National holiday greetings from Jumeirah Messilah Beach hotel Kuwait

Jumeirah Massila Beach hotel KuwaitWhat a beautiful hotel. Anyone knows when they’re opening?

Our stay at Fairmont The Palm Jumeirah

Fairmont The Palm Jumeirah








I’m in Dubai for a couple of nights, I decided to stay in the newly opened Fairmont resort in Palm Jumeirah. The hotel is brand new, like it just opened 2 nights ago. The “Fairmont The Palm” is owned by the Kuwaiti group IFA, and it is a grand and magnificent resort. They did very good with it. However, it’s still not all complete. Only the 1st and 2nd floors are ready so far, with the 3rd and 4th opening very soon. The rest is still under final finishing.

So far, there are 4 restaurants: seafood, Brazilian, Intetnational, and the lobby; all fully licensed. The lobby and one of the restaurants have huge outdoor seating, surrounded by beautiful Islamic light lanterns and lush green scenery.

My room has a balcony, facing the sea and Jumeirah’s Za3beel Resort. The view from it is breathtaking, day or night. I’ve only got a table and a couple of chairs in it, but it would fit a few sun decks if I wanted. In fact, the suites and some of the other rooms do have chaise lounges in their balconies.

I posted a few pictures today, till I get a chance to post something proper.

Quick trip to Dubai

Fairmont hotel Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Fairmont Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Alsoor travel agency Kuwait

NBK Travel insurane

I’m leaving to Dubai for some urgent business, it was something that came up at the last minute. I usually book my flights and hotels online, but I didn’t have time today to sit still and work on a laptop.

Since I was already in Salhiya complex, I decided to use a nearby travel agents, which also happens to be one of my old favorite travel agents: Al-Soor Travels. I went in their office, told them the details, and was out with Emirates tickets and hotel booking in hand less than 10 minutes later.

This time, I’m going to stay at the Fairmont, Palm Jumeirah. I haven’t been there before, and the only other time I Stayed at the Palm was at Atlantis. But since I couldn’t find any booking with the Jumeirah group, my favorites, I thought the Fairmont would be a good alternative.

Al-Soor Travels are perfectly located in Kuwait City, close to Salhiya complex and Opera. They’re adjacent to Salhiya cemetery, and you enter their entrance from Al-Soor street, at the corner of NBK’s branch there.

Note: I bought my tickets using my NBK World Master card. If you didn’t know this already, NBK offers you free travel insurance (including baggage delay and lose) if you buy the tickets using their credit cards. It’s an awesome service, and they do it in collaboration with Al-Ahlia insurance.

Madinat Jumeirah’s expansion pictures صور توسعة مدينة جميرا

Madinat Jumeirah Dubai is expanding. The resort city best known for Al-Qasr and Dar Al-Masyaf hotels is expanding through its phase 4 plans.

Phase 4’s cost is around Dh. 2.5 billion and should complete before the end of 2015. The expansion will add the following:

  • Luxurious 5 star 420 room hotel.
  • A complex of villas, run by Jumeirah Living.
  • Retail stores.
  • A pedestrian area.

Madinate Jumeirah is a very beautiful and luxurious resort. All of its three hotels are top class and unique, its water canals and traditional dhows add a beautiful air of tradition and culture, its 6-senses spa is one of the best in the world, and its restaurants and bars are popular and always crowded.

Madinate Jumeirah truly is an impressive and relaxing resort that guarantees you a perfect vacation without ever having to leave its gates. The new expansion is sure to continue this tradition of top luxury and world best facilities.

[Pics source].

Summer in AbuDhabi صيًف في أبوظبي

If you’re planning on a short summer vacation, somewhere close by, then AbuDhabi might be a great new destination for you.

AbuDhabi Tourism are offering several packages to attract you to spend your summer at their city; including complimentary hotel rooms for the kids, free Etihad tickets, and a bunch of world class fun activities. Between now and Sept. 15, you can enjoy a host of benefits, including the following:

  • Pay for one room and get the another one free of charge for the kids, at any of 50 hotels (including super lux hotels like Emirates Palace and St. Regis and The Fairmount).
  • Fly on Etihad Airways, and get a free kids ticket for every paying adult.
  • Enjoy fun activities like Ice Age Village, Lost City Adventure (telematch style games), Stunt Clown Academy, and Ferrari World. Check this [link] for the whole list of activities.

Here’s the [link] to the Summer in AbuDhabi site, which also includes a short brochure of everything on [offer].

Review of Choco Cafe at Hotel Missoni Kuwait

Me and my friends had lunch at Choco Cafe in Hotel Missoni. The cafe is on the hotel’s ground floor and is very spacious, with a beautiful view of the Cactus garden outside.

The cafe is very spacious and airy. It’s full of light and the layout provides a good sense of privacy. The tables are also somewhat spread apart to add to that sense of privacy. They have a few seating alternatives to suit everyones needs. They’ve got sofas, regular tables and chairs, and a nice bar stool area.

They provide you with a printed menu in addition to an iPad menu (which holds pictures and details of each dish and drink, each on its individual page). As I do with every new place I try, I order everything that I think is delicious to me on the menu. So we ended up with a Rocca salad, a bacon white sauce penne pasta, two juice cocktails, a hot chocolate concussion, a chicken avocado focaccia, and two desserts.

  • The Rocca salad was very good, I would definitely place it as one of the top in Kuwait. It comes with tiny apple strips, cubes of blue cheese, and a Balsamic concentrate.
  • The bacon penne pasta was also very delicious. It comes in a white cheese sauce, but with a strong smoked bacon flavor that does wonders in adding a great taste to what is normally a plain cheese sauce. Again, this is a dish I highly recommend.
  • I am an avid lover of avocado sandwiches, wether they were with cheese or chicken. Choco Cafe’s sandwich comes with chicken, but I asked them to add cheddar cheese to it and toast the whole sandwich well. And again, I know I’m repeating myself, this sandwich was very very delicious. I needed to add salt and pepper, which I ground freshly from the cute grinders on the table, but that’s just me. The sandwich was still great as it is. I do have to add a disclaimer, I don’t like thick foccacias, so I will try to order the sandwich in another kind of bread next time, just to see if that works better. If not, I’m still ordering it as it is (with added cheddar of course).
  • I didn’t personally try the fruit cocktails, but my friends said both drinks were very good. One was lemon with mint, and the other was called In Fior, which had fresh grapefruit and pineapple juices along with fresh ginger and orange blossom.
  • The desserts we ordered were made to order, and took roughly 15 minutes to make. I’m not a huge dessert person, but I did like my Apple Tart, which came drizzled with sweet honey and a scoop of ice-cream. I liked the tart, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say I loved it. If I did order it again, I would for sure add some more chocolate ice-cream scoops to it.
  • The other dessert we ordered was a kind of chocolate soufflé, which my friends say was great.
  • We topped off the meal with very delicious mocha hot chocolates; covered with vanilla and chocolate syrups and sprinkles of roasted coconut shavings.

I don’t know why I haven’t been to this place before. I’m now kicking myself for avoiding such a great place. It suits my taste very well, it’s both quite and elegant and serves great food. I don’t know what our bill was, because one of my friends picked up the tap. But I think the prices were very reasonable, considering the elegance of the food and the quality of its food.

I really recommend you try Choco Cafe at Hotel Missoni.

Note: Click on any of the images to flip through them all in a bigger size.

Justin Bieber Tries Out His English Accent



Justin Bieber tried to talk in an English accent for the duration of one whole interview. He was in London performing at Capital FM’s Summer-Ball concert, where he had to transfer between three different hotels. First it was The Langham, then The Landmark, till he finally settled at The Dorchester.

A Great Two Night Offer for a Quick Dubai Vacation

KD 95 p.p (including tax and charges) for 2 nights at Al-Maydan hotel in Dubai, plus a return flight ticket on Fly Dubai.

Offer valid till Aug 15th.

The Real Madrid Island Resort in Ras Al-Khaima

Spanish and world football champ club, Real Madrid, has announced its plans to open a “Real Madrid” resort island in Ras Al-Khaima, UAE.


The resort island will be a beach, water sports, football, and entertainment destination.

It will also have 60 bungalows, 50 600 sq mtr villas, a marina, a Real Madrid museum, an amusement park, and the 1st ever hologram stadium, plus another 1st ever sea-facing football stadium.


The resort island will also have a 450 room 5-star hotel, plus another 450 luxury apartments.

The resort is expected to cost $1 billion, and will officially open in Jan 2015.


Missoni Hotel Valentine Day’s Offer

Click the pictures for clearer details.