Britain cancels Visa for Kuwaitis? بريطانيا تلغي الفيزا للكويتيين؟

Rumor Britain cancels visa for Kuwait

Take this exciting news with a huge grain of salt, Al-Siyasa is not a solid reliable newspaper.  It would be nice though to finally be rid of the long and expensive procedure Kuwaitis take to get the Visa.

Miss Saigon is coming back

Miss Saigon musical poster



The legendary West End musical, Miss Saigon, will be back in London starting next May. It originally ran for a whole decade, from 1989 to 1999, turning into Broadway show too. It’s the 12th longest running musical in London theater history. Its production was mind-blowing, it had a real helicopter land on stage as it carried the last of the American soldiers out of Saigon.

Five Guys now open in London too

Five Guys now open in LondonFive Guys London now open

It looks like Shake Shack wasn’t the only American burger joint to open in London this week.

Five Guys just opened its first ever UK store on America’s Independence Day, Thursday the 4th of July. And just like Shake Shack, Five Guys opened in Covent Garden, specifically on Long Acre, halfway between Leicester Sq. and the historic Covent Garden Piazza.

Five Guys opened this last Thursday, a day before Shake Shack did. Great timing.

Pic credit: taken from FG’s FB and official UK website.

Shake Shack now open in London

Shake Shack opens in London Covent Garden 2Shake Shack opens in London Covent Garden

One of my friends, who’s in London right now, informed me that Shake Shack just opened in London’s Covent Garden. It opened yesterday morning in  Covent Garden’s historic Piazza. People were lining up for more than an hour to place an order. I love Shake Shack, and I hated that they didn’t have branches in London or the west coast. Now at least  London is covered.

Though if I was on London, I would most probably be having burgers at Byron (mainly because we’re saturated with Shake Shacks in Kuwait, don’t crave it much when I’m traveling). Byron is a local English chain that opened in 2007, and serves some amazing burgers and fries. They have plenty of branches around central London including soho, Haymarket, and Covent Garden.

I’ve written about Byron before (and posted delicious pictures), you can check it out [here].

[1st pic credit].

Google doodles London Olympics’ diving

It looks like we’ll be having a lot of those Google London Olympic Doodles. This is the 3rd or 4th doodle so far, in just 2 days. YOu can see the 1st one [here].

The blind Olympian Archer from Korea

There is a blind athlete competing in archery at the London Olympics.

I watched the archery preliminaries yesterday morning, and he scored 699. According to the announcer, it was like the highest score there. Turns out, it was a new individual world record.

Anyways, I didn’t know that this 699 point guy WAS the blind athlete in question. He didn’t look blind, he wasn”t wearing black glasses (or any glasses for that matter), and there was nothing about him to point him out as the blind guy.

Actually, the only thing strange about him was that he never looked into the telescope to check how his throw was, unlike all the others who immediately looked into the tele to check their arrows. I just thought he so skilled and confident, he didn’t need to check his throw.

The Archer is called Im Dong-Hyon, and he’s from South Korea. He’s already set a new world record at the London Olympics, and already has two Olympics gold medals from 2004 & 2008, as part of Team Korea. AND he’s aiming for an individual one this time.

He only has 10% vision in his left eye and 20% in his right eye, which makes him legally blind. He can’t see the lines and circles he’s supposed to hit with his arrows, he can only see the blurred colors. He says he aims at the “Bright Yellow Blub”.

Saudi Arabia won big in London Olympics السعوديات على راسي

Saudi Arabia got a huge boost in respect and admiration tonight, for allowing Saudi women to participate in the Olympics for the first time ever.

Twitter is filled filled with tweets like this one, with people admiring SA for finally progressing forward towards gender equality and respect.

The whole world is watching the London Olympics, and got to watch this historical moment for Saudi women. You can’t buy this kind of positive promotion.

Way to go Saudi and more way to go King Abdullah.

[Pic credit].

Bahrain are the best dressed at the London Olympics عاشت البحرين

  • Beautiful: A Bahraini woman carried the Bahraini flag.
  • More beautiful: Bahrain was the best dressed inLondon, and presented the best of their traditional fashion and culture.

Way to Bahrain. You looked awesome!!

Google doodle the London Olympics إفتتاح أوليمبياد لندن اليوم

The London Olympics 2012 starts off today.

The opening ceremony is at 11 pm Kuwait time.

Happy viewing to all.

A Red London bus does the pushups



تزامنا مع افتتاح أولمبياد لندن، قام الفنان الشيكي المثير للجدل ديفيد سيرني ” David Cerny ” بتحويل باص لندن التقليدي موديل1957 إلى تحفة فنية، وعرضه في اسلينغتون شمال لندن.

وجعل له يدان عبر رافعات يمكن رفع الباص للأعلى والأسفل كالذي يمارس رياضة الضغط، يترافق معها أصوات وعروض فيديو [المصدر].