New breakfast items at Johnny Rockets

New breakfast items at Johnny Rockets Kuwait 2

I was having breakfast at IHOP the other day, and noticed that their neighbor Johnny Rockets had a few new items on their breakfast menu. The new dishes are available from 6 am to 12 pm, while most of the regular breakfast menu is available all day:

  • Philly steak ‘n eggs.
  • Mexican style.
  • Blueberry Ricotta pancake.

My day as a Tourist in Kuwait

Kuwait Towers

Fishing Pier Kuwait Sharq

It’s a long Eid holiday, so I thought of doing some touristy kind of stuff today.

  • I had a traditional Kuwait breakfast in Mubarakiya.
  • Went to the fishing pier on Gulf Rd.
  • And walked over to Kuwait Towers.

Traditional Kuwaiti breakfast Mubarakiya Kuwait   Mubarakiya restaurants Kuwait 2

Burger Factory Nuzha

This isn’t a review of Burger Factory Nuzha, it’s just a general post.

My first visit was a smash hit. This place was going to be one of my top fav burger places in Kuwait, up there with Slider Station and Burger Boutique (and the Roma burger from Open Flame Kitchen). My second visit was not as good, because they messed up my takeout order. That’s why I’m just gonna write a few sentences, and leave you with pictures (all of which look orange, due to the restaurant’s lighting).

  • The burgers are cooked smash style.
  • I ordered the Bolt burger; which comes with cheese and a delicious mushroom sauce with tomatoes and lettuce that adds extra juiciness. And comes in a tender potato bun.
  • The meat was perfectly smashed into a thin patty, the sauce tasted amazing, and the bun was so tender. I loved loved loved this burger.
  • My mom ordered the Sliders trio. 3 sliders of their best selling burgers. I’m not sure of the combination, but one might have been a regular cheeseburger, one was definitely with bacon, and the 3rd I can’t even start to guess what it had. She loved them all. (She also loves Open Flame Kitchen, if that helps understand her taste in burgers).
  • I ordered the Chili cheese fries. I liked them better than Johnny Rockets’, because the meat tasted a lot less meaty. The first few bites were heaven, but then I got bored with the meat and started picking the plain fries out. So be warned if you’re like me and don’t like Chili fries much.
  • Mom ordered a Caesar salad. It was pretty average (like only acceptable if you wanted to have something healthy with your burger).
  • My sister and her kids all ordered the Bolt burger, i.e. the same one I had.
  • They also ordered regular fries, which came thick and sprinkled with spices.

We had 3 Bolt burgers, the sliders trio, 2 regular fries, 1 chili cheese fries, 1 salad, and 2-3 soft drinks. The total was less than Kd20. Burger Factory is located in Nuzha co-op, on the back corner beside NBK, where Little Caesar used to be.

Would I go there again? Yes I would, I loved the Bolt burger, and love Burger Factory’s location.It’s the closest fresh burger place near my home. Sadly, my 2nd visit was not as promising, because they basically forgot all the ingredients on my bolt except for the patty. Still, I’m not holding it against them, it was a to-go order and every place makes mistakes.

Johnny Rockets home delivery service

Johnny Rockets New Wagyu Burger Menu 7

Just an update on Johnny Rockets home delivery service [old post]. Their delivery phone number is now 1-844-144. Not a totally new number, has been around so for a while now (in addition to their Salmiya branch # of 25754040, which is physically open 24/7).

You might not know this, but they offer a 24/7 home delivery service direct from them (in addition to their 6alabat delivery). Orders start from just Kd 2.5, with a half kd delivery charge. And it’s avaialable 24/7 every single day day of the year (Ramadan excluded).

Their new delivery # is 1-844-144.

Bon appetit.

Great deal on Wagyu burgers in Kuwait

Kobe Wagyu burger patties Kuwait

Update: These are not the original AusKobe patties, these are Sultan Center’s own brand. That explains why they don’t stock AusKobe anymore, and why this one is so much cheaper.

These wagyu beef burgers used to cost KD 1.950 a patty some 2-3 year ago. Up from KD 1.150-1.250 7-10 years prior. That meant it wasn’t worth buying those frozen patties, when you could get fresh ones at KD 2.5 a piece.

I’m glad to inform you that they’re back to a very reasonable and affordable price of 990 fils.

Here’s a [link] to Mark’s review of the burgers from 8 years ago. How time flies. Anyways, the review is still spot on. They are still the best burgers to have, if you don’t count getting fresh ones.

And honestly, haven’t we all been in that tight spot looking trying to find something gourmet-ish to cook at a minute’s notice? If you know what I mean, then these bad boys are for you. They go from freezer to pan in a snap. Mark cooks them on 5 minutes 4 times intervals. I personally prefer them on a 3 minutes 4 times rotation.

Either way, go snag a dozen of these to cook over the Eid holidays (Thank you sir, that’ll be KD 12). I recommend a pan not a BBQ grill, just because the BBQ is too hot for them and you want them juicy and moist. Plus, you get the added bonus of grilling opinions if you do it over a pan.

I found them at the freezers in The Sultan Center a few days ago.

If you would rather have this beef cooked for you at a restaurant, then you can’t go wrong with the “Roma” burger with Mushroom sauce at Open Flame Kitchen in 360° mall (KD 10-12 I’m not sure) or make your own burger at the Burger Boutique in Al-Rayya mall (maybe KD 5-ish?… But also make sure you pick the portabello mushroom sauce).

Bon appetit.

Spicy Pickle sandwich shop

[Click on images to enlarge and view as a slideshow]

Spicy Pickle is a new sandwich shop in Kuwait, based on an a Denver franchise. I’ve tried it a bunch of times during the past few months. Their sandwiches are tasty and has a special zest to them, they really do taste different from other sandwich shops. Maybe it’s the pickle in their name that adds the difference.

  • They use several kinds of breads like: Chibatta (country style or wholemeal), Focaccia, flatbread-Piadina (grilled or open top), or pizza.
  • They’ve got chicken, beef, multiple cheeses, turkey, vegi, mushroom, and all kinds of sandwiches.
  • Their condiments are unique like horseradish, chipotle, pesto, or sundried tomato mayo. Or greek dressing, honey-balsamic, thousand island, and honey mustard. Yummy.
  • Their green pickles is especially imported from the States, that’s why they taste so good.
  • And of course they’ve also got salads. Again, big size ones.
  • The sandwiches come with a size of small coleslaw, pickles, orange wedges, and\or pesto pasta.

Most of their sandwiches are big portioned, I usually can’t eat more than one-half of the bigger ones. Now the Piadina’s on the other hand, I could easily eat more than one; they’re so flat and thin. Spicy Pickle has some great pictures on their instagram, do check them out [link].

They’ve got two branches, one in Sharq on Ahmad Al-Jaber St. beside Dar Al-Awadi, and the other one in Mahboula behind Alia & Galia towers. Their phone number is 22442266. And they’re also on 6alabat [link] if you want to order from there.

Cool 20th anniversary party at McDonald’s Gulf Rd.

McDonald's 20th anniversary carnival Kuwait

McDonald’s Kuwait Holds

“20 Years of Smiles Carnival”

in celebration of its 20th Anniversary

McDonald’s Kuwait will host a two day carnival at the Corniche branch on the Arabian Gulf street to celebrate its 20th anniversary and commemorate 2 decades of service in Kuwait. The carnival will take place on the 7th and 8th of March, with festivities beginning every day at 10:00a.m and continuing until 11:00p.m.

The two-day event will include a number of acts and attractions, such as helium balloon aerialists, rhythm of fire drummers, LED robots, butterfly dancers, stilt walkers, monocycles, jugglers and ice sculptors. The celebrations will also include balloon sculptors and face painting for children, as well as other fun filled activities for the whole family.

The performances will take place throughout the day with consecutive acts along the McDonald’s store walkway and all around the premises.

McDonald's 20th anniversary carnival Kuwait 2

Are we getting this in Kuwait?

Tacobell breakfast

Taco Bell breakfast. Do you think we’ll get it here? Would you like to have it?

I personally hope so and yes I would definitely want to eat this. This food looks really delicious and yummy. Just check this Taco Waffle, with that honey (or is that maple syrup) drizzled on it. Yummy!

Taco Bell breakfast taco

Let’s hope we get taco Bell breakfast here.

McDonald’s Halloum Muffin is back

Mcdonald's halloum muffin 2

The Halloum Muffin is a sandwich that was introduced two and a half years, but was only available for a limited time. McDonald’s introduced two other halloum sandwiches since then, but on Chibata bread and not muffin. They both weren’t that tasty. I’m happy to see they’re brining back the original delicious one. That’s definitely my breakfast tomorrow.

Note: Last time I checked, breakfast in Kuwait is served till 11.30 not 11 am.

Mama’s Kitchen home delivery

Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 1   Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 2

Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 3   Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 4

Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 5   Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 6

The concept is based on a 100% Kuwaiti tradition that celebrates the love and warmth of families uniting over meals and experiencing the true flavors of a well thought out menu that can be found in every mother’s home!
From appetizers to desserts, we produce only the finest of foods, without any compromise on the quality, and using only the best fresh market ingredients. Made with love and served with passion, the concept is designed to appeal to all generations.
Appetizers & mains serve 4-5 people. Desserts serve 8-10.
Mama’s Kitchen phone number is 94444911 & instagram is @mamaskitchen_kw
At this point it is delivery only and all orders must be made a day in advance to avoid disappointment.