Kuwait Comic Con starts tomorrow

Q8Con Kuwait ComicCon 2014

Q8Con, our local version of Comic Con, is taking place tomorrow and friday (Feb. 6-7) at the AbdulAziz Hussain Center in Mishref. Map [link].

Check their twitter and instagram for more info.

The M.O. Youth screws the youth عيب عليكم يا وزارة الشباب

 Fikra M.O. Youth Kuwait Japanese pop culture festival problem 2  Fikra M.O. Youth Kuwait Japanese pop culture festival problem

Kuwait had a Japanese Pop culture festival 10 days ago. It was held at Kuwait’s National Library, and was a smash hit.

The festival was organized by Fikra, a local company, with the help of other Kuwaiti youth. The Ambassador of Japan came to the event because of his prior relations to Fikra, and he was the one who supplied the venue through the Cultural council. While the M.O.Youth just sent an undersecretary, and that was the extent of the ministry’s involvement in thr festival.

Anyways, the M.O.Youth took credit of this hugely successful event, and claimed it organized the whole festival. Reducing the efforts of Fikra and friends to that of associates or volunteers. The ministry later half tried to correct this, slightly amending their claim to a more honest one.

The festival took months of hard work and expenses to get it organized successfully. Contacting people and businesses, getting the cubicles and booths setup, organizing the costume and anime contests and prizes, and getting the display objects. All that took a great deal of effort and money.

If this festival was in Dubai, it wold be the kind that gets the personal appearance of Sh. Mohammad Bin Rashid. But here in Kuwait, the Ministry shamelessly robs the efforts of the young youth instead of supporting them. Shame on you.

Japanese Popculture Festival مهرجان شبابي لثقافة البوب اليابانية

Japanese popculture event Kuwait

Japanese Pop Culture Festival in Kuwait this Thursday and Friday, at the National Library of Kuwait.

Sept. 12 and 13, from 6 pm.

The festival will hold  exciting and fun activities like: Anime Drawing, Figure Modeling, CosPlay contest (think Comicon), and Shadowloo showdown qualifiers (games listed below).

The festival is a must for all fans of Japanese Pop Culture, be anime or serious gaming. It’s a unique festival to have in Kuwait, a must see fun hip event for family and youth It definitely something new and fresh. It’s an official event is organized by Fikra Events, in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan and the M.O. Youth Affairs.

  • The games played will be : Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ver. 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and King of Fighters XIII.
  • First prize (three of them, one for each game) is an all expense paid trip (Hotel, Plane, and seed) to Melbourne, Australia to participate in Shadowloo Showdown 2013. 
  • Tickets for the qualifiers cost Kd 10, you can buy them from Bou Saleh Hobbies at Muthana Complex, Mezzanine 22405086  or from Fikra on 97603181.
  • Cash prizes will be offered to the top 3 winners in the Anime drawing and CosPlay competitions. Call 99211287 or 97603181 to participate in CosPlay.

بالتعاون مع وزارة الدولة لشئون الشباب و سفارة اليابان, تعلن (فكرة) عن المهرجان الياباني

(Japanese Pop Culture Festival)

الذي سيقام في المكتبة الوطنية في يوم الخميس و الجمعة 12 و 13 سبتمبر من الساعة 6 مساء

يتضمن المهرجان مسابقة رسمم (انيمي), مسابقة (كوسبلاي), مسابقة تركيب المجسمات, و بطولة العاب الفيديو

للمزيد من المعلومات الاتصال على 97603181 او تابعونا على موقع التواصل الاجتماعي

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube @FikraKW

The National Library is the huge beautiful building on Gulf Road, opposite Seif Palace and Amiri Diwan, just before Slider Station and Pizzeta [map].

Mama’s Kitchen home delivery

Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 1   Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 2

Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 3   Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 4

Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 5   Mama'a Kitchen Kuwait food home delivery 6

The concept is based on a 100% Kuwaiti tradition that celebrates the love and warmth of families uniting over meals and experiencing the true flavors of a well thought out menu that can be found in every mother’s home!
From appetizers to desserts, we produce only the finest of foods, without any compromise on the quality, and using only the best fresh market ingredients. Made with love and served with passion, the concept is designed to appeal to all generations.
Appetizers & mains serve 4-5 people. Desserts serve 8-10.
Mama’s Kitchen phone number is 94444911 & instagram is @mamaskitchen_kw
At this point it is delivery only and all orders must be made a day in advance to avoid disappointment.

Haa Designs collection launch at Harvey Nichols postponed

Haa design collection launch delay Harvey Nichols Kuwait

The launching of Haa Designs collection at Harvey Nichols, originally scheduled for tomorrow, has been postponed for a day till Monday July the 8th.

The delay is due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond their control.

Haa Designs Collection launch at Harvey Nichols

Haa Designs Collection at Harvey Nichols Kuwait

Update: The launch has been postponed to Monday July 8th due to uncontrolled circumstances.

Haa Design’s collection will be launched at Harvey Nichols this week, on Sunday July 7th from 9am-noon. Haa is a local Kuwaiti  fashion designer, and one of the best ones at the moment. Don’t miss a chance to get your hands on exclusive and classy designs.

New seasoned grilled chicken from Americana




Americana has introduced some new chicken dishes, ready seasoned chicken breasts in three different flavors: Tikka, Italian herbs, and lemon pepper.

The boxes contain 4 pieces and are sold for approx. 2kd.

Time Lapse Kuwait in Motion


بتقنية التايم لابس او «الفاصل الزمني» وبمناسبة الأعياد الوطنية انتشر على المدونات ومواقع التواصل الاجتماعي ڤيديو قصير تحت عنوان «الكويت فقط» من تصوير داود العلي وهو عبارة عن لقطات متميزة للكويت تم تصويرها في أبراج الكويت والمنطقة الحرة ومجمع مارينا مول وغيرها من الأماكن السياحية في الكويت.

Thanks RS for the post.

Unique paintings by local artist, Ahmad Al-Ghanim

Thouq shop Mubarakiya paitings Kuwait 2 Thouq shop Mubarakiya paitings Kuwait 4

Thouq shop Mubarakiya paitings Kuwait 5 Thouq shop Mubarakiya paitings Kuwait

Thouq shop Mubarakiya paitings Kuwait 6 Thouq shop Mubarakiya paitings Kuwait 3

Update: When I said paintings, I didn’t mean oil and water color ones. These are digitally designed posters of art. Sorry for the confusion.

This selection of interesting paintings are done by a local Kuwaiti artist, named Ahmad Al-Ghanim. I found them at Thouq Shop in Mubarakiya area.

There’s a semi-big selection of medium and large paintings, all following the same amusing and witty vibrant-colored theme. My personal favorites are the Sheishaman, UmKalthoum, and the Kaifi painting. Prices are from KD 45-70, for the med and large ones respectively; and they’re come sold with thick frames.

The shop is filled with many other cute things, like locally designed T-shirts and sweatpants, bracelets, ashtrays, mugs, and some cool traditional Kuwaiti books. I’ll post about them soon.

You can find the shop in Mubarakiya area, in a tiny alley between the big and white Kuwait RE parking building and Sarareef St.

Thouq is widely known, and you should check out their online men style magazine. The shop itself is new, and was just recently opened a few days ago. You can also check them out on Twitter or Instagram for more details, or call on Tel. 65656560.

Dukkan the new Kuwaiti Baqala

Dukkan new Kuwaiti baqala

Dukkan is the new kind of Kuwaiti baqala. They have seven branches so far, and an one more on the way. They’re located in Hawalli, Bnaid Al-Gar, Salmiya, Mahboula, and Sharq. Check them out, click [here] for a location map of their branches.