Johnny Rockets home delivery service

Johnny Rockets New Wagyu Burger Menu 7

Just an update on Johnny Rockets home delivery service [old post]. Their delivery phone number is now 1-844-144. Not a totally new number, has been around so for a while now (in addition to their Salmiya branch # of 25754040, which is physically open 24/7).

You might not know this, but they offer a 24/7 home delivery service direct from them (in addition to their 6alabat delivery). Orders start from just Kd 2.5, with a half kd delivery charge. And it’s avaialable 24/7 every single day day of the year (Ramadan excluded).

Their new delivery # is 1-844-144.

Bon appetit.

Steak Celebration festival at Applebee’s

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If you’re a steak lover, then you might be interested in Applebee’s new Steak Celebration.

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Review of Mo2armisha Shawarma shop شاورما مقرمشة

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Mo2armisha shawarma shop is an exclusive shawarma and sandwich, located both in Al-She3eb and in Mahboula. The shop is famous for their shawarmas, but they also offer several other kinds of sandwiches like Hallum and Moshakal. Plus, they sell several side orders like fried shrimp and jalapeno poppers.

  • Their best shawarma is the Bu-Waleed. It’s a meat one that’s mixed in a minty sauce, with fresh tomatoes and onions. You must try this one (it’s the 1st shawarma pic on the left, oozing mint sauce).
  • Another best seller is the Uncle Sam. Again, this is also a meat shawrama, but is mixed with a different sauce. This is also a great shawarma sandwich, because it’s so rich in savory aioli sauce (but the Bu-Waleed still tops it). I don’t have a picture of this one because it’s mostly sold out by the time I’m ordering, that’s how best selling this sandwich is.
  • As for chicken, their best selling chicken shawarma is the potato king, which is mixed with fries and garlic sauce (pictured here with white garlic sauce). I didn’t like this one very much, I much rather have several Bu-Waleeds instead.
  • This brings us to the sandwich size, which isn’t big or large. You’ll need to eat between 2-4 to fill up. To give you a sense of size, each sandwich is made with thin arabic pita bread (double not single sided).

Our bill was KD 3.900, and that was for 5 shawarmas and 4 chili chutneys. Their prices are a little more expensive than other places (like jam3iya and small joints), but that’s OK. The sandwiches are filled to the rim with meat, the sauces are unique, and the place is owned by The Sultan Center. All are good reasons to be more expensive.

They open from 1 p.m., but the Shawarmas are not usually ready till 1.30- 2, so you better call ahead to make sure. Also, if you’re going after 9 pm or on weekends, it’s also good to call to make sure they have shawarmas.

They have two branches: She3eb (Darwish Al-Aradi street, just behind Flex Executive Gym) and Mahboula. Their phone numbers are 2261-5234 and 2371-2580.

Johnny Rockets’ chicken sandwich



I’ve never had the Crispy Chicken sandwich at Johnny Rockets before. We always go for burgers or breakfast items, but never a chicken sandwich. They have two kinds of chicken sandwiches, grilled or crispy.

I had my chicken crispy, plain with only cheese and lettuce. It comes in a light burger bun, not bread or toast. Taste wise, it was very good. The chicken tastes like their tenders, with probably the same spices. So if you like their tenders, you’ll love this sandwich.

It’s a nice change if you want something other than burgers at Johnny Rockets.

Buffalo’s Iftar Ramadan offer عرض بافلوز للفطور


Free soup and dessert with your iftar meal from Buffalo’s.

Villa Fairouz & Mijana Ramadan Iftar Buffet

Villa Fairouz group serves some of the best Lebanese food in Kuwait, through their numerous branches. For Ramadan, they’re serving Iftar Buffets in four of their restaurants:

  • Villa Fairouz She3eb for KD 10.5.
  • Lebanese in She3eb for KD 8.
  • Mijana in Al-Koot Mall Fahaheel for KD 8.
  • Saba w Mesa in 360° Mall for KD 6.5.

Easily Make Your Own BigMac at Home



Yesterday, Stuffwecomeupwit blog tweeted this vid. I didn’t get a chance to watch it till tonight, and it was great in two ways:

  • It shows you exactly how to make that special BigMac sauce; with store bought ingredients like Mayo, sweet pickles, mustard, and onion\garlic\paprika powders.
  • AND it also shows you how to make and grill the patty, and how to assemble the onion\lettuce\cheese just like a real BigMac.

I personally don’t like the BigMac, but I know that some of my readers are huge fans of it. And I’m sure they’ll be very pleased with this video.

Johnny Rockets’ 24-Hour Delivery خدمة توصيل ٢٤ ساعة من جوني روكيتس

Ok, I knew Johnny Rockets Salmiya branch was open all day and night, but I never knew they also delivered 24\7. That’s some amazing news. And the best part is? They deliver starting from KD 3, which means that you can order yourself a single late night meal, and get it delivered to your doorstep at any time, day or night.

I wish I knew about this yesterday. I went to McDonald’s at maybe 2.30-3 am, and I hate McDo’s food. But I just didn’t have the energy to drive all the way to Salmiya to get me some Johnny Rockets.

Me, my friends, and family are all huge JR fans. We probably will be using their 24\7 delivery service a lot. Thank you Johnny Rockets for making our lives easier.

Here’s their Salmiya\Fanar branch tel. #25754040. I don’t know if they have a separate delivery\orders number, but this is the number I’m using.

New Football Party Box from Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut just introduced a new combo box called Football Party Box. It has everything in it: pizza\starter\dessert\drink, and just in time for Euro 2012.

The party box comes with three medium pizzas of your choice, garlic bread, potato wedges, and a family sized soft drinks bottle; all for under KD 7, which in my opinion is pretty damn attractive. You can add a dozen of their new KitKat bites for just 400 fils, or two dozens for 750 fils.

Everything comes neatly packed in one single box, which also preserves the heat of the food. When I got the pizza boxes out, they were still stamped with that “Hot” magic sticker.

Our thanks goes to Mrs. Bibi from Al-Koot Food group for sending us the Football Party Box. You can follow them on Facebook to get all their latest promos and news.



Hidden Gem: Best Thai Restaurant in Kuwait


Pataya Beach restaurant in Al-Dawliya Souq is one of hidden gems. It’s by far one of the best Thai places in Kuwait. And if you don’t mind the poor layout and bare decor, then you’re in for a real treat. However, I would personally recommend calling in and sending your driver to pick up the food, rather than eating there. Remember to ask for the chili vinegar, it’ll spice up your order.

They’re located on the mizanain floor, and open all day till 9 pm, Tel.: 22408052.