IKEA online catalogues for 2015

IKEA Kuwait online catalogue 2015 Arabic   IKEA Kuwait online kitchens catalogue 2015

IKEA Kuwait online closets catalogue 2015   IKEA Kuwait online bathrooms catalogue 2015

General store catalogue [link]

Kitchen catalogue [link]

Closets catalogue [link]

Bathroom catalogue [link]

Just note that all catalogues linked are in Arabic. If you want the English versions, just click [here].

Hitting Google’s Pinata

Google doodle Pinata 2 Google doodle Pinata

Head over to google.com. They have an interactive Pinata game today. It’s so cute and fun.

IKEA 2014 catalogue out now and available online

Ikea 2014 catalogue  Ikea 2014 catalogue Arabic

النسخة العربية

English version

Yahoo’s new logo

Yahoo new logo

For the past week, the logo on my yahoo email was changing daily. Everyday I had a new logo. Apparently, Yahoo was having a bit of fun with us for the past month. Turns out the Co. has completely (and now officially) overhauled its logo.



Instagram’s first ever movie trailer



This is the first ever movie trailer posted on Instagram, using its new video feature that was introduced last month. The groundbreaking movie trailer is for Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs movie.

Pre-order PlayStation 4 from Amazon

Amazon Sony Playstation 4 release date pre order

Pre-order the new PlayStation 4 from Amazon, for the cheap cheap price of $400, and get it by New Year’s Eve.

Yes this New Year’s Eve.

In just 6 short months.

So so lame.

Pic Monkey photo editor, a whole lot easier than photoshop

Pic Monkey photo picture online editor

PicMonkey is an online photo editor. It’s easy, fast, fun, and whimsical. It’s a whole lot easier and faster than iPhoto on the Mac, and a million times easier than Photoshop. If all you want are simple changes to your pictures, then you’ll definitely like this site.

Pic Monkey online editor 12  Pic Monkey online editor 11  Pic Monkey online editor 10  Pic Monkey online editor 6

Pic Monkey online editor 5  Pic Monkey online editor 3  Pic Monkey online editor 2  Pic Monkey online editor 1

It’s got a tone of funny effects like zombies and vampires, and cool ones like light strobes and sky stars. Some other features I really like are the: eyeliner, weight loss (imagine that), eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, nip and tuck (cute name), and hair highlights (didn’t know you could do that). It’s like working with a super charged Instagram, and it’s just as fun.

PicMonkey light strobe effect  PicMonkey space stars effect  PicMonkey Smug effect

These pics here are with smudgy, sky stars, and light strobe effects.

I only tried the site a few times and I haven’t even registered for it, that’s why I have the monkey stamp on the pictures. When I want to edit a pic, I just go to the site and upload a pic (takes 2 seconds). And when I’m through with my editing, I just snap a screenshot and close the window (instead of signing in), and I’m done.

booking.com weird hotel adn destination recommendations

This was the original pic I worked with today. It was a random thing of booking.com’s recommendations. I found it ironic they got Madina and Vegas on top of each other. It’s like they’re telling me to go to sin city then purge my sins in Madina.  See what I mean by ironic? They ain’t funny. 

Here’s the [link] to PicMonkey, enjoy.

Cheapest price for Samsung S4 LTE in Kuwait


I believe this is the cheapest price right now for the new Samsung S4 LTE phone in Kuwait. This attractive deal can be found on sheeel.com till stocks last. You should buy it ASAP if you really want it, great deals don’t last long on this site. KD180 is a pretty good price for this technologically advanced phone.

Great deal for Samsung S4 LTE

Samsung Galaxy s4 LTE Kuwait best deal

Sheeel.com has a great deal on the new Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE phone. They’re selling it for just KD 193, and you can get it in both white or black.

  • xCite sells them for Kd 222. Your savings are KD 30 or 13%.
  • Blink.com.kw sells them for KD 205. Your savings are KD 12 or 6%.

The savings might not seem much, but if you’re really in the market for this new phone, then you’ll like getting it cheaper.

Sheeel.com now sells Tom Ford’s perfumes

Sheeel.com perfume sales Kuwait

This is a real improvment. Sheeel.com are now selling Tom Ford’s perfumes, in addition to their daily amazing deals.

Black Orchid is a perfume my son is very interested in. We were at the Tom Ford boutique at the Avenues last month checking it out.  I hated the scent. My taste leans more towards the more sophisticated Arabian Oud than this awful perfume. But that’s differing personal tastes I guess. Either way, kudus to Sheeel.com for expanding into more attractive and realistic shopping options.

Anyways, the 100 ml is being sold for less than KD 50 on sheeel.com. Click this [link] to buy one TODAY.

Btw, today’s sheeel.com deal is the Samsung Galaxy camera which they’re selling for just KD 101. I’ve written about this very camera twice before [here] and [here], and it’s an absolute steal at this price. The site was selling it for KD 130 back in Jan.

Sheeel.com Samsung Galaxy camera deal May 2013