Concert News: Rihanna in Abu Dhabi in October

Rihanna concert in Abu Dhabi October 2013

Rihanna will perform a concert in Abu Dhabi on October 19th of this year, as part of her Diamonds world tour. Tickets are from Dh. 250 to 1,300.

Get your tickets early if you plan to attend, big international performers like Rihanna tend to sell out quickly. Click [here] for tickets and details.

Beyonce’s wow wow wow world tour commercial

Beyonce Mrs Carter world tour 2013



Beyonce is on fire. She stuns us again and channels her french Louis XVI in this amazing and grandeur  commercial for her concerts in the O2 arenas in London and Dublin, coming next April & May.

She gave us an electrifying show at the SuperBowl yesterday, and still manages to do it again with this WOW commercial. The ad is B.B.Beautiful.

3eed Al-Ath7a concerts حفلات عيد الأضحى بالكويت


Majed Al-Mohamdes and Asma2 Al-Monawwar on the 2nd night of 3eed Al-Ath7a

ماجد المهندس و أسماء المنور ثاني أيام عيد الأضحى

Abdulla Al-Ruwaishid and Fahad Al-Kebaisi on the 3rd night of 3eed Al-Ath7a

عبدالله الرويشد و فهد الكبيسي ثالث أيام عيد الأضحى

Justin Bieber’s flying wings



Fast forward to 3:20, that’s when the teen music sensation descends on his believers on angelic wings.

Concert News: Justin Bieber in Dubai next May


Click [here] for tickets and other information.

Concert News: Pitbull in Dubai this Weekend

Pitbull is performing in Dubai this Friday June 29th. at the Dubai World Center on Sh. Zayed Rd. 

Tickets are priced from Dh 300-600, click [here] for more info. and how to get tickets.

Concert News: JLo in Dubai This November

The concert is on November 22nd. Click [here] for more info and on how to get tickets.

FYI, Zuhair Murad will be dressing JLo on this tour.

Video of Madonna’s Quasi Religious Opening Act in AbuDhabi



Madonna kicked off her first ever Arabian concert in AbuDhabi tonight. She came on stage 90 minutes late, but the fans didn’t mind that at all, they still went crazy for her. Her opening act lasted a good five minutes, and was pure catholic, both in music and costumes.

Viva Abu Dhabi for having Madonna in all her glory. Ah ya 7asaftich ya Kwait.

Here’s another vid of Madonna in AbuDhabi, this time with “Like a Prayer”:


Pics & Vid of Madonna Rehearsing for her MDNA Concert in Israel





Madonna kicks off her MDNA world tour in Israel in just a few days. Here are some pictures [link] of her rehearsing in Israel and of her dress rehearsal [link], plus a video of her super huge stage.

I think we can expect the same elaborate extravaganza when she hits AbuDhabi next week for her concerts there.


Concert News: The Eagles in Dubai Next Month


Click here for tickets and details.