The beautiful Muslims of Britain



Everyone and their neighbor made a video of Pharrell’s Happy song. And some of them were really good, like our local Kuwaiti version [here].

But this one, done by the Muslims of Britain, is the best one ever. It’s so positive and uplifting, it’s like the best commercial for the peace and beauty of Islam.

And when the video hit a million views, they used the proceeds (I don’t know from where they got the money), but they used the money they collected to help someone anonymously. And that video is so positive and beautiful, again perfectly showing off Islam’s gracious and peaceful principles.



A new kind of Pope

Pope Francis tolerant

Pope Francis thinks the Catholic Church is too hung up on birth control, gay marriages, and abortion. He wants the church to be more of a “House for All”, rather than a smaller purer church like his predecessor. He’s advocating love and serving the poor.

What a lovely lovely plan. You think we can expect something similar from our own religious leaders? I don’t think so. Not when neighbouring Saudi is still debating whether to allow women to drive or not. Not when Syria’s Free Army beheads Assad’s soldiers in the name of Islam. And definitely not when a Sudanese woman gets whipped and lashed for wearing trousers or not wearing a head cover. Not lovely at all.

His surprising comments came in a lengthy interview in which he criticized the church for putting dogma before love, and for prioritizing moral doctrines over serving the poor and marginalized. He articulated his vision of an inclusive church, a “home for all” [link].

مقابلة د. عبدالرحمن السميط مع قناة الجزيرة

Abdulrahman Alsumait Kuwait Aljazeera channel



مقابلة أجرتها قناة الجزيرة قبل سنتان مع الشيخ عبدالرحمن السميط

عبدالرحمن السميط في ذمة الله

Abdulrahman Alsumait Kuwait

الدفان غداً الساعة ٨،٣٠ صباحاً في مقبرة الصليبيخات

فقدت الكويت أحد أعلام العمل الخيري وابنها البار الدكتور عبدالرحمن حمود السميط الذي وافاه الاجل اليوم بعد مسيرة عطاء طويلة تخطت حدود البلاد لتصل الى آفاق افريقيا حيث زرع بصمة طيبة تحكي قصة كفاح هذا الرجل في زرع البسمة على وجوه الملايين من المحتاجين والفقراء هناك.


ويعتبر الفقيد السميط شخصية كويتية رائدة في مجال العمل الخيري والاغاثي حيث أفنى عمره بهذا المجال في مختلف أنحاء العالم ولاسيما في القارة الافريقية وأصبح أحد أعلامه البارزين على مستوى العالمين العربي والاسلامي [الجريدة].

Wifi and the Isalmist Sheikh تنكت واي فاي على شيخ دين


The Grand Mosque is still closed المسجد الكبير للحين مسكر

Grand Mosque Kuwait still not ready renovations Ramadan 2013

رغم إعلان وزير العدل والأوقاف شريدة المعوشرجي استلام المسجد الكبير بعد صيانة كلفت 5 ملايين دينار تحملها الديوان الأميري، فان المسجد مازال مغلقا أمام المصلين الذين توافدوا الليلة قبل الماضية إلى المسجد لأداء صلاة التراويح، لكنهم فوجئوا بأن الوعود الحكومية في واد والواقع في واد اخر.

فالصيانة لم تكتمل. ولذلك فإن صلاة التراويح في المسجد الرئيسي غير متاحة. وسيذهب بعضهم للصلاة في الملحق -القبس.

The Grand Mosque is still closed. People weren’t able to pray Al-Tarawee7 there on the 1st day of Ramadan. They prayed outside.

Last month the government had said that the Grand Mosque would be ready for Ramadan, but now it looks like it won’t be ready till El-3ashra Al-Awa5er (last 10 days of it).

The GM was closed last year too. Renovation work cost KD 5 million, missed two Ramadans and ended up with much less capacity than before.

Number of hours people will fast around the world this Ramadan

Number of fasting hours for Ramadan around the globe

This Ramadan is going to be very very hard to fast. It’s in July, with temps reaching above 50 on most days. It’s in July, dust storms expected frequently. It’s July, the day is long at almost 15 hours.

This chart shows the number of hours people will fast around the world. The longest is in Scandinavian countries who top the chart at 21 hours. The shortest is Argentina in South America, with just 9 hours of fasting.


Emsakiya Ramadan from NBK إمساكية رمضان من البنك الوطني

Ramadan Emsakiya Kuwait NBK

مبارك عليكم الشهر مقدما و عساكم من عواده…. و الله يعيننا على صيامه السنة بهالحر  

الرجاء الضغط [هنا] لصورة أكبر و أوضح من الإمساكية 

Click [here] for a bigger and clearer Emsakiya

Update: Here’s [link] an updated more correct Emsakiya with Wednesday as the start day of Ramadan.

Official call for Jihad in Syria تجهيز غزاة للكفاح في سوريا

Kuwaiti Islamists call for fighters to Syria

This is beyond outrageous. Since when do we approve and seek the arming of citizens of other countries. Who’s to say your point of view is the best for theو? Who’s to say that the money sent will really be used to fight oppression and injustice and for defending the innocent? Don’t you think there are official, local and international, organizations more equipped to handle a dangerous assignment like this?

What worries me most is the possibility of innocent and naive Kuwaitis foolishly volunteering their own lives for a “Holy” campaign like this. Many immature Islamist extremist will let their emotions role high with such a holy call. How can they resist it, when they see a lot of the most popular Islamic leaders and politicians approve such a crazy campaign?

I’m not sure how this call for arms is not illegal in Kuwait. In fact I’m pretty sure it is illegal. I will leave you with a quote from my cousin, she summarized it in the most amazing way:

يبون يقصون على الشباب يودونهم يموتون هناك و هم الشيوخ دق عيوش بالكويت

Bravo A7lam رد أحلام على تعليق راغب علامة في فيروز



I had actually caught this segment live on TV tonight. I had MBC1 on for like 2 minutes, and by pure coincidence they were those exact two. I didn’t get the impression that Ragheb was being disrespectful to God or that he meant God couldn’t create another Fairouz. He was just praising Fairouz and meant her unique talent won’t be duplicated, as in her talent is unique and one of a kind. Just some strong words of praise, that’s all.

However, a lot of people do think he was out of line and that he did mean to trivialize God and his mighty powers. They think he meant God didn’t have the power to make another Fairouz, which is just silly and ridiculous. But for them, I say Bravo A7lam. I’m a huge fan of hers in Arab Idol, so her quick wit and strong clear reply didn’t surprise me at all. She immediately cut him off and properly replied to his comment saying “Yes, God can create anything”.