Sesame Street Live and Elmo in Kuwait this weekend

Sesame Street and Elmo Kuwait

You’ll love this if you have kids.  Sesame Street Live and Elmo in Kuwait for 3 days this weekend at the Ice Skating Rink. Call now for tickets. You can also book online via this [link].

Ohio State University’s amazing marching band



Ohio State University’s marching band recreated Hollywood blockbusters for its halftime show. Movies included Superman, Jurassic park, and Pirates of the Caribbean (with fireworks!).

Best performance of Arab Got Talent



I missed the 1st episode of the new season, but this has got to be the best performance of the night.  A lot of people praised the Kuwaiti dance group “Back Stage Group”, but IMO this one legged dancer is a lot better than them.



Arab Got Talent is back دعاية آراب غوت تالنت

Season 3 of Arab Got Talent



Season 3 of Arab Got Talent starts this Saturday.

Ahlam’s KFC craving on Arab Idol فصلة أحلام على كنتاكي في آراب آيدول

Ahlam Kentucky KFC Arab Idol



Ahlam got crazy over KFC on Arab Idol last night. I don’t know what was going on in her head at the time, but that KFC rant was bizarre. Almost as bizarre as watching Mohammad Moneer sing last night. He looked drugged out of his head. And Ahlam looked lunatic shouting for some KFC.

Concert News: Rihanna in Abu Dhabi in October

Rihanna concert in Abu Dhabi October 2013

Rihanna will perform a concert in Abu Dhabi on October 19th of this year, as part of her Diamonds world tour. Tickets are from Dh. 250 to 1,300.

Get your tickets early if you plan to attend, big international performers like Rihanna tend to sell out quickly. Click [here] for tickets and details.

Cirque de Glace in Kuwait this weekend

Cirque de Glace Kuwait

Cirque de Glace is coming to Kuwait from Feb. 6-9, with two shows a day. Tickets are KD 5, 7, 10, 15, and 25.


If the creation of the world was shaped
by fire and ice, then so it will be with
Cirque de Glace, an ice show
beyond imagination.

Cirque de Glace brings to life the story of the creation of our planet, man’s evolution and
a journey to the limits of technology
as a stunning ice spectacular.

Combining dazzling ice dance from the internationally renowned Russian Ice Starswith the world of cirque, made famous by Cirque du Soleil. Evolution promises a thrilling, breathtaking experience filled with music, colour, incredible costumes and
jaw-dropping acrobatics to give you an
evening of pure entertainment
that’s out of this world!


Andrew Garfield is one excellent dancer



The latest Amazing and Mr. Spiderman Andrew Garfield turned out to be a great dancer, and super light on his feet. He did like 10 different dances in less than a minute, and almost all of them were pretty damn well.

MBC chairman joins Twitter وليد الإبراهيم يدخل عالم تويتر

The chairman of MBC group, Waleed Al-Ibrahim, has finally joined the world of Twitter. I’m not sure if this is his real account, because it’s still not a verified one, but it does seem to be real.

As owner of all MBC channels, including Al-Arabiya News, he is considered to be one of the most influential Arabs in the world.

3eed El-Fe6er plays مسرحيات عيد الفطر



These are some of 3eed el-fe6er’s plays in Kuwait. Bananaq8 made a more comprehensive list, with more details like phone numbers and play locations. Here’s bananaq8’s table [link]: