Sochi Olympics unofficial tshirt



Sochi Olympics logo snow flake fail

Sochi Olympics logo snow flake fail tshirt  Sochi Olympics logo snow flake fail tshirt 2

One of the Olympics 5 rings failed to open at Sochi opening ceremony. It was so funny, people made it into a tshirt. I too want one. Preferrably in grey.

Pics  from @ShociProbelms.

The proper rules for wearing Hijab

Silly rules for wearing HijabPic [credit]

Haa Designs collection launch at Harvey Nichols postponed

Haa design collection launch delay Harvey Nichols Kuwait

The launching of Haa Designs collection at Harvey Nichols, originally scheduled for tomorrow, has been postponed for a day till Monday July the 8th.

The delay is due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond their control.

Haa Designs Collection launch at Harvey Nichols

Haa Designs Collection at Harvey Nichols Kuwait

Update: The launch has been postponed to Monday July 8th due to uncontrolled circumstances.

Haa Design’s collection will be launched at Harvey Nichols this week, on Sunday July 7th from 9am-noon. Haa is a local Kuwaiti  fashion designer, and one of the best ones at the moment. Don’t miss a chance to get your hands on exclusive and classy designs.

Roberto Cavalli dresses Beyonce for her Mrs. Carter world tour

Roberto Cavalli Beyonce customs world tour mrs carter  Roberto Cavalli Beyonce customs world tour mrs carter 2

Roberto Cavalli is the designer for Beyonce’s customs on her Mrs. Carter world tour. We all know dress sketches always show women and models with long thin arms and pencil thin legs, to better show the design. But what Cavalli did here is even more unnaturally astonishing.

Here are two pics of one of his dresses, one with Beyonce looking like a tall thin clothes hanger, and the other is her wearing the dress in real.


Beyonce’s H&M Summer Collection

Beyonce H&M Summer fashion



Behind the scenes at Kim Kardashian’s Hia magazine cover shoot

Kim Kardashian Hiya arabic magazine cover



Kim Kardashian graces the latest cover of Hia magazine, a leading Arabic publication. Hia posted this behind-the-scenes video footage of Kim’s photo shoot. They’re basically promoting her as the “Arabian Bride” or something similar.

The theme of the shoot is a veiled and hair covered Kim, with an overly exposed cleavage. If you’re easily offended by this kind of do-up, then you might want to skip the vid and just look at the more tame magazine cover.

Here’s a quote from Kim regarding the shoot:

I’m excited to share my cover of Hia Magazine! Hia is the leading luxury lifestyle magazine for Arab woman and I’m honored to be on the cover. This shoot was so different from any I have done before and I’m so pleased with how the cover turned out.  I got to wear some incredible high glamour creations by grand couturier Stéphane Rolland!

District Kuwait winter show today and tomorrow


حياكم الله في معرضنا الشتوي في جاليري ٢٢٠ مقابل مجمع الصالحية خلف فوشون يومي الثلاثاء والأربعاء الموافق ديسمبر ٤-٥ من ١٠صباحا إلى ١٠مساءا

District would like to invite you to view our winter collection of lovely bishts, clothes, accessories and much more. We are happy to announce that we have got pieces exclusively done for District from N by Najla Al Mishari, as well as new designers from London. Dec 4-5 at Gallery 220 Salhiya. 10 am – 10 pm.

More of their work on their instagram account.

Duaa Designs 3eed collection معرض دعاء ديزاين لأزياء العيد

ندعوكم لحضور معرض ( دعاء ديزاين )

لأزياء ودراعات العيد بتصاميم مميزه وذلك لمده يومين الاحد والاثنين 

الموافق ٨/١٢ حتي ٨/١٣

من الساعه 10- 2 ظهرا

من الساعه 8:30-12 مساء

بيت لوذان — بجانب المارينا مول

99272262 للاستفسار

الانستغرام du3aa_design

نتشرف بحضوركم 

الكميه محدوده .

Bahrain are the best dressed at the London Olympics عاشت البحرين

  • Beautiful: A Bahraini woman carried the Bahraini flag.
  • More beautiful: Bahrain was the best dressed inLondon, and presented the best of their traditional fashion and culture.

Way to Bahrain. You looked awesome!!