Britain cancels Visa for Kuwaitis? بريطانيا تلغي الفيزا للكويتيين؟

Rumor Britain cancels visa for Kuwait

Take this exciting news with a huge grain of salt, Al-Siyasa is not a solid reliable newspaper.  It would be nice though to finally be rid of the long and expensive procedure Kuwaitis take to get the Visa.

Huge 100 car accident

Kent fog car pileup  6  Kent fog car pileup  5

Kent fog car pileup  3  Kent fog car pileup  2

Extreme and dense cloud-like fog caused a huge 100-car pileup in Kent, England this morning. 200 people were injured, 8 critical, but no fatalities. The crash looks scary, lots of cars got mangled up bad. I would say they’re very lucky that no one’s dead. Click [here] for more pics.



Five Guys now open in London too

Five Guys now open in LondonFive Guys London now open

It looks like Shake Shack wasn’t the only American burger joint to open in London this week.

Five Guys just opened its first ever UK store on America’s Independence Day, Thursday the 4th of July. And just like Shake Shack, Five Guys opened in Covent Garden, specifically on Long Acre, halfway between Leicester Sq. and the historic Covent Garden Piazza.

Five Guys opened this last Thursday, a day before Shake Shack did. Great timing.

Pic credit: taken from FG’s FB and official UK website.

Shake Shack now open in London

Shake Shack opens in London Covent Garden 2Shake Shack opens in London Covent Garden

One of my friends, who’s in London right now, informed me that Shake Shack just opened in London’s Covent Garden. It opened yesterday morning in  Covent Garden’s historic Piazza. People were lining up for more than an hour to place an order. I love Shake Shack, and I hated that they didn’t have branches in London or the west coast. Now at least  London is covered.

Though if I was on London, I would most probably be having burgers at Byron (mainly because we’re saturated with Shake Shacks in Kuwait, don’t crave it much when I’m traveling). Byron is a local English chain that opened in 2007, and serves some amazing burgers and fries. They have plenty of branches around central London including soho, Haymarket, and Covent Garden.

I’ve written about Byron before (and posted delicious pictures), you can check it out [here].

[1st pic credit].

The Royal Photobomb

Queen Elizabeth photobombs BBC

Queen Elizabeth toured the BBC the other day, and walked into the middle of the news segment. This is the best pic I could find of her royal photobomb [link]. Gotta love QEII, she’s so funny.

Selfridges London robbed

Robbery at Selfridges London 3

Robbery at Selfridges London 1

Robbery at Selfridges London 3

Selfridges was robbed last night by two men, just before the store’s closing time. They were both caught by the public a few minutes after the raid. The men used axes to break the jewelry boxes, wore a burka and a helmet as disguise, and used a motorbike to run away. They were caught when the bike slid, causing the robbers to fall down [link].

Soccer Shocker: Sir Alex retires from Man United

Sir alex Ferguson retires from Manchester United

The news has been all over the internet today. The legendary football couch Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring from Manchester United, after a long and successful 26 years with them.

Manchester United are asking fans of Sir Alex to tweet on #ThankYouSirAlex or post a message on their Facebook page.

One of my videos will be shown on UK’s Channel 4!!



A UK company doing a movie for England’s Channel 4 wants to use this video of mine in their movie. That’s like insanely awesome!! Wickedly awesome!!

The movie’s about the UK if a power outage ever occurs on a grand scale there. Kinda like the tv show “Revolution” I guess. Whatever the story is, I am super duper giddy about it. I haven’t been excited about my blog in so long, so this truly is like the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

Mozart Bonbon Balls 7  Mozart Bonbon Balls 6

This isn’t the first time one of my stuff is shown internationally. These two pics grace the cd album art of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, for one of their Mozart performances.

I’m just lovin’ this!

The Man City Harlem Shake



Here’s Man City FC doing the annoying Harlem Shake. Though I got to admit, theirs was cute.

Beyonce’s wow wow wow world tour commercial

Beyonce Mrs Carter world tour 2013



Beyonce is on fire. She stuns us again and channels her french Louis XVI in this amazing and grandeur  commercial for her concerts in the O2 arenas in London and Dublin, coming next April & May.

She gave us an electrifying show at the SuperBowl yesterday, and still manages to do it again with this WOW commercial. The ad is B.B.Beautiful.