Remembering our Martyrs لن ننسى شهداءنا

Kuwait Martyrs from Iraqi Invasion MosaicOn this day as we celebrate our National & Liberation days, we must remember our martyrs. They gave their lives defending our country, fighting the invasion, and liberating Kuwait.

Click the pic for a larger view. Pic credit: Dirar Al-Fedala.


On January 14, 1991, Asrar Al-Qabandi was murdered. She was shot five times — four bullets to her chest and the fifth bullet between her eyes, and her head sliced in two by an axe as her body dumped in front of her family’s home by the Iraqi’s. This was the fate of one of the braveset women of Kuwait… of the world. She saved hundreds of Kuwaiti’s during the Gulf War, and came back to Kuwait to save more lives even though she knew the Iraqi’s had found out what she had done. This woman has been dead exactly 19 years. And this is the least we can do in saluting the woman who had died saving lives.

Some of her other victories include smuggling weapons from Basra to Kuwait, money and more weapons from Saudi Arabia, single-handedly destroying the monitored telephones and communications set up by the Iraqis, providing targeted Kuwaitis with new ID’s to protect them from harm, providing foreign families with food and money, and taking care of 65 foreign hostages, risking a guaranteed execution.


Short film about the martyrs of Kuwait and significant moments in our country’s history. Aired on Al Watan TV, Al Rai TV and in all Cinescape movie theaters for the August 2nd memorial day.

How to make a Facebook Look Back video


I know Facebook is so outdated right now, but they have introduced a cool new thing called Look Back video. It’s a short one minute video of your life time on Facebook. It’s pretty nice to watch, very nostalgic. And it’s super easy to make, it’s actually already made for you. Just go to this [link] to watch your video.

Note: The videos are only available for one month, so save or record yours before the time is up. 

Photo of Young Sh. Jaber & Sh. Sabah صورة قديمة للشيخ جابر و الشيخ صباح

Young Sh. Jaber w Sh. Sabah

Here’s a picture of Sh. Jaber and Sh. Sabah, taken with Murad Behbehani. I don’t know how old the picture is, but my guess is it’s probably 50 years old. All three men look dashing, especially Sh. Sabah in this pic. Kuwaitis really do have style.

Sh. Jaber just got handsomer and handsomer with age, God rest his soul. By the tim he became Emir, he was the best looking man out there. He was truly handsome.

Pic [credit].

Link to Kuwait’s reports on WikiLeaks رابط تقارير الكويت على ويكيليكس

Kuwait on WikiLeaks

There are almost 4,000 reports on Kuwait at WikiLeaks, this is the link to all of them [link].

The confidential reports are written by the American Embassy in Kuwait, and cover periods from 1985 to 2010. They include detailed reports for events like the Iraqi invasion, Sept. 11, and transfer of power to Sh. Shabah. They also include thoroughly written reports on the general political climate, both regarding Al-Sabah family and on the Council of Ministers.

The link lists the reports by date, and includes a short topic headline. You don’t have to go through the whole 75 pages, the headline makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

[Link to Kuwait on WikiLeaks]

The life of 90′s kids


This is a cute Microsoft Explorer commercial, very spot on. They captured the lives of the 90′s kids perfectly. I’m getting so nostalgic about the 90′s, even though I wasn’t a kid then anymore.

Orange Crush is back



Fatburger are brining Orange Crush back to us.

Crush, both the cola and orange flavors, used to rule the soda market in Kuwait back in the 70′s and 80′s. They went head to head with Pepsi and Miranda at the time. The ionic Crush bottle was recognized more than coke’s iconic bottle back then, because coke was banned in Kuwait back in those days.

Fatburger sells the 355 ml bottle for one kd, or an extra 350 fils to your meal instead of regular soda.

Google doodles Al-Razi

Google’s latest doodle is about Muslim physician Al-RAzi. We all know his name pretty well, as Kuwait’s major Orthopedic hospital is named after him.

Remembering Sh. Jaber and Sh. Saad on Anniversary of 2-8


Video produced and directed by AbdulRahman Al-Harbi @benharbe

Pictures from Al-Qabas from August 2 1990 القبس يوم الغزو

These are a few picture I took of A-Qabas newspaper’s issue on Iraqi invasion day on August 2nd 1990. You can few more pics in my older postss [here] and [here].

Saudi Arabia won big in London Olympics السعوديات على راسي

Saudi Arabia got a huge boost in respect and admiration tonight, for allowing Saudi women to participate in the Olympics for the first time ever.

Twitter is filled filled with tweets like this one, with people admiring SA for finally progressing forward towards gender equality and respect.

The whole world is watching the London Olympics, and got to watch this historical moment for Saudi women. You can’t buy this kind of positive promotion.

Way to go Saudi and more way to go King Abdullah.

[Pic credit].