Spicy Pickle sandwich shop

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Spicy Pickle is a new sandwich shop in Kuwait, based on an a Denver franchise. I’ve tried it a bunch of times during the past few months. Their sandwiches are tasty and has a special zest to them, they really do taste different from other sandwich shops. Maybe it’s the pickle in their name that adds the difference.

  • They use several kinds of breads like: Chibatta (country style or wholemeal), Focaccia, flatbread-Piadina (grilled or open top), or pizza.
  • They’ve got chicken, beef, multiple cheeses, turkey, vegi, mushroom, and all kinds of sandwiches.
  • Their condiments are unique like horseradish, chipotle, pesto, or sundried tomato mayo. Or greek dressing, honey-balsamic, thousand island, and honey mustard. Yummy.
  • Their green pickles is especially imported from the States, that’s why they taste so good.
  • And of course they’ve also got salads. Again, big size ones.
  • The sandwiches come with a size of small coleslaw, pickles, orange wedges, and\or pesto pasta.

Most of their sandwiches are big portioned, I usually can’t eat more than one-half of the bigger ones. Now the Piadina’s on the other hand, I could easily eat more than one; they’re so flat and thin. Spicy Pickle has some great pictures on their instagram, do check them out [link].

They’ve got two branches, one in Sharq on Ahmad Al-Jaber St. beside Dar Al-Awadi, and the other one in Mahboula behind Alia & Galia towers. Their phone number is 22442266. And they’re also on 6alabat [link] if you want to order from there.

Cool 20th anniversary party at McDonald’s Gulf Rd.

McDonald's 20th anniversary carnival Kuwait

McDonald’s Kuwait Holds

“20 Years of Smiles Carnival”

in celebration of its 20th Anniversary

McDonald’s Kuwait will host a two day carnival at the Corniche branch on the Arabian Gulf street to celebrate its 20th anniversary and commemorate 2 decades of service in Kuwait. The carnival will take place on the 7th and 8th of March, with festivities beginning every day at 10:00a.m and continuing until 11:00p.m.

The two-day event will include a number of acts and attractions, such as helium balloon aerialists, rhythm of fire drummers, LED robots, butterfly dancers, stilt walkers, monocycles, jugglers and ice sculptors. The celebrations will also include balloon sculptors and face painting for children, as well as other fun filled activities for the whole family.

The performances will take place throughout the day with consecutive acts along the McDonald’s store walkway and all around the premises.

McDonald's 20th anniversary carnival Kuwait 2

Are we getting this in Kuwait?

Tacobell breakfast

Taco Bell breakfast. Do you think we’ll get it here? Would you like to have it?

I personally hope so and yes I would definitely want to eat this. This food looks really delicious and yummy. Just check this Taco Waffle, with that honey (or is that maple syrup) drizzled on it. Yummy!

Taco Bell breakfast taco

Let’s hope we get taco Bell breakfast here.

McDonald’s Halloum Muffin is back

Mcdonald's halloum muffin 2

The Halloum Muffin is a sandwich that was introduced two and a half years, but was only available for a limited time. McDonald’s introduced two other halloum sandwiches since then, but on Chibata bread and not muffin. They both weren’t that tasty. I’m happy to see they’re brining back the original delicious one. That’s definitely my breakfast tomorrow.

Note: Last time I checked, breakfast in Kuwait is served till 11.30 not 11 am.

Mama’s Kitchen home delivery

Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 1   Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 2

Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 3   Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 4

Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 5   Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 6

The concept is based on a 100% Kuwaiti tradition that celebrates the love and warmth of families uniting over meals and experiencing the true flavors of a well thought out menu that can be found in every mother’s home!
From appetizers to desserts, we produce only the finest of foods, without any compromise on the quality, and using only the best fresh market ingredients. Made with love and served with passion, the concept is designed to appeal to all generations.
Appetizers & mains serve 4-5 people. Desserts serve 8-10.
Mama’s Kitchen phone number is 94444911 & instagram is @mamaskitchen_kw
At this point it is delivery only and all orders must be made a day in advance to avoid disappointment.

Number of hours people will fast around the world this Ramadan

Number of fasting hours for Ramadan around the globe

This Ramadan is going to be very very hard to fast. It’s in July, with temps reaching above 50 on most days. It’s in July, dust storms expected frequently. It’s July, the day is long at almost 15 hours.

This chart shows the number of hours people will fast around the world. The longest is in Scandinavian countries who top the chart at 21 hours. The shortest is Argentina in South America, with just 9 hours of fasting.


Diet Care’s new cookbook كتاب الطبخ الجديد من دايت كير





I just received The Diet Care’s new lowfat cookbook, and it includes tens of new lowfat recipes for both adults and kids.

The book’s recipes are written in  English and Arabic, making it easy for many people to follow.

Five Guys now open in London too

Five Guys now open in LondonFive Guys London now open

It looks like Shake Shack wasn’t the only American burger joint to open in London this week.

Five Guys just opened its first ever UK store on America’s Independence Day, Thursday the 4th of July. And just like Shake Shack, Five Guys opened in Covent Garden, specifically on Long Acre, halfway between Leicester Sq. and the historic Covent Garden Piazza.

Five Guys opened this last Thursday, a day before Shake Shack did. Great timing.

Pic credit: taken from FG’s FB and official UK website.

Shake Shack now open in London

Shake Shack opens in London Covent Garden 2Shake Shack opens in London Covent Garden

One of my friends, who’s in London right now, informed me that Shake Shack just opened in London’s Covent Garden. It opened yesterday morning in  Covent Garden’s historic Piazza. People were lining up for more than an hour to place an order. I love Shake Shack, and I hated that they didn’t have branches in London or the west coast. Now at least  London is covered.

Though if I was on London, I would most probably be having burgers at Byron (mainly because we’re saturated with Shake Shacks in Kuwait, don’t crave it much when I’m traveling). Byron is a local English chain that opened in 2007, and serves some amazing burgers and fries. They have plenty of branches around central London including soho, Haymarket, and Covent Garden.

I’ve written about Byron before (and posted delicious pictures), you can check it out [here].

[1st pic credit].

New seasoned grilled chicken from Americana




Americana has introduced some new chicken dishes, ready seasoned chicken breasts in three different flavors: Tikka, Italian herbs, and lemon pepper.

The boxes contain 4 pieces and are sold for approx. 2kd.