New from Apple: iPad Air جديد آبل: آيباد آير

iPad Air



Apple announced today its newest ipad: the iPad Air. It weighs just one pound. Prices for the wifi only version start at $500, while the 4G ones start at $630. Add a $100 for every extra upgrade in memory size. No info. yet on non-contract ones. The new iPad Air start selling on Nov. 1st.

iPad Air prices

Revolutionary new gadget from Sony: Lens-style Cameras

Sony lense style camera DSC-QX 100

Sony lense style camera DSC-QX 100 2



Seeing is believing. Watch the video to understand what I mean. Sony’s revolutionary Lens-Style Cameras attach to mobile phones, and turn them into full high tech digital camera. They can be mounted on the phone, or used remotely to take pictures. It’s the most amazing and interesting gadget since the iPhone and iPad. It comes in two models, priced at $500 and $750. They may sound expensive, but they’re exactly like the much more expensive cameras from Sony (only without the body).

I so want one.

New waterproof phone from Sony

Sony Xperia z1

Waterproof phones are not a new technology. Sony and other phone makers already have a few models out for 2 years now. But the new Sony Xperia Z1 is the best one so far. Its best feature is its ability to take photos and record videos underwater, something you couldn’t do with previous models. What’s more impressive is its 21 megapixel camera, which takes great night time no-flash shots. That’s something I look for in a phone (and camera).

Sony SmartWatch2

It was announced yesterday, same day as the new Samsung’s Note3, that’s why it didn’t make noise. It’s expected to be released this month, with a price tag of $730 £56o and €650. What’s even better is if you pre-order it, you get the new Sony SmartWatch 2 for free (worth $260).



The new Samsung Note 3

New Samsung Note 3
Here are the main changes over the Note 2:

  • Bigger and brighter screen (5.7 inches).
  • Faster Ram at 3GB.
  • Faster processor at 2.3 GHz quad-core.
  • Better camera at 13 megapixles.
  • Higher resolution screen, full HD super AMOLED.
  • Lighter and smaller, yet with a bigger screen
  • Run two apps at the same time, side-by-side.
  • New pink color, with 13 new back cover colors.
  • Faux leather back.
  • Lowest storage is now 32 GB instead of 16.

In addition to hardware changes, there are several software changes too. A hovering menu (Air-command) pops up when the pen is taken out, some tweeks to common phone apps, and better Samsung owned apps connectivity. All in all, it’s an improvement to an already great phone. I don’t know the price, but the phone comes out at the end of this month.

Here are links to some good short reviews from [knowyourmobile], [engadget], and [theverge]. And here’s the phone’s official viedo from Samsung.



The all-new Kindle Paperwhite

New Kindle paperwhite 2013

I’m a huge fan of Kindle. Have 3 of them so far. The best one ever is the Paperwhite. It came out late last year, with a illuminated lighted touchscreen. That one is just the best. It’s perfect for reading at night when the lights are off. It’s great for reading in bright sunlight because you can adjust the screen light. And it’s got wifi that works in Kuwait, so buying books is super easy and fast. It takes 3 seconds to buy and download a book.

Amazon is bringing out a newer improved version. It’s priced the same (at $119 with ads, and $139 without them), and comes out on Sept. 30. My own Kindle PW is still great and new, but even I am tempted to upgrade at this price.

I never reviewed the older Kindle PaperWhite on the blog, but Mark of 248am wrote a great one [here]. If you want to know how to use it in Kuwait, then read my review of the regular Kindle [here]. 

Free iPhone & iPad with Viva آيباد و آيفون ببلاش من فيفا

Viva all inclusive offer with free iphone ipad and router

This ia an amazing offer from Viva. The offer provides you with free gadgets like a free iPhone, iPad and a router; all included in one single 18 month mobile\internet package.

That’s gadgets and internet are worth  Kd 1,150, which get  for just KD 865. Add to this the cost of call minutes, and you’ll be getting services and gadgets for KD 865 instead of KD 1,300.

That’s a savings of KD 450, enough to buy you a brand new Retina MacBook Pro for free (and throw in a free plastic cover too).

Here are the details and my personal estimate of the price of gadgets and internet included:

  • Free iPhone 5 (worth KD 190).
  • Free iPad 16 GB wireless (worth KD 150).
  • Free LTE router (worth KD 50).
  • Mobile LTE internet (KD 145).
  • Home internet (KD 360).
  • Router internet (KD 235)

And remember, you can now  move your number from your present carrier to a new one; so you don’t even have to change your number to get this offer.

I don’t normally go for combined gadget\services offers, but this one is attractive and hard to ignore. There’s no hidden conditions, and all gadgets are the latest ones.

Viva all inclusive offer vs. zain & quality netNote 1: I use Zain for my mobile phone, mobile internet, and router internet. And I use Quality Net for my home internet.

Note 2: The offer includes 300 free messages per month, which I didn’t factor in because no one uses SMS much anymore. now sells Tom Ford’s perfumes perfume sales Kuwait

This is a real improvment. are now selling Tom Ford’s perfumes, in addition to their daily amazing deals.

Black Orchid is a perfume my son is very interested in. We were at the Tom Ford boutique at the Avenues last month checking it out.  I hated the scent. My taste leans more towards the more sophisticated Arabian Oud than this awful perfume. But that’s differing personal tastes I guess. Either way, kudus to for expanding into more attractive and realistic shopping options.

Anyways, the 100 ml is being sold for less than KD 50 on Click this [link] to buy one TODAY.

Btw, today’s deal is the Samsung Galaxy camera which they’re selling for just KD 101. I’ve written about this very camera twice before [here] and [here], and it’s an absolute steal at this price. The site was selling it for KD 130 back in Jan. Samsung Galaxy camera deal May 2013

VIP pizza delivery fridge magnet

Red Tomato pizza Dubai fridge magnet 2  Red Tomato pizza Dubai fridge magnet



A pizza place in Dubai took pizza delivery to a whole new level. You can order your favorite pizza by pressing a button on a fridge magnet.

The technology is run through bluetooth, and will order your pre-set favorite pizza for you, but it’s still a very cool gadget.

iPad or Kindle Fire HD

Kinde Fire Hd vs iPad


Update 2 (March ’13): Amazon cut the price of the 32GB from $370 t0 $300, and the 16GB to $270. That makes the 32GB Fire HD hard to resist.

Update 1: The voting seems to be split equally but no one has commented on the reasons behind the device they chose, that didn’t help me much to decide.  So far I’m leaning towards the Fire, here’s my major notes about the 2 devices:

  • Kindle Fire costs $200 vs the iPad’s $500. I can get the iPad2 for $400, but that model is a couple of years old. 
  • 32 GB Kindle Fire is $370 vs. $600 for the iPad.
  • The apps on the iPad are more and look better. However, Kindle Fire uses Android app market. That too is an awesome store.
  • Kindle Fire is HD, the iPad is Retina. Same difference in my book, since I’ll be mainly watching movies on the device, and not through it (on big huge TVs). 
  • Conclusion: I’ll probably get the 32 GB Kindle Fire, mainly because of the price vs. specs. I use both a Samsung Note2 and an iPhone, and I’m very  impressed with the Android system. That’s why I won’t mind getting the Fire at this reasonable price.

I’m shopping for a new tablet. My choices are narrowed to the iPad and the Kindle Fire HD. If you were me, which one would you pick, and why?

I mainly use the tablet to watch videos. So it’s important for it to be able to play different kinds of videos. A secondary and lesser important feature is its ability to play said videos on an HD TV.

Great deal on Samsung Galaxy camera from

Samsung Galaxy Camera sheeel deal

Update: Frankom just informed me that the camera has already sold out at On a more positive note, he also thinks the price might go down to KD 125-130 in regular shops in the near future.

I had just commented on this very camera the other day, and here we are with a great offer on it from This magnificent Android Jelly Bean camera is being sold for just KD 129, a one day offer from

You should take advantage of this amazing offer, you can check my previous post to get to know the camera a bit better. And to watch Frankom’s video review of it.

P.S.: The same camera is being sold on amazon for $588, the equivalent of KD 167. That’s almost a 25% cheaper, and without having to pay shipping or custom charges either.