام في الحلقة الاخيرة من برنامج “آرب أيدل” على أخبار الرابحة في البرنامج كارمن سليمان، لأن الفستان كان مزيناً بحبوب الألماس وتخطى سعره أكثر من مليون و 300 ألف دولار.

بعد أن تم التداول على شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي “فايس بوك” و “تويتر” أن فستان احلام تضمن بعض حبوب الألماس والاحجار النادرة، كشف المصمم طوني يعقوب الذي أشرف على إطلالة الفنانة في حلقات البرنامج كله، أن ثمن الفستان قد تخطى المليون و 300 ألف دولار، وذلك لإحتوائه على باقة كبيرة من حبوب الالماس التي زينت كتفي الفستان والاكمام.

كيف نفذ الفستان؟
يشرح يعقوب لـ “” أنا زهرة” القصة الكاملة لفستان احلام، ويقول :”تملك الفنانة طقماً من الالماس الذي ارتدته في الحلقة الاخيرة والذي يبلغ ثمنه أكثر من 6 ملايين درهم اماراتي، وأحبت أن أصمم فستاناً من اللون ذاته، وبالفعل هذا ما حدث، فقد صممت الفستان من أقمشة “جاكوب شلفرت” وهي اقمشة سويسرية تتطرز على الليزر، وعمدت أحلام الى جلب الالماس وقمت بشكّها في الفستان بطريقة دقيقة”

يلفت يعقوب ان الفستان إحتوى أكثر من 40 قراطاً من الالماس الخالص والنقي، وبعض الالماس الباهظ الثمن والنادر وهو يعرف بإسم “غراف” وكانت أشكال حبوب الالماس تشبه العقد والاقراط التي تزينت بها الفنانة، فبدا الفستان برّاقاً لدرجة مخيفة. وقد بلغ ثمن الفستان من دون الماس نحو 35 ألف دولار


Karl Lagerfeld Goes Grocery Shopping

Here’s a picture of legendary eccentric weird fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, grocery shopping like any normal man. According to him, he hasn’t stepped into a supermarket in 20 years, and that there’s stuff there to make anyone gain 20 kilos!

Elle is doing a spread on Lagerfeld this Friday:

The Kaiser will appear in French Elle, which drops this Friday, in a variety of very pedestrian situations–like buying laundry stain removers, sitting behind the wheel of a car in a traffic jam, and reading a sports newspaper. WWD reports that it’s an 8-page spread, so we can’t wait to see the others. Karl at an ATM? Karl standing in line at the post office? It’s too good.

Fashion Outlet Sale for Women & Children


خصومات هائلة  على ملابس ماركات أوروبية و أمريكية  للسيدات والأطفال
ابتداء من يوم الأحد لغاية الخميس من الساعة ٤ إلى الساعة ٩ مساء
العنوان : منصورية  ، قطعة ٢ ٬  شارع ٢٤،  منزل ٣.
حضوركم يشرفنا
Outlet sale for women and children. Casual and evening wear, brands
from Europe and America.
Date: Sunday 18th March – 22nd March.
From 4pm to 9 pm.
Address: Mansoriya, block 2, street 24, house 3

OK This is Cool: Marc Jacobs Brings a Train to Louis Vuitton Fashion Show



I know I made fun of what Marc Jacobs’ was wearing for his LV-MJ: The Exhibition.

But I take all that back now. He brought a real golden bronzed up locomotive train for the Louis Vuitton show at the Paris Fashion week.

How cool is that?

Marc Jacobs Pretty Little Pink Dress


I love Marc Jacobs, but this dress is just silly. I first thought it might’ve been a costum party, but no, these pics were taken as he was leaving the Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs: The Exhibition show in Paris.

Reminder: Marni at H&M in Kuwait Today


Just a reminder, Marni at H&M will be in all H&M stores in Kuwait this morning.

Marni at H&M In Kuwait This Thursday

Marni at H&M for be released in Kuwait this Thursday, starting from 8 am, at H&M stores Avenues, Marina Mall, and Salmiya.

Kate Middleton Wears an Older Season Missoni



What do you know. Kate Middleton is really for the clothes, not for when they were designed or made.

She’s seen here in an M Missoni coat, way back from the AW2010 collection. And to complete her savings, she even bought it from the outlet discount village in England.

Way to go Middleton, that’s proper British frugality to you. A lesson, a lot of us could learn to appreciate and\or at least respect.

J-Lo Dressed by Zuhair Murad for the Oscars

Way to go to Lebanese fashion designers.

This year it was Zuhair Murad who dressed Jennifer Lopez for both her Oscars presentation and the Vanity Fair Oscars after party. Last year, it was Eli Saab at the Oscars, with Milla Kunis.