Back to school jitters



لحقوا عالولد، لا يروح المدرسة… بيموت قلبه

Putin’s Dubbelganger

Putin dog dubbelgangerWhat do you think?

How Ellen decided to host the Oscars

Ellen hosts Oscars



She decided just like anyone decides anything: make a pros con list.

Her list is obviously funnier than any we come up with.

Beautiful Twerking



Update: turns out this vide is a prank, from Jimmy Kimmel, filmed months ago. Still funny as hell. Here’s him  extinguishing the girl on fire.


Lost in translation

Lost in translation burger 404 error

I had to post this picture, the 404 burger is just too funny not to share.

Scariest prank ever



Meeting a real dinosaur, who chases you down the corridors would definitely scare anyone to death. The Japanese have a wicked sense of humor. Not funny at all.

Sharknado: illogical yet buzzing movie

Sharknado movie 2

Sharknado movie



Tornado is a movie about a tornado filled with sharks, flying over and attacking LA, killing people and what not. It’s a super silly movie, one that I didn’t even believe was a real one. When I heard about it last week, I just thought it was a loopy joke like  someone making up a fake movie trailer.

Turns out the movie is real. Still ridiculously silly, but none the less very real. Forget about the silliness of a tornado hitting LA, or that it’s filled with sharks. What’s even more annoying is the omg absurd ways the characters used to kill off the sharks.

It’s so so bad, that it just slid all the way to cool. I guess they bet on a movie formula, and for some weird unknown reason it worked. Sharknado has created such a buzz that they’re actually making a sequel for it.

I remember watching Jaws when I was 7 years old, and that movie stopped me from swimming in the sea for a good 5-6 years. Sharknado, on the other hand, makes me want to go look for sharks and punch them out boxing style.

Wifi and the Isalmist Sheikh تنكت واي فاي على شيخ دين


Terrific Rauch commercial دعاية عجيبة لعصير راوخ

Rauch juice Kuwait commercial 3

Rauch juice Kuwait commercial 1 Rauch juice Kuwait commercial 2



This commercial is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It’s funny, sad, hilarious, cute, funky, light, and adorable all bundled together in a great way. A very well done commercial. Bravo Rauch Kuwait.

Hillary Clinton finally joins Twitter

Hillary Clinton joins twitter first tweet

Check out her first tweet. So badass. “I’ll take it from here”. It’s right up there with the Terminator’s “I’ll be back”. And will you check out President Clinton’s shout out to her?! That’s pretty awesome too!

The guy and gal she’s thanking were the ones who created the hilarious Texts From Hillary on tumblr. Former US First Lady\Former Secretary of State\Former Senator got a healthy sense of humor.