Emirates and Kuwait الإمارات تحتفل مع الكويت بأغاني و ككاو و إعلانات


إغنية وطنية جديدة إهداء من شعب الإمارات الى شعب الكويت


Emirates celebrates Kuwait national day

إعلانات صفحة أخيرة كاملة في جرايدنا اليومية


Dubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolate Dubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolate 2

إستقبال المسافرين الكويتيين بعلب ككاو على علم الكويت لدى وصولهم لمطار دبي


Beautiful gesture by Dubai Airport مطار دبي يستقبل الكويتيين بالككاو

Dubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolateDubai airport welcomes Kuwaitis with chocolate 2

Fly Dubai moves to Sh. Sa’ad Terminal فلاي دبي تطير من مطار الشيخ سعد

Fly Dubai flies from Sh. Sa'ad Terminal

Sh. Sa’ad private terminal used to be Wataniya Airway’s hub. It’s been out of use for the past couple of years, ever since the airline declared bankruptcy. Now starting from Sep. 15, Fly Dubai will use it for her flights to\from Dubai.

مواعيد عرض مسلسلات رمضان على كافة القنوات

Showtimes of Ramadan mosalsalat Kuwait Saudi Emirates Arabia 2013

Showtimes of Ramadan mosalsalat Kuwait Saudi Emirates Arabia 2013 2

Showtimes of Ramadan mosalsalat Kuwait Saudi Emirates Arabia 2013 3

VIP pizza delivery fridge magnet

Red Tomato pizza Dubai fridge magnet 2  Red Tomato pizza Dubai fridge magnet


A pizza place in Dubai took pizza delivery to a whole new level. You can order your favorite pizza by pressing a button on a fridge magnet.

The technology is run through bluetooth, and will order your pre-set favorite pizza for you, but it’s still a very cool gadget.

The weather in Dubai


As much as it is winter in Kuwait, it is so summery in Dubai. The weather here is hot and humid, and I now regret not bringing our bathing suits with us. Keep the weather in mind when packing for Dubai. T-shirts and summer dresses, nothing heavier.

Our stay at Fairmont The Palm Jumeirah

Fairmont The Palm Jumeirah








I’m in Dubai for a couple of nights, I decided to stay in the newly opened Fairmont resort in Palm Jumeirah. The hotel is brand new, like it just opened 2 nights ago. The “Fairmont The Palm” is owned by the Kuwaiti group IFA, and it is a grand and magnificent resort. They did very good with it. However, it’s still not all complete. Only the 1st and 2nd floors are ready so far, with the 3rd and 4th opening very soon. The rest is still under final finishing.

So far, there are 4 restaurants: seafood, Brazilian, Intetnational, and the lobby; all fully licensed. The lobby and one of the restaurants have huge outdoor seating, surrounded by beautiful Islamic light lanterns and lush green scenery.

My room has a balcony, facing the sea and Jumeirah’s Za3beel Resort. The view from it is breathtaking, day or night. I’ve only got a table and a couple of chairs in it, but it would fit a few sun decks if I wanted. In fact, the suites and some of the other rooms do have chaise lounges in their balconies.

I posted a few pictures today, till I get a chance to post something proper.

Quick trip to Dubai

Fairmont hotel Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Fairmont Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Alsoor travel agency Kuwait

NBK Travel insurane

I’m leaving to Dubai for some urgent business, it was something that came up at the last minute. I usually book my flights and hotels online, but I didn’t have time today to sit still and work on a laptop.

Since I was already in Salhiya complex, I decided to use a nearby travel agents, which also happens to be one of my old favorite travel agents: Al-Soor Travels. I went in their office, told them the details, and was out with Emirates tickets and hotel booking in hand less than 10 minutes later.

This time, I’m going to stay at the Fairmont, Palm Jumeirah. I haven’t been there before, and the only other time I Stayed at the Palm was at Atlantis. But since I couldn’t find any booking with the Jumeirah group, my favorites, I thought the Fairmont would be a good alternative.

Al-Soor Travels are perfectly located in Kuwait City, close to Salhiya complex and Opera. They’re adjacent to Salhiya cemetery, and you enter their entrance from Al-Soor street, at the corner of NBK’s branch there.

Note: I bought my tickets using my NBK World Master card. If you didn’t know this already, NBK offers you free travel insurance (including baggage delay and lose) if you buy the tickets using their credit cards. It’s an awesome service, and they do it in collaboration with Al-Ahlia insurance.

Cars race at 300 km per hour in Dubai using jet fuel


The authorities in Dubai caught two cars racing on Dubai roads, doing 300 kilometres per hour. Both cars were modified to be able to run on jet fuel, so that they can reach those high scary speeds.

Both cars were Nissan Patrols.

Saudi Jidawwi resturant in Dubai مطعم مطبق و معصوب السعودي في دبي


I just read that there’s a Saudi Jiddawi restaurant in Dubai, owned and run by Saudi ladies. The place serves authentic Jidawwi dishes like Mu6abbag, Kabsa, and other things. I’m not sure if their Mu6abbag is the same as our Kuwait one. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s something entirely different. But it’s got to be an important dish, because they have more than a dozen varieties of it.


The Restaurant is called Mutabbag O Masoub, and is located on Jumeirah Rd. in Um Suqqaim. Their phone number is 04 3282444, and their exact location is beside London Hospital and behind the Iranian restaurant.

[Pic credit: their FB page].