Registration for NBK’s Walkathon now open

NBK Walkathon 2014

Registration for NBK’s annual is now open, until 1 p.m. March 13th. The tent is set up just before The Scientific Center on Gulf Rd., and you can also register online [here]. The race is on March 15, which should still be a cool enough day for the walk. The race is fun for the whole family. It’s one of those fun exciting and different days, plus you might win exciting gifts. So go register now and participate.


So I went to the Walkathon, here’s what I thought of this year’s event [link]:

Buzfairy commeny on NBK Walkathon 2014

And here’s what Mr. Harold Walker thought of it:

To Whom It May Concern,I have participated in the annual NBK Walkathon for over 6 years; yet, this is the first year there were no buses available to take the walkers back to the starting point of the event – and that after many were still cold and wet from the rain. I think this was very unfortunate and shines a negative light on the whole event. I certainly hope in the future organizers will do a much better job in this regard.

H. Walker


Angelina Jolie on the cover of Time magazine

Angelina Jolie on cover of Tima Magazine

Time magazine chose Angelina Jolie to cover their latest issue. The actress shocked the world this week by announcing that she had a double mastectomy, to prevent any chance of her getting Breast Cancer in the future.

Angelina Jolie on cover of Alqabas Kuwait

Al-Qabas posted the same news on its first page yesterday. They were ridiculously chastised by some ignorant and dense people, who apparently were titillated by Angelina having her breasts cut out. This is a scary fatal medical procedure, and not some sensual sexual movie scene you sick fools.

It took tremendous courage from her to go with this completely preventative procedure. Her courage might encourage other women to do the same too.

One of the sexiest women on earth chose to remove her breasts, which present a big part of her sex appeal, just so she may prevent the threat of cancer in the future. That sure will encourage a lot more ordinary normal women to do the same. To lose some of their vanity, and do something to prevent fatal cancer.

And if Brad Pitt, whom is also one of the sexiest men alive, supported and encouraged his girlfriend to have it; then it might also encourage ordinary and regular men to support their spouses in this.

Time magazine called it the Angelina Effect, because the news was huge and it will have a tremendous effect on the way people view genetic testing in death prevention from now on.

Reminder: NBK’s annual walkathon in 10 days


Just to remind you about NBK’s annual walkathon. This year it’s on Saturday March 23rd, and registration is open till Thursday March 21st.

It’s basically a walking race with 4 age categories each for men, women, and children. The distance is 6 kms for women, and 8 kms for men. Kids will have fun and sporting activities, plus the race itself, in the Green Island.

Registration is held at NBK’s tent just before The Scientific Center in Salmiya. It’s one of the biggest sporting events in Kuwait, and is usually a very fun and exciting day.

Desert camping food tips from Diet Center



This is an helpful vid by the Diet Center full of food tips for those who love camping in the desert, and don’t want to put on a lot of weight with all that food consumption. Here’s a few easy ones:

  • Try low fat cheese and yogurt instead of full cream ones.
  • Eat boiled eggs rather than oily scrambled ones.
  • Have lean meat cuts for your meat machboos, and skinless chicken for the chicken one.
  • Have a bowl of salad before the main course, to fill you up so you won’t eat as much.
  • Steer clear of processed hotdogs, have either rice or bread for diner but not both, and eat more grilled meats instead of oily kababs.
  • As for snacks, have popcorn instead of chips. Eat smaller quantities of traditional desserts, preferably the cheese and not the cream ones. And finally, have a fruit salad instead of chocolates and cupcakes.

The video is presented by a cute cool Kuwaiti and is really filled with great tips. Bon Appetit and enjoy your desert outing.

Kuwaitis go first in Hospitals & Clinics القانون الجديد: الأولوية بالعلاج للكويتيين

new health care law Kuwait

في إقتراح جديد للنائب نواف الفزيع، تقدم حضرته بقانون جديد يقدم فيه علاج الكويتي على الوافد في المستشفيات و المستوصفات. عذره بهذا الإقتراح هو طوابير الإنتظار الطويلة اللي يضطر يوقف فيها الكويتي بسبب أعداد الوافدين المتزايدة

يمكنك قراءة تكملة الخبر هنا

Low cal drink recipes from Diet Care

I got a bag today, filled with the recipes and ingredients I need to make two delicious low calorie wintery drinks, courtesy of the Diet Care.

One of the recipes is for Hot Chocolate and the other is for a special apple juice (made with cinnamon sticks and cloves). Both are less than 100 calories per cup, and made with simple and easy to find ingredients.

New Eat Healthy Q8 blog by The Diet Center

We want to welcome a new blog, Eat Healthy Q8, a professional healthy eating blog brought to us by the lovely people of “The Diet Center”.

Eat Healthy Q8 is a new health oriented blog that will be focusing on calorie consumption, portioning, nutrition, healthy and unhealthy foods, and interesting posts about what people in Kuwait consume on a daily basis. Our main goal is to help educate people on healthy eating habits and healthy living lifestyles.
We want to give advice on how to live a happy healthy life through correct dieting and we want to hear from you about it too! This is an interactive blog and we encourage posting comments and giving us your perspective on dieting. Maybe you could even teach us a thing or two!

This is the start of something fun, fit, and social, and we want you to be a part of it. Join in on the Eat Healthy Q8 blog and make your day a healthier one.

Diabetes in Kuwait السكري في الكويت

Kuwait is ranked #1 in the Middle East and #3  in the world for Diabetes. These are shocking numbers.

Here are a couple of inforgraphs showing us the scary numbers. The majority of diabetics in Kuwait are overweight (over 75%) and a lot of them are obese (40% of all diabetics).

This means that we really need to have better diets and exercise regimes, to at least get our weights down, so we can reduce our risk of getting Diabetes.

Some healthy 3eed Elath7a food tips from the Diet Center


My favorite Diet meals shop in Kuwait is Diet Center. I’ve used their monthly diet plans many times before, plus I always buy food directly from their shops and have also used their home delivery service.

  • Their main office is in Shuwaikh Industrial, just behind Hyundai and Home Center, if you want to join their monthly or healthy meal plans. Plans start from KD 60 a month.
  • If you just want to buy a meal, dessert, or salad; then you can do that through:
    • Their shops in Shamiya and Nuzha. The bonus point here is their loyalty card, you get a stamp for every KD 5 spent (reward is KD 5 free food when you reach 10 stamps).
    • Home delivery by calling 24829823 – 24910283 
    • Through their iPhone app [link].

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