Individual instant Turkish coffee packs باكيتات قهوة تركية جاهزة للسفر أو الطلعات

Instant Turkish coffee packets Kuwait

I found these at Sultan Center and they’re available in sugar-free, medium sweet, and extra sweet. These individual single-cup packs are instant, all you need is to add boiling water and stir. They are amazing for travel, chale, or desert outings.

I don’t know if they taste good, I haven’t tried them. And since I don’t drink Turkish coffee, I decided to get a few packs each for my mom who is a Turkish coffee addict. I’ll update the post after I get her opinion about it.

The packs cost 150 fils each.

Quick Vimto pome yogurt dessert روب فيمتو بالرمان

Vimto yogurt pomo snack

A healthy frozen yogurt kind of dessert. The recipe looks super easy, and I love the use of Vimto for flavor and sweetener. I might blend some vanilla icecream along with the yogurt, to make it sweeter.

Ingredients: 1/2 poemgranate, 2 cups yogurt, 1 cup vimto.

Directions: layer the pome, yogurt, and vimto; and repeat the steps to get multiple layers.

[Taken from Vimto’s website].

Terrific Rauch commercial دعاية عجيبة لعصير راوخ

Rauch juice Kuwait commercial 3

Rauch juice Kuwait commercial 1 Rauch juice Kuwait commercial 2



This commercial is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It’s funny, sad, hilarious, cute, funky, light, and adorable all bundled together in a great way. A very well done commercial. Bravo Rauch Kuwait.

McDonald’s new Soda Float

McDonald's Soda Float Kuwait

Available for a limited time only and comes in three flavors: Cola, orange, and lemon soda.

Price is 500 fils each.

We’re different الفرق بيننا و بينهم

Beer buckled in seatbelt  Watermellon buckled in seabelt

Pic on the left is how they do it. Pic on the right is how we do it. Both ways are awesome and great, everything is safe and secure.

Pic credit: watermelon pic from Mishari Buyabis’ instagram [link].

Beyonce previews new single with new Pepsi commercial


Dukkan the new Kuwaiti Baqala

Dukkan new Kuwaiti baqala

Dukkan is the new kind of Kuwaiti baqala. They have seven branches so far, and an one more on the way. They’re located in Hawalli, Bnaid Al-Gar, Salmiya, Mahboula, and Sharq. Check them out, click [here] for a location map of their branches.

My horrible experience at In-N-Out





I’m in California right now, which means that I have to eat at In-N-Out. You can’t skip on their burgers if you’re down here. However, our experience today was lack luster and shocking.

The burgers and fries were horrible and almost disgusting. It’s easy to say that something was extremely wrong, because the food we had would make you run the other way and turn you into a vegetarian. The burger was awful, salty and oily with a hard crusted bun. The fries were carton like, both looks wise and taste wise. The only plus in this whole mess was the semi delicious chocolate milkshake, which strongly reminded me of McDonald’s old shakes.

All in all, it was a shockingly horrible experience. I’m just glad the place was cheap, and lunch didn’t cost me much ($18 for 2 burgers, fries snf soft drinks; and 1 milkshake).

New restaurants at the Duty Free Zone in Kuwait Airport







I haven’t traveled anywhere this year, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a few new restaurants open up at Kuwait Airport. They’re all located inside the duty free zone, after you finish with passport checking. Starbucks, PotBelly, PinkBerry (duh), and Tick-It are among the newly opened places.

Low cal drink recipes from Diet Care

I got a bag today, filled with the recipes and ingredients I need to make two delicious low calorie wintery drinks, courtesy of the Diet Care.

One of the recipes is for Hot Chocolate and the other is for a special apple juice (made with cinnamon sticks and cloves). Both are less than 100 calories per cup, and made with simple and easy to find ingredients.