Kuwait’s tyre graveyard: so big it can be seen from space

Kuwait's tyre graveyard  3  Kuwait's tyre graveyardKuwait's tyre graveyard 4  Kuwait's tyre graveyard  2

This is a fire hazard waiting to happen. Again (check vid below). Other countries use old tyres in paving new roads, because it offers better stretch and break heat resistance. They should totally use them in Kuwait too, for two major reasons: we have millions of old worn out tyres and we are the hottest sunniest country in the world [link].



ReUse 5.0 Is This Weekend

Photographers wanted for Earth Hour Kuwait 2012

Earth Hour Kuwait will take place on March 31st, 2012, at 8.30 p.m.

The organizers need volunteer photographers to take before\after pictures of various observation points.

Love the environment? Then take part in ReUse 5.0

The en.v Initiative (en.v), an organization dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab world, has opened applications to book exhibition spaces for the REUSE exposition. In its fifth year, REUSE 5.0 will be held in February of 2012 at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK). The application process for exhibition spaces at REUSE 5.0 is open to companies, retail boutiques, galleries, restaurants, social initiatives, students and creative professionals.  All applicants must exhibit a dedication to eco-friendly causes such as recycling, fair trade production, organic farming, and so forth.

Last year REUSE 4.0 featured a dynamic mix of art galleries, music, film screenings, mixed media installations, electric go-kart test drives, a lounge, trendy eco- fashion products and accessories, prizes and awards.

For further contact information, check these:

You can read Read the REUSE blog, join en.v online, become a fan of en.v. Facebook fan page, follow them on Twitter, watch their youtube channel, or simply visit their website. You can directly contact them at: Tel: +965 2252- 4614
, Fax: +965 2252-4615
, or Email : env@envearth.com.

EarthDay at Pottery Barn Kids

No Smoking in Japan

No chance for second hand smoking health hazards here.

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New Toilet Paper

These are great for the environment, they’re going to initially be sold exclusively at Walmart and Sam’s Club, but might expand globally after that. Way to go Kimberly Clark, this is a great step in reducing unnecessary waste.

The future of buses

This is the future of buses.

China has come up with this futuristic concept for over coming the traffic problem in its major cities. The bus will have a speed of 60 km\hr and will carry 1200-1400 passengers. Cars with heights of less than 2 meters (i.e. like most parking lot height restrictions) will be able to pass from underneath the buses’ midsections.

The buses are going to be powered by a mix of electricity and solar powers, and so are environmentally friendly.