Kuwaiti songs playlist for our National Day



Here’s a youtube playlist of great patriotic Kuwaiti songs. I know it’s a lazy solution, but you’ll be amazed at how many people don’t have a playlist like this for today and tomorrow. So just open the video and hit “Play All”, and connect your phone or laptop to speakers. Just like that, you’ll have 30 great sings back to back nonstop.

Bollywood MBC قناة بوليوود الجديدة من إم بي سي

Bollywood MBC new channel

MBC is launching a new Bollywood channel.

It’s coming soon, just saw its first ad on MBC2.

Zahed Sultan’s Little Girl album on iTunes



Local music talent, Zahed Sultan (who’s also an environmental entrepreneur and owner of ReUse), has a new album on iTunes. The album features 3 different mixes of Tamtam’s single “Little Girl”, which is produced by him. Click [here] for the iTune album link.

Zahed is the first Kuwaiti musicians to have his music played on MTV and VH1, and also on an episode of CSI.

Kuwaiti Wonder Boy

Mo BenEssa Debbie Aramide music video



This song is called “Wonder Boy” by Debbie Aramide, and the wonder boy in this video is a Kuwaiti. His looks are pure local male Kuwaiti looks, which I think is something fresh to see in western music videos. Obviously he looks Hispanic, so maybe it’s not that entirely fresh, but I still love it and I think he looked great.

This is a well done video, the song doesn’t suck, and at the end of it, the male protagonist (our local talent) is projected as a hero. Fresh or not, that’s pretty awesome.

So bravo Kuwaiti Wonder Boy (aka Mo BenEssa).

Concert News: Rihanna in Abu Dhabi in October

Rihanna concert in Abu Dhabi October 2013

Rihanna will perform a concert in Abu Dhabi on October 19th of this year, as part of her Diamonds world tour. Tickets are from Dh. 250 to 1,300.

Get your tickets early if you plan to attend, big international performers like Rihanna tend to sell out quickly. Click [here] for tickets and details.

April’s Top Ten songs



This is a short medley of last month’s top ten songs. The guy who makes this list has been away for a year, so this is the 1st update in a while, though I’m not very sure that all songs are fresh. However, if he’s back for real, then these are indeed the top ten hits of last month.

Check it out if you’re looking for some new music. My personal favs this month are: Feel This Moment by Christina Aguilera, and Can’t Hold Us and Thrift Shop both Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Our new National Anthem? نشيدنا الوطني الجديد؟



Composer Ahmad Al-Naqeeb changed the musical score of our Kuwaiti national anthem a little. You can listen to the new melody for the 1st 30 seconds of this video, which then changes to the “Melody of The Nations”.

The Man City Harlem Shake



Here’s Man City FC doing the annoying Harlem Shake. Though I got to admit, theirs was cute.

Beyonce’s wow wow wow world tour commercial

Beyonce Mrs Carter world tour 2013



Beyonce is on fire. She stuns us again and channels her french Louis XVI in this amazing and grandeur  commercial for her concerts in the O2 arenas in London and Dublin, coming next April & May.

She gave us an electrifying show at the SuperBowl yesterday, and still manages to do it again with this WOW commercial. The ad is B.B.Beautiful.

This goes out to the biggest Nickie M fan out there: N.M. storms out of American Idol



Gotta love Diva Mariah: “That was my move, I should’ve done that”. Too late queen soul, Nickie M. beat youto the punch.