Why ban this movie

The internship movie



According to Cinescape, the Internship is banned from cinemas by the censorship dept. at the M.O. Information. I just don’t get why it’s banned. I mean the Hangover, yes I can see why that would be banned. But this movie? I just don’t get it.

Al-Manshar Mall has closed down, but Al-Kout is still open


Al-Manshar Mall in Fahaheel has officially closed down. All of its shops and restaurants, including Haagen Dazs & Johnny Rockets, have closed. A new mall will be built in its place, and that will probably take 4-5 years to complete. It’s a damn shame because Al-Manshar was one of the prettiest malls in Kuwait, had lots of character and style. It was originally renovated on top of the old 1060’s shops that originally existed there, that’s what gave it its unique old style.

Anyways, it will be demolished soon. And until the new mall is built and open, you can use the adjacent Al-Kout mall for fun and pleasure whenever you’re in Fahaheel. Al-Kout is another very pretty mall, and its water fountains and water-front cafes are absolutely beautiful and relaxing. The mall itself is rather quite during weekdays, which is a fresh change from the hustle and bustle of the Avenues and the 360 malls.

Some of the water front cafes in Al-Kout are Paul, Costa, Caribou, two italian sandwich shops, 2 other cafes, Marble Slab, and Red Mango. Inside the mall you’ve got KNCC cinema, Mango and Zara, The Athelet’s Foot, a food court, kids shops, lingerie shops, an iCity or Digits (Apple) store, and a Sultan Center Supermarket.

I’ve been going there a lot this past week, because my cat is currently being treated in the International Veterinary Hospital in Wafra. Al-Kout is the closest place to sit down for a bite to eat or to have a cup of coffee, before I have to head back to the vet place again.

The weather in Kuwait will only get better from now on,which makes visiting Al-Kout and sitting outdoors a pure hidden and quite pleasure.

The cinema is back for 3eed



The cinema is back this 3eed, after a short hiatus during Ramadan’s last 10 days. KNCC are showing a bunch of interesting movies, like the Dark Knight Rises, The Expendables 2, and Brave. They’re also showing few Indian and Arabic movies if you’re interested in that.

Make sure you book early, seats tend to sell very quickly; going to the movies is still one of the main activities people do during 3eed in Kuwait.

The Amazing Spiderman Movie is Out in Kuwait

The latest installment of the Spiderman movies is here. And it’s the first one with Spiderman being played by Andrew Garfield and not Toby Maguire, who did the first three spiderman blockbuster movies. The Amazing Spiderman just premiered a few days ago, and has already topped the charts with box office revenue of $ 85 million in under a week.

The movie is now showing in Kuwait in regular, 3D-IMAX, and 3D-Digital. Click [here] to watch its official trailer, and get your tickets from Cinescape [here].

Review of the Movie Battleship

I went to see Battleship today. I initially got excited about watching it when I saw its trailer a few weeks back, but then I read Mark’s review about the movie, and he didn’t like it much.

However, today I woke up mid-morning and lazy, and just had the urge to watch a movie. Battleship was the 1st and only early show of the day (12.30 pm), so I decided to go see it after all.

I’m so glad I did. I enjoyed the movie so much. It was both action filled and humorous at the same time, and had a lot of light human moments. The movie is well done too. All the ships, ocean, machines, and fighting and action look great; just like you were watching a tight Transformers movie, but with heart and humor.

The movie was action filled, but not too scary. It had a few lovely moments, without overdramatizing it. And the scenery, cast, and special effects are all pretty on the eyes. It’s just a fun clean movie to watch, that luckily ends in a heroic triumph.

You’ll easily recognize most of the main cast members. The star of the movie is the John Carter guy, who is also joined by his TV buddy (from Friday Night Lights). Of course, there’s Rihanna in her first movie rule, and she doesn’t suck. She’s kinda like a tiny fireball with a yoda mouth, running and fighting all the time. And if you’re a fan of True Blood, then you’ll be glad to see one of its stars in the movie too.

Finally, the movie is based on the board game Battleship. If nothing I said here entices you to see the movie, then maybe this tiny fun fact will. The movie is really good.

I had a great Battleship-movie coincidence today, because I got to see one of our very own Kuwaiti battleships while driving on Gulf Road.

Misbehaving in Movie Theaters

I went to see the Hunger Games movie last night. The movie opened up a few weeks ago, but I only decided to see it yesterday. So on my way back home from the gym, I opened up Cinescape’s iPhone app, checked if it was still on, and booked myself a ticket for the 10 o’clock show.

I’m not a movies lover. Part of it is the boredom & quietness, another part is getting stuck there with friends if the movie is bad, and a huge part is due to other people’s behavior and rudeness. My experience last night pretty much sums up why I hate going to places like movies, malls on weekends, or any other crowded place.

I find most people rude and ill-mannered, especially if you cram them together in closed or tight spaces. They just turn to wild obnoxious creatures. They start to forget their manners and civility, and begin to think that their behavior will go unnoticed among all the noisy masses around them.

My horrible experience last night is because of the rude loud people sitting in row C, seats 3-12. It was a mixed middle aged husband\wife lebanese or Syrian group. The men were the loud ones, though the ladies were quite chatty too. I don’t mind a couple quietly whispering or laughing, I honestly don’t care about such stuff. But last night was different.

The men, in seats 3 & 4 were talking (in outdoor voices) to everyone else in their row. Chatting away, commenting, laughing; just as if they were sitting in their backyard shouting to someone away from them. You don’t usually see such behavior from grownup mature people, and definitely not from a group who looks married or in relationships. The whole group laughed, talked to each other, and pretty much socialized in the middle of the movie; like a bunch of teens on the prowl to catch the opposite sex’s attention and attraction.

I’m not saying that they talked for the whole two-hours the movie was showing, but they definitely talked a lot and over and over again, very loudly and without concern to nearby people.

Obviously I wish I had said something. I wish that Cinescape had a night manager to deal with these things. I wish the ushers had more authority in directly dealing with people like these. I think I wish, the most, that I hadn’t went to the movies in the first place.

I didn’t have a problem in telling them to stay quite. But with the way they were yapping, I would’ve more likely told them to shut the hell up. I also could’ve thrown my icy drink on the obnoxious dude. I also could’ve repeatedly kicked the lady in the seat in front of me, to see how she likes that.

See what happens when you misbehave in public? You open yourself to all kinds of fair actions, including verbal blows. I personally was thinking of going combat vocal on you guys last night. Why put yourselves in silly situations like these?

My request goes to Cinescape. I bet you have this group’s reservation details on record, I saw their reserved seats when I was booking my own ticket, which probably means they did it online. Maybe you can try and call them, inform them that you’re aware they were loud and disturbing others, and that you expect them to behave in much better fashion next time.

That would be so lovely. Btw, I was sitting far and away in row B seat 10, but I still was disturbed by their noise.

The Hunger Games Beat Twilight at the Box Office



The Hunger Games movie opened this past weekend, and made more than $214 million in its opening weekend. This makes it the 3rd highest opening weekend of all time, only falling behind two non-sequel (i.e. not new) movies: the final Harry Potter and Dark Knight. With an opening weekend of more than $200 million, the movie has officially beat Twilight off the charts.

Just like Twilight, The Hunger Games is based on a trilogy novels of the same name. Its about a group of teenagers who get picked to fight till death, as part of a TV survival\entertainment show.

The movie is already out in Kuwait, and you can watch it in most CineScape cinemas.

Real Steel & Abduction in Cinemas This Weekend




Real Steel & Abduction both came out at KNCC cinemas yesterday, and they both look awesome. I personally am looking forward to watching Real Steel, shklah amazing.

Movie Popcorn

I went to the movies last night, to see Rise of the Planets of the Apes. Since I’m trying to lose weight, I was trying to be careful of the snacks I order there. I figured popcorn was the healthiest thing to get (regular not caramel). And so when I was waiting in line, I googled the calories in movie popcorn. I was shocked when I saw the numbers [link].

Movie popcorn is loaded withy more calories and fat than any McDonald’s meal. A large no-butter has 1,160 calories and 77 grams of fat!! That’s like eating a McD’s quarter pounder (with cheese) AND a Big Mac!!

The main reason why this popcorn is so loaded with fat and calories is because it’s popped in oil rather than air, that soaks everything with oil. Air popped popcorn, on the other hand, has only 30 calories and less than half a gram of fat per cup [link].

Next time I go to the movies, I’m sneaking in my own popcorn.

I’m at the Cinescape premier of The Smurfs


This movie is coming out this 3eed, and you can start booking online from tonight at cinescape.