Torturing kids between ice-cream and sleep



This kid was so torn between his ice-cream and his urgent need for sleep. He did manage to hold on to (and try to eat) his ice-cream for a few minutes, even though he was completely asleep. So funny to watch him struggle between the two.

Guess the popcorn flavor

I saw this competition on bokhaloodie’s blog, and I thought it was cute and funny.

  • Let’s Popcorn are having a Ramadan competition, to guess the popcorn’s flavor.
  • There will be a new flavor every two days.
  • All you need to do is guess what the flavor is out of the given three choices.

This is their first flavor guess pic:

Here’s the [link] to the competition. And remember, they’ll be posting a new flavor to guess every two days. 

Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend B.



I just want to wish my great B. a very Happy Birthday. May the new year brings you joy and happiness, may it be filled with laughs and smiles.

Happy Birthday Darling.

Kuwaiti Flag Themed Food Delights




Here are pictures of some dishes prepared with a patriotic Kuwaiti flare, all pictures were taken from a Gulf Rd. parade party gathering yesterday afternoon.

National Day Decorations

I got these stickers for Kd 4.5 from Yarmouk co-op. They’re so cute, i had to share it with a friend. We split the stickers for double the fun.

Personalized Phone Covers

These personalized phone covers are hand made by a teenage Kuwaiti girl. They fit all iPhones (3GS, 4 & 4S), iPods, and Blackberry phones too. Check out our young talent’s Facebook page [right here] for design, price, and delivery details.

All covers cost KD 2.5 each or KD 6 for three covers, with an extra 500 fils delivery charge per order. You can call 66966412 for orders.  There’s also National Day (3eedc wa6ani) special covers too, for the same price.

أصول الضيافة السعودية


This Beautiful Thing Made my Heart Very Happy

How beautiful is this? This art piece looks super cute, colorful, and oozes with friendliness. It has been a while since I saw something this positive about Kuwaiti blogs.

Thank you Qiyadownunder. This really is very heart touching and amazing.

This is a short video of how she made this art piece:


Happy Birthday Noura

Happy birthday darling… Wishing you a very great year to come… Lucky you, you got to be a year younger xoxo

Thank you A.


One of my dear readers, a person I’ve come to know well and respect a lot during my time on this blog, got me some cool presents from her summer trip abroad, like 4 of presents. That’s wow.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with these wonderful gifts. I’ve been getting so much hate comments and emails, I’m really glad to know not everyone hates me. These presents came in at the most perfect time ever.  It’s so nice to know that people are still great and that life is still beautiful.

I really thank  this dear and precious reader very very much. You shouldn’t have, but I appreciate getting them a lot. Thank you so much for them A.

And did I mention I got 4 presents and not just one? Yeppeeeeee!!