Cats on a leash? No, thank you!



Sounds about right. Yep, this is definitely not a dog being dragged on a leash.

I love cats (and dogs), that’s how I know this is totally and completely true. You can never ever make a cat go anywhere it doesn’t want to (which is most of the time). Dogs? Try stoping them from going to a wedding (or a funeral) with you.

This is how Americans do politics

Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 5  Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 4

Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 3  Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 2

Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama  Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 6

Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 7  Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 8



Julia Louise-Dreyfus killed it at the White House Correspondents dinner. She had lots of politicians with her: the US VP (getting a #45 tattoo, like in the next 45th president of the United States), the first lady (eating ice cream, saying raisons are fruit and fruits are healthy), speaker of the house (their version of our Marzouq, he’s the guy watching pandas on tv), and the minority leader (lady in red). Watching this video makes you want to go and vote for all of them. They were all stars.

It’s the exact opposite of what Marzouq’s interview did last night [here and other here]. His interview made him look spiteful and petty, so unbecoming of his position as the 2nd most important man in Kuwait after the Emir. Someone who is supposed to be a main force of neutrality between disputing MPs or the between the parliament and the government, and a force in the face of major crises. The way he went on and on over Musallam Al-Barrak  reminds you of a high school kid, outcasted by his mates, running to his teachers with lies and telltales, to make him look all powerful and important. That’s not how you do it in politics Marzouq. Very unsmart and so unprofessional of him. He really showed that he doesn’t deserve that position.

Now back to this video. Loved how she made fun of The House of Cards. She nailed Kevin Spacey spot on. Seriously, if you haven’t watched that show, go right now and do it.

إغنية الموسم إنتي باغية واحد لسعد المجرد



This dance part is what’s taken instagram by storm. Just search #سعدـالمجرد



And this is the complete song.

And remember, you can always strip the mp3 file off a youtube vid by using However, never use it for copyrighted material.

This is totally how I put on my makeup

Honest makeup tutorial video



The most honest makeup tutorial vid you’ll ever see.

  • Remove stray fallen hair from the makeup brush – check.
  • Put on foundation with fingers – check again.
  • Continue to put on creams and primers that obviously haven’t done a thing – triple check!
  • Using some mascara that you got for free – check (bless Loreal for mine too).

Another vid of Yahya the Egyptian

Yahya American Hustle movie Jimmy Kimmel



I just love this guy. No wonder Jimmy Kimmel hired him for his show.

The great Samuel L. Jackson



Never confuse Samuel L. Jackson with any other black dude. Especially not with Laurence Fishburne.

Interesting fact: Did you know that Samuel L. Jackson is richer than Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, Al Pacino, AND Bin Stiller? I didn’t. But I’m surprised wonder, coz he’s so awesome!  [source].

Now the funny bit about this video is the announcer didn’t mistake the two actors, he was actually referring to SLJ’s Captain America Superbowl commercial. But good for him for keeping quite and graciously accepting the rant and verbal spanking. Here’s what the announcer had to say later (sincere and nobel):



Funny Pics of Sochi Olympics

Here are a few more pics of Sochi Olympics funny pics. It sure shows how unprepared the Russians. Don’t laugh too hard, the World Cup in Qatar will probably show the same problems.

All pics from [@SochiProblems], follow them for more hilarity.

Sochi Olympics unofficial tshirt



Sochi Olympics logo snow flake fail

Sochi Olympics logo snow flake fail tshirt  Sochi Olympics logo snow flake fail tshirt 2

One of the Olympics 5 rings failed to open at Sochi opening ceremony. It was so funny, people made it into a tshirt. I too want one. Preferrably in grey.

Pics  from @ShociProbelms.

Funny pics from Sochi Olympics accommodations

Follow [@SochiProblems] for more hilarious stuff.

Saudi Arabia: No Woman No drive

Saudi Arabia No Woman No Drive 3  Saudi Arabia No Woman No Drive 2  Saudi Arabia No Woman No Drive



This is a video about the Saudi Women’s campaign to drive of Oct. 26. I saw it over the news here in California, along with the religious guy who decided that driving will damage women’s ovaries.