Saudi Jidawwi resturant in Dubai مطعم مطبق و معصوب السعودي في دبي


I just read that there’s a Saudi Jiddawi restaurant in Dubai, owned and run by Saudi ladies. The place serves authentic Jidawwi dishes like Mu6abbag, Kabsa, and other things. I’m not sure if their Mu6abbag is the same as our Kuwait one. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s something entirely different. But it’s got to be an important dish, because they have more than a dozen varieties of it.


The Restaurant is called Mutabbag O Masoub, and is located on Jumeirah Rd. in Um Suqqaim. Their phone number is 04 3282444, and their exact location is beside London Hospital and behind the Iranian restaurant.

[Pic credit: their FB page].

Madinat Jumeirah’s expansion pictures صور توسعة مدينة جميرا

Madinat Jumeirah Dubai is expanding. The resort city best known for Al-Qasr and Dar Al-Masyaf hotels is expanding through its phase 4 plans.

Phase 4’s cost is around Dh. 2.5 billion and should complete before the end of 2015. The expansion will add the following:

  • Luxurious 5 star 420 room hotel.
  • A complex of villas, run by Jumeirah Living.
  • Retail stores.
  • A pedestrian area.

Madinate Jumeirah is a very beautiful and luxurious resort. All of its three hotels are top class and unique, its water canals and traditional dhows add a beautiful air of tradition and culture, its 6-senses spa is one of the best in the world, and its restaurants and bars are popular and always crowded.

Madinate Jumeirah truly is an impressive and relaxing resort that guarantees you a perfect vacation without ever having to leave its gates. The new expansion is sure to continue this tradition of top luxury and world best facilities.

[Pics source].

Concert News: Justin Bieber in Dubai next May


Click [here] for tickets and other information.

No more Jumeirah Sceirah at Wild Wadi?


When did this happen? I never liked the Jumeirah Scairah much, and took a few embarrassing years to finally ride it, but I’m still sad to see it go.

It was such an amazing and exhilarating ride, that holds some dear precious memories. It’s such an important part of Wild Wadi, that I don’t think the park could be the same without it.

Does anyone know what they replaced it with? I assume with something even scarier.

Nutella Choco Injections إبر ككاو النوتيلا

Dubai Municipality has officially warned Emiratis about Nutella Chocolate injections. The injections are bogus, aren’t really made by Nutella, and real sterile medical injections are used in them. It sited health and hygiene reasons behind the warning, and is currently looking for the suppliers and sellers of these dangerous choco needles.

أصدرت السلطات الحكومية في دبي، بدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، تحذيراً رسمياً للمستهلكين، بعدم شراء الشوكولاتة المعبأة في سرنجات «حقن طبية»، بعد تداول صور لأنواع من الشوكولاتة على شكل حقن بين سكان الإمارة، عبر «البلاك بيري» والهواتف الذكية، ومواقع التواصل الاجتماعي. وقال رئيس شعبة الرقابة الغذائية في بلدية دبي: إن البلدية تعمل بالتعاون مع وزارتي الصحة والبيئة، لاتحاذ الإجراءات اللازمة بهذا الشأن.

وتُظهر الصور، التي تم تداولها على نطاق واسع، مجموعة من الحقن مملوءة بمسحوق شوكولاتة، وعليها العلامة التجارية الخاصة بماركة «نوتيلا».

فيما أصدر مكتب الشركة المنتجة في الشرق الأوسط، بياناً صحافياً نفى فيه علاقتهم بهذا المنتج.

وكانت تقارير إعلامية محلية قد نشرت منذ عام تقريباً، بعض الصور التي تتعلق بإعلان مشابه، تم نشره عبر موقع محلي للتسوق عبر الإنترنت.

إلا أن ما فجر الموضوع من جديد، هو الإعلان الذي نشر في أحد مواقع التسوق الإماراتية، في منتصف يونيو الجاري، يدعو فيه المستهلكين لشراء «جرعات» شوكولاتة مقابل 10 دراهم. وفق CNN العربية.

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Concert News: Pitbull in Dubai this Weekend

Pitbull is performing in Dubai this Friday June 29th. at the Dubai World Center on Sh. Zayed Rd. 

Tickets are priced from Dh 300-600, click [here] for more info. and how to get tickets.

Concert News: JLo in Dubai This November

The concert is on November 22nd. Click [here] for more info and on how to get tickets.

FYI, Zuhair Murad will be dressing JLo on this tour.

A Great Two Night Offer for a Quick Dubai Vacation

KD 95 p.p (including tax and charges) for 2 nights at Al-Maydan hotel in Dubai, plus a return flight ticket on Fly Dubai.

Offer valid till Aug 15th.

Pics from Red Lobster Dubai

Here are a few pictures of dishes from Red Lobster , Dubai. The total bill came to Dh 231, split into Dh 44 in beverages and Dh 187 in food. I thought I’d post the pics, so we may compared the dishes (and prices) for when Red Lobster finally opens in Kuwait.

Thanks Moe for the Pics.

10 Years of Dubai Growth in 45 Seconds, by NASA