Viva’s 2nd golden team commercial الجزء الثاني من إعلان فيفا و منتخبنا الذهبي

Viva Kuwait football golden team commercial Manchester Uinted 2

Viva Kuwait football golden team commercial Manchester Uinted 3



Here is the sequel to Viva’s first commercial featuring Kuwait’s golden football team. Here we seem them in top shape, ready to beat Man United. Again, this is another good commercial from Viva. Makes you feel so proud of Kuwait and that golden team.

Kuwait’s golden team Viva commercial إعلان جميل لفيفا مع منتخبنا الذهبي

Viva Kuwait football golden team Ramdan commercial

Viva Kuwait football golden team Ramdan commercial 2



We’re on a roll today, with a string of amazing commercials. In addition to NBK’s newest one, we now have another great one from Viva. It features Kuwait’s golden football team, that made it to the World Cup in 1982.

The commercial is funny, lighthearted, cute, and adorable all in one. All the old players were legendary, their acting performance surpassing their football one. I strongly suggest you watch it, it is so so funny.

My all time favorite football player from childhood is Jassim Yaqoub, and I was lucky to meet him a few years back . He was charming in person as he was in this commerical. Again, I so urge you to watch it, it’ll remind you of Kuwait’s great days.

The story doesn’t end here, I got the feeling there’s more to come. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Premier League goes to Jazeera بث الدوري الإنجليزي ينتقل الى الجزيرة الرياضية

Aljazeera sports football

The Premier League is pleased to announce that Al Jazeera Sport has been awarded the exclusive broadcasting rights in Middle East North Africa for all 380 Barclays Premier League matches per season for the seasons 2013/14-2015/16 [via PL].

Hard Luck Abu Dhabi. I wonder if the present AD commentators will change jobs as well with the lose of the PL rights.

Man United finally joins Twitter


Click [here] to start following Manchester United on Twitter.

AlRoudan Tournament song إغنية دورة الروضان مع نبيل شعيل و فهد الكبيسي

AlRoudan Ramadan Football tournament Kuwait  2013



Goodbye Sir Alex from Kuwait



MUSC- Kuwait made this short video saying Goodbye to Sir Alex Ferguson, after announcing his retirement last week from training Man United.

Moyes is Man United’s new coach


David Moyes signed a 6 year deal with Manchester United, to start on July 1st. He previously managed Everton FC. Click here or watch the video for the details.


Soccer Shocker: Sir Alex retires from Man United

Sir alex Ferguson retires from Manchester United

The news has been all over the internet today. The legendary football couch Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring from Manchester United, after a long and successful 26 years with them.

Manchester United are asking fans of Sir Alex to tweet on #ThankYouSirAlex or post a message on their Facebook page.

Kuwait to host the Asian Cup in 2019?

Kuwait Asia Cup hosting bidYou’re gonna host what now?

You’re going to host a big and fancy international football tournament with what stadiums exactly? Or are the teams just expected to sign their names on the waiting list of Jaber Stadium, and take turns for game time?

Or is this perhaps another one of many schemes to snatch gigantic budgets and truck-loads of money into failed projects, endlessly plagued with delays and excuses (wink wink Jaber Stadium), till FIFA gives up and shifts the tournament somewhere else?

I’ll tell you what. I have a better idea. Let’s wait for Qatar to build their world class stadiums for the 2020 world cup, then just propose to rent them for a later tournament date, say the 2021 Asian Cup mathalan. We’ll even pay them extra to slap our flag on them stadiums. How’s that for you? You like?

Probably not. Besides, I doubt our money (or business ethics for that matter) is any good in Qatar. No sane country would allow us to ridiculously exaggerate the cost of projects just to make some certain people richer.

I say leave the Asian Cup to countries who really know how to run things. We don’t need any international embarrassments.


The Man City Harlem Shake



Here’s Man City FC doing the annoying Harlem Shake. Though I got to admit, theirs was cute.