Missoni Hotel Holiday Offer

Missoni Hotel has a great offer for this holiday season, from today till Jan 7th. Here are the main offer details:

  • A double room
  • 6 Senses spa massages for two.
  • Dinner, breakfast, and minibar for two: dinner in Luna Lounge, breakfast in Cucina or in room, and unlimited minibar.
  • Unlimited laundry.
  • Internet, local calls, and newspaper.

My First Ever Stay at a Crowne Plaza Hotel

I’ve never stayed at a Crowne Plaza hotel before, and to be honest, I was very worried that it would turn out to be a horrible hotel. However, our stay turned out excellent, and I came out with a new found respect to this modern hotel chain.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Manchester City Center Hotel [link], as part of the Man United package we won from Viva-Kuwait [click here for details on how to win].

The hotel and rooms are all decorated in a modern luxurious fashion. The rooms, bathroom, lobby, and restaurant were all furnished to a very modern standard: smart, chic, and functional. While staying there, we also saw Abu Dhabi Channel’s sports people, whom also chose our hotel to stay in.

My experience with this hotel turned out to be very positive. The staff, reception, room service\housekeeping, cleanliness, location, etc. were all great. The metro station is just across the road from the hotel (to the left of the entrance, so no noise disturbance at all) as is the Arndale shopping center (one of Manchester’s largest malls). The Printworks (where the cafes and nightlife are) is just 300 meters away, and accessible through Arndale too. There are at least three great supermarkets within 50 feet, and a lot of small cafes and sandwich shops.

We had a twin room, and both beds were Queen size, which is very rarely seen in English hotels. Also, the bathroom was very modern and elegant, with both a shower room and a bathtub. In my opinion, the room and bathroom were the hotel’s best features. But honestly; even the lobby, reception, and the bar\restaurant were great.

I’m glad I got to experience Crowne Plaza, I’ve never really thought they would be this good.

Crowne Plaza Manchester City Center is rated as 8.8, fabulous 4/5 stars by 270 reviewers on booking.com; and ranked 6th out of 123 hotels in Manchester with a 4.5/5 stars by 414 reviewers by tripadvisor.com.

My Expired Schengen and Mess of Reservations

I’m supposed to be on my way to Vienna now from London. I got to the airport, only to find out that my schengen visa had expired back in July.

This is a total mess. My friend is waiting for me in Vienna, she flew today. I’ve got non-refundable hotel & BA tickets on my hands.

I’m obviously fed up so I’m trying my best to get a flight back to Kuwait ASAP. I got one via Dubai for an extra £100, with a 15 hour stopover in Dubai.

Now let me ask this. Meno 7assedni 3ala safreti? Meno eli 5a6rah eysaffer but can’t? I mean, this mess is just completely unnatural.

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Review of Cuts Churrascaria Restaurant

The other night, we were celebrating the birthday of on eof our friends, and we decided to try Cuts Restaurant at the Movenpick Hotel. And lucky us, it was Ladies Night Mondays, when ladies get 50% off the regular price.

Cuts is a South American Churrascaria style BBQ place that serves grilled meats, poultry, and fish place. They grill huge skewers of different kinds of meat cuts; ranging from beef, veal, lamb, ostrich, chicken, hamour, salmon, king prawns, and a whole lot more. They also grill a pineapple, after dipping it in honey, and this thing tastes just absolutely amazing with the grilled meats.

They get those giant skewers to your table, where they cut it fresh into your plate, then they repeat serving you till your full. The skewers go around all tables. This BBQ comes with an open salad buffet, and a collection of side dishes and sauces. For me, I thought the side dishes could be improved a little, like adding mash or baby potatoes or some rice. I would also to see some lemon butter sauce and gravy.

Now back to the ambiance of the place. Cuts has a live Columbian band consisting of two musicians who sing, play the piano and the guitar. I forgot how fun it is to dine with a live band playing in the background. Like I mentioned before, we happened to go on a Monday, so we got to use the Ladies Monday 50% discount. They also have a special seafood night every Saturday. We haven’t tried that, but a friend of a friend recommended that we do.

We had a very amazing time, the staff were super helpful and co-operative, the band was sweet and lively, the food was good, and the place was quite and nice. Cuts is located at Movenpick Hotel, Free Trade Zone.


Ladies Night at Cuts Movenpick

Every Monday night, ladies get 50% off at Cuts restaurant. It’s a South American BBQ place, includes meats and fish.

بيهدمون قصر السلام؟

من قبل كم شهر قررت الحكومة إنها تبني مجمع جابر الأحمد الثقافي و دار الأوبرا، في المنطقة اللي مابين ساحة العلم و قصر السلام بالشويخ، على مساحة ٥٠ ألف متر مربع. و لكن جريدة القبس اليوم حاطة خبر عن عزم الحكومة بناء فندق ٧ نجوم، يخصص لضيوف الدولة وقت الزيارات الرسمية و يستخدم تجاريا في الأوقات العادية

مع إنه فكرة الفندق السوبر وايد حلوة، و لكن هذا مو معناه إنهم يهدمون واحد من أحلى مباني الكويت

صورة قصر السلام مأخوذة من موقع سكاي سكرايبر

Kuwait Airways offers for Ramadan 3omra عروض الخطوط الكويتية للعمرة برمضان

Kuwait Airways have issued some great Omra packages. Two nights, three days, including fe6oor are prices at KD 290 per person in a shared room. You have a choice of two hotels: Movenpick and Rotana Al-Marwa.

SeaShell Jlai3a Resort’s Ramadan & 3eed Offers عروض منتجع سيشل جليعة لرمضان و عيد الفطر

A Super Great Offer From Jazeera for Maidan Hotel Dubai

3 nights plus ticket per person, 4 free visit to Atlantis water park, free all-day huttle to Dubai Mall & Mall of Emirates, free session at shooting range, and free wifi.  Source

Amazing Offers on the New Regency Hotel

The new Regency Hotel has great summer offers on their rooms, they start from just kd45 a night. Check it out. The hotel has like 3 beaches and 5 pools, and is totally brand new.

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