Need help finding a new Gym

Steam Ladies gym Kuwait  Rush Ladies Gym Kuwait  Alhamra Thermae ladies gym Kuwait

I’m looking for a new gym to join, preferably one with a pool (but not a must if the gym is really great). These are the three new gyms that I like, but each of them has some negatives (no pool, price, don’t open on Fridays… etc) and some positives (personal trainers, full gym\spa, quite… etc). Rush is located in Salhiya, Thermae in AlHamra mall in Kuwait City, and Steam is in Yarmouk.

There are a others that I haven’t included (like the 360 mall one), because I know I won’t join them (imagine finding a parking spot in 360!).

So if you have any recommendations or if you know of other gyms that might be good, then please let me know.

One of my videos will be shown on UK’s Channel 4!!



A UK company doing a movie for England’s Channel 4 wants to use this video of mine in their movie. That’s like insanely awesome!! Wickedly awesome!!

The movie’s about the UK if a power outage ever occurs on a grand scale there. Kinda like the tv show “Revolution” I guess. Whatever the story is, I am super duper giddy about it. I haven’t been excited about my blog in so long, so this truly is like the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

Mozart Bonbon Balls 7  Mozart Bonbon Balls 6

This isn’t the first time one of my stuff is shown internationally. These two pics grace the cd album art of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, for one of their Mozart performances.

I’m just lovin’ this!

Medical Emergency care in the US

Sharp Memorial Hospital San Diego

Update 1: My bill was reduced to $780, after negotiating with the hospital. Thank you for that.

Update 2: I got my money back with NBK’s free travel insurance, through Al-Ahlia Insurance Co.

I had a terrible kitchen accident here in the US a few nights ago.

I severely cut my finger trying to wash a new food processor. I’m visiting here so I don’t have medical insurance coverage. But even without that, I never expected my bill to be this enormous. All in all, I was charged $2,000 for a cut that didn’t even require suturing or stitching. The bill might even be more expensive, but I won’t know for sure till after 10 days.

Like I said, I’m on holiday in the USA so I don’t have medical insurance. But I do make sure that I pay for my tickets using NBK’s credit cards because they offer free travel insurance, so obviously I’m seriously hoping that tha insurance works out. I guess we’ll find out in a couple of weeks’ time if it’s real or not.

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Kuwaiti ministers meeting with Bloggers

الوضع في هذا البلد…

النواب يجتمعون في الجاخور!

النواب والوزراء يجتمعون في مزرعة!

والوزراء والشباب يجتمعون في مقهى!

الحكومة تركت أعمالها لتجلس مع الشباب في المقاهي، و«تسولف» معهم، وتقدم لهم رؤية الحكومة المستقبلية، كون الحكومة الرشيدة، العتيدة،الرقيقة، الجميلة… من المهتمين بجيل الشباب!

لا اعرف من اهداهم فكرة الاجتماع الطريف مع مجموعة من الشباب في «الكوفي شوب»، ولكن ما اعرفه ان الحكومة ليس المفروض منها ان تجلس مع مجموعة منتقاة بعناية من الشباب – الذين يرشحهم المستشار العبقري – وتحل مشاكلهم، وتربت على ظهورهم، فهي سلطة تنفيذية كما اعرف وليسو «ابلات» في حضانة للاطفال، او اخصائيين نفسيين واجتماعيين، يحلون مشكلات الشباب! على الوزراء ان يجلسوا مع اصحاب الاختصاص، ليقرأوا الدراسات ويطلعوا على الاحصائيات، وعلى ضوئها يقررون ويعملون… وفي وقت الفراغ بامكانهم الذهاب الى اي «كوفي شوب»، ويحكون قصص ليلى والذيب، والاميرة والاقزام السبعة لمن يحبون!

اما اذا الحكومة مصرّة على الجلسات الشبابية، فاعتقد يفترض بها ان تذهب الى مقاهي ودواوين الجهراء وتنزل الى الصليبخات وصباح الناصر والرميثية وسلوى والاحمدي لتعرف بالضبط اهتمامات الشباب وتطلعاتهم بدل من الجلوس مع عينة مختارة وفقا للمزاج!

استعذت بالله مما كتبت، وقلت لعلهم قالوا شيئا مفيدا، وكنت قاسيا، وراجعت تصريحات الوزراء في اجتماعهم:

العبد الله وزير البلدية، قال بان الحكومة تدرس اسقاط فوائد القروض، في الوقت نفسه وزير المالية المختص يقول، لا رؤية ولا تصور للحكومة لاسقاط القروض!

الصالح قال انه «يتوقع» ان تشهد التجارة نقلة نوعية… والوزير هنا يتوقع ويتنبأ وكأنه عرّاف، أو قارئ فنجان، لا وزير يملك المعلومة، ولديه خطط واضحة! 

والحجرف أعطانا معلومة وقال، ان البلد مر بظروف استثنائية… الله اكبر ظهر الحق، وزهق الباطل، وعرفنا ان البلاد كانت تمر بظرف استثنائي، وعلى الظرف طابع حكومي!

لا اطيل عليكم، ولا اريد ان «اضيق» خلقكم في العطلة، ولكن بما ان الحكومة الرشيدة والوزراء مهتمون جدا بالشباب، فاني اقترح عليهم مقابلة شاب «لطيف» اشتهر أخيرا بمقولته الشهيرة «وناسة وناسة… خلصنا الدراسة» ويسمعون وجهة نظره، فرأيه مفيد، وحكيم… أكثر من رأي الكثير من الوزراء!

جعفر رجب

The only good thing I can say about this meeting is this: despite my political opinions, I too was invited. Sadly, I seriously doubt those who invited me knew of my said (and strong) opinions of the present political situation.

I have zero interest in meeting anyone in this present Ministers’ Council of ours. Secondly, if I do happen to see one of them ministers, I surely and undoubtedly will project my opinions onto them and give them a good piece of my mind. I do not see anyone of them worthy of praise or respect. A council that approves and encourages the beating of Kuwaiti citizens bears zero respect with me.

To cement my opinion in concrete, let the bloggers know that the ministers considered this meeting as “A meeting with some of the youth of the present uprise”. How would said (and more precisely, politically passive) bloggers react to the fact that they were played this way? Knowing for a fact that they never were part “of the uprising youth” and that almost all of the attending bloggers are 100% pro-government and have nothing to do (more importantly, unanimously disapprove of) the present political uprise.

Now if the organising committee would just do a little bit of homework, then they would spare themselves an embarrassing post like this by not inviting me to such very silly and so blatantly propagandic meetings from the start!

Finally: Surf Instagram on the Web

Instagram has finally added a web portal for users. Starting this week, all Instagram users will have their own online profile page. People can view, comment, and like pictures right from their browser; but you still have to upload pictures via your phone. Another note to consider, private profiles still remain private and only accessible to those who you’ve allowed.

These are a few screen shots of our own Buzfairy on Instagram profile page. Check out yours soon, the website is pretty neat. And if you need help, just check Instagram’s post [here].

Fixing my car’s falling headliner


A few days ago, I posted about a problem I’m having with my car. The fabric on the inside ceiling (called headliner) was falling and a part of it was sagging. A lot of readers helped me and recommended a few shops. Here’s a summary of those places:

  • Ehsan Dana in Shuwaikh and Sharq are the best in Kuwait. They are expensive, but also the best for luxury cars. They quoted me a price of KD 220 for changing the whole ceiling and fixing in a new one. The price is better than the dealer’s 1,000.
  • The car shops opposite Al-Rayya complex just before the phone shops. These shops are ok for regular cars, when you just want the problem fixed but it doesn’t have to look good afterwards. They quoted me KD 40 for fixing just the damaged part. They said they’ll shave a tiny layer of the underlying sponge (which is adhered to the fabric), then glue the fabric\sponge back to the ceiling. They’re not replacing anything, which is why their price is cheap.
  • The shops in Shuwaikh Industrial behind the Saidawi factory. I haven’t checked these places out yet, because every other shop seem to only (and enthusiastically) recommend Ehsan Dana for my car.

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My car’s fabric roof fell down

I need help with this. A part of the fabric ceiling of my car fell down, as in it’s no longer clinging to the interior’s ceiling. It looks like a huge air bubble.

I didn’t think it was serious, because:

  1. It’s still fixed in and hasn’t fell.
  2. It looks like it just needs a bit of vacuuming to suck the air out of it.
  3. It’s made of fabric. How serious can a fabric issue be in a car?

Well, we took it to the dealer’s this morning, and they said that they’ll fix it for Kd 1,000. Say what!! They have to take down the whole part, and replace the whole interior roof with a new one, even though the sagging part is just a circle of 30-40 cm and not the whole roof.

Now I know that there are many car customization shops in Kuwait, and some of them do excellent interior finishings. I just don’t any of them. If anyone has a recommendation or a fix, then please share it with me. I need to fix this, but would love to do it for something much cheaper than KD 1,000.

The part I need to change or fix is called a headliner, and it actually used to be a very common problem in cars made back in the 1970’s. I just find it strange to see in modern cars like mine.

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Illegal parking & car blocking in Kuwait

The police impounded a car that was parked illegally in front of several ambulances. The hospital had an emergency and needed an ambulance, but couldn’t send one because they were all blocked.

I had a similar experience the other day leaving the gym, though in no way am I comparing my experience with that of a blocked ambulance. I’m only pointing to the fact that this behavior is fairly typical in Kuwait.

Anyways, when I left the gym, I discovered a car parked in front of mine, effectively blocking me in. I looked for a number, but didn’t find one. I waited 15 minutes, then decided to call the police. They came within a half hour, just as the guy showed up.

He tried arguing with them, giving them lame excuses like he thought I lived in the building and that the 7ares was there (he wasn’t, he was with his friends in baqala). The police wondered what I would do if I had an emergency and needed to leave, but he didn’t have an answer to that. They gave him 3 or 4 fines totaling KD 70; for illegal parking, road obstruction, parking on a curb, plus something else.

If you drive, then you must respect traffic laws. Do park legally, do not speed. Respect other drivers, and be considerate of their rights too. I didn’t have an emergency, thank God, but someone else might’ve. Nothing gives you the right to behave like a prick. But if you, we’ve got the police to hurl you back to the track.

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People’s silly sense of humor يا بايخ انتَ

I get a lot of obnoxious and rude comments. Sometimes they’re post related, sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they’re from people i know, most times they’re not. I can’t figure out if these people are genuinely enquiring, or just trying to be silly.

Take this guy. He went through the trouble of locating my “Contact Us” section, then took the effort to fill out the tedious form; just so I could laugh at his immaturity.

Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend B.



I just want to wish my great B. a very Happy Birthday. May the new year brings you joy and happiness, may it be filled with laughs and smiles.

Happy Birthday Darling.