Snoop Dogg interviews Larry King

Snoop Dogg Larry KIng rap song



Snoop Dogg has his own talk show, on the Double GG Network (GGN). I think he only hosts it on Youtube (not sure). And I think it’s a once a week show. He always looks stoned and completely chillaxed. In this episode, he’s interviewing the legendary Larry King. He’s teaching him how to rap. Together they wrote a quick rap song, right on the spot. Amazing talent.

This is part one of the interview, and you can watch the rest [here]. If you want to see other videos, then just head over to his youtube channel [here] for an electrifying mix of guests. His most recent guest is Arsenio Hall. That guy alone is quite the character. Him and Snoop together is very amusing to watch. Don’t expect to learn much from the interviews, or understand much, but they’re a good waste of free time.

Note: Video for grownups only, there’s a segment in the middle not suitable for youngsters. Just watch the first 6 minutes (that’s where the song is) if you want to skip the nasty parts.

مقابلة د. عبدالرحمن السميط مع قناة الجزيرة

Abdulrahman Alsumait Kuwait Aljazeera channel



مقابلة أجرتها قناة الجزيرة قبل سنتان مع الشيخ عبدالرحمن السميط

عبدالرحمن السميط في ذمة الله

Abdulrahman Alsumait Kuwait

الدفان غداً الساعة ٨،٣٠ صباحاً في مقبرة الصليبيخات

فقدت الكويت أحد أعلام العمل الخيري وابنها البار الدكتور عبدالرحمن حمود السميط الذي وافاه الاجل اليوم بعد مسيرة عطاء طويلة تخطت حدود البلاد لتصل الى آفاق افريقيا حيث زرع بصمة طيبة تحكي قصة كفاح هذا الرجل في زرع البسمة على وجوه الملايين من المحتاجين والفقراء هناك.


ويعتبر الفقيد السميط شخصية كويتية رائدة في مجال العمل الخيري والاغاثي حيث أفنى عمره بهذا المجال في مختلف أنحاء العالم ولاسيما في القارة الافريقية وأصبح أحد أعلامه البارزين على مستوى العالمين العربي والاسلامي [الجريدة].

Google doodle honors Warda

Google doodle warda aljaza2eriya



Google honored the famous Arab singer Warda Al-Jazae’riya in celebration of her 74th birthday. Warda died last year, and was given a state funeral at her home country of Algeria.

Hillary Clinton finally joins Twitter

Hillary Clinton joins twitter first tweet

Check out her first tweet. So badass. “I’ll take it from here”. It’s right up there with the Terminator’s “I’ll be back”. And will you check out President Clinton’s shout out to her?! That’s pretty awesome too!

The guy and gal she’s thanking were the ones who created the hilarious Texts From Hillary on tumblr. Former US First Lady\Former Secretary of State\Former Senator got a healthy sense of humor.

Messi & Argentina’s Football team arrive in Saudi Arabia



Argentina’s national football team arrived in Saudi Arabia last night, to play a friendly match against Saudi’s national team. Messi, who’s probably the best football payer ever, was with the team too.

The airport arrival and reception started off ok, but then some crowd gathering took place. You can see Messi cringing from the rifle pointed at his face.

The Saudis are super excited about the game, and about Messi in particular. They’ve even got a ميسي# hash tag, which you totally should really check out for a few good laughs.

We wish the Saudi team the best of luck. Hopefully they’ll be able to miraculously draw with Argentina. If not (let’s face it, that’s probably not gona happen), then we wish they lose with the least number of goals.

[Pic credit].

Google doodles Al-Razi

Google’s latest doodle is about Muslim physician Al-RAzi. We all know his name pretty well, as Kuwait’s major Orthopedic hospital is named after him.

The blind Olympian Archer from Korea

There is a blind athlete competing in archery at the London Olympics.

I watched the archery preliminaries yesterday morning, and he scored 699. According to the announcer, it was like the highest score there. Turns out, it was a new individual world record.

Anyways, I didn’t know that this 699 point guy WAS the blind athlete in question. He didn’t look blind, he wasn”t wearing black glasses (or any glasses for that matter), and there was nothing about him to point him out as the blind guy.

Actually, the only thing strange about him was that he never looked into the telescope to check how his throw was, unlike all the others who immediately looked into the tele to check their arrows. I just thought he so skilled and confident, he didn’t need to check his throw.

The Archer is called Im Dong-Hyon, and he’s from South Korea. He’s already set a new world record at the London Olympics, and already has two Olympics gold medals from 2004 & 2008, as part of Team Korea. AND he’s aiming for an individual one this time.

He only has 10% vision in his left eye and 20% in his right eye, which makes him legally blind. He can’t see the lines and circles he’s supposed to hit with his arrows, he can only see the blurred colors. He says he aims at the “Bright Yellow Blub”.

Google Doodle celebrates Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart wiki [link]

Mosalsal Omar is MBC’s biggest production ever