Quality Net’s special National Celebrations discount

Quality Net Hala Feb prices offer 2

If you missed Quality Net’s super savings at InfoConnect last month [link], then this is your chance again to renew your DSL packages at great cheap prices. The special offers cover the 12 and 18 month subscriptions.

Here’s a sample of their special offers:

Quality Net Hala Feb prices offer

QualityNet’s InfoConnect DSL offers

Qualitynet 2014 InfoConnect DSL pricesI think the offers are pretty amazing, not to mention dirt cheap. I paid KD225 last Feb. for my 6 Mbps from them, and now it’s just KD49. That’s like 80% off last year’s prices. And you get a free gift too (usually a router or an external HD).

Prices are valid during InfoConnect, which runs through Feb. 1st (i.e. this Saturday, the day after tomorrow). Don’t miss out of this great offer.

Free iPhone & iPad with Viva آيباد و آيفون ببلاش من فيفا

Viva all inclusive offer with free iphone ipad and router

This ia an amazing offer from Viva. The offer provides you with free gadgets like a free iPhone, iPad and a router; all included in one single 18 month mobile\internet package.

That’s gadgets and internet are worth  Kd 1,150, which get  for just KD 865. Add to this the cost of call minutes, and you’ll be getting services and gadgets for KD 865 instead of KD 1,300.

That’s a savings of KD 450, enough to buy you a brand new Retina MacBook Pro for free (and throw in a free plastic cover too).

Here are the details and my personal estimate of the price of gadgets and internet included:

  • Free iPhone 5 (worth KD 190).
  • Free iPad 16 GB wireless (worth KD 150).
  • Free LTE router (worth KD 50).
  • Mobile LTE internet (KD 145).
  • Home internet (KD 360).
  • Router internet (KD 235)

And remember, you can now  move your number from your present carrier to a new one; so you don’t even have to change your number to get this offer.

I don’t normally go for combined gadget\services offers, but this one is attractive and hard to ignore. There’s no hidden conditions, and all gadgets are the latest ones.

Viva all inclusive offer vs. zain & quality netNote 1: I use Zain for my mobile phone, mobile internet, and router internet. And I use Quality Net for my home internet.

Note 2: The offer includes 300 free messages per month, which I didn’t factor in because no one uses SMS much anymore. 

Get your hair done for free today تصفيف شعر مجاني اليوم

Unique Beauty Ladies Hair Salon Kuwait

NBK’s free travel insurance: It Works

NBK free travel insurance

NBK offers free travel insurance if you book your flight tickets using their credit cards. I’ve never had a chance to test their insurance till my recent trip to the US. I had accidentally cut my finger with a sharp blade and had to go to the ER, and my bill was $2,000 (which I later managed to negotiate down to $780).

Since I always book my tickets through NBK, I decided to check if my injury was covered. And it turned out that yes, it was covered. I get $50,000 for emergency medical coverage.

So when I got back to Kuwait, I got the documents ready (like scanning my passport and sending the original medical report) and sent it to Al-Ahlia Insurance (NBK’s insurance buddy). It took them a week to reimburse me the full amount (less $100 deductible).

Here’s a link to NBK’s travel insurance page, and here’s a list of what incidents are covered (and amounts offered) by NBK’s travel insurance:

NBK free travel insurance coverage amounts

Wataniya’s Blackberry Z10 offers

Wataniya Kuwait Blackberry Z10 offerWataniya Kuwait Blackberry Z10 price detail

Prices are for an 18 month contract

Zain’s Blackberry Z10 offers

Zain Kuwait offers Blackberry z10

Zain Kuwait offers Blackberry z10 price details

Great deal on Samsung Galaxy camera from Sheeel.com

Samsung Galaxy Camera sheeel deal

Update: Frankom just informed me that the camera has already sold out at sheeel.com. On a more positive note, he also thinks the price might go down to KD 125-130 in regular shops in the near future.

I had just commented on this very camera the other day, and here we are with a great offer on it from Sheeel.com. This magnificent Android Jelly Bean camera is being sold for just KD 129, a one day offer from Sheeel.com.

You should take advantage of this amazing offer, you can check my previous post to get to know the camera a bit better. And to watch Frankom’s video review of it.

P.S.: The same camera is being sold on amazon for $588, the equivalent of KD 167. That’s almost a 25% cheaper, and without having to pay shipping or custom charges either.

Business lunch offer from Upper Crust


Enjoy the offer, it’s a good one. My favorite pizza there is the Swellesley, but only if you like hot spicy food.

Great offer on Galaxy Note 2 from Sheeel.com


Click here for this amazing offer before it gets sold out. The phone is great, and its camera is just the best out there.